Christmas crafts from the test with their own hands: A simple and fun leisure (145 + Photo). All the secrets for exciting and successful work


Crafts from salt dough is a popular way to do something with your own hands. They do not need a lot of money, because consumables cost a penny. Making handmade decorations for the Christmas tree is a way to bring a New Year's atmosphere into your home and have a good time. And the children will be especially delighted. Asterisks, balls, lollipops, Christmas trees, figurines - everyone can do everything. Find out how they can be made later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • How to work with the test?
  • Asterisks, balls, lollipops and other simplest forms
  • Interesting ideas
  • Snowflakes
  • Crafts are more complicated: Santa Claus and Snow Maiden
  • 3D figures
  • Mandatory Herringbone
  • VIDEO: The best recipe for salt dough for crafts
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 145 photos)
  • How to work with the test?
  • Asterisks, balls, lollipops and other simplest forms
  • Crafts are more complicated: Santa Claus and Snow Maiden
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 145 photos)
  • How to work with the test?

    Lamb dough do it yourself

    Before you start modeling, you need to make the dough itself. To do this, you need ingredients that can be found in any kitchen:

    • a glass of wheat flour;
    • a glass of finely ground salt;
    • half a glass of cold water.

    Look beautiful and cheap

    In order to make the dough easier to mix and keep better, you can add three tablespoons of starch to the list, but without them the result is suitable for modeling. First, pour flour in a bowl, then add salt and, optionally, starch, then dilute with water.

    Then it remains only to mix the ingredients with a spoon first, and then put the dough in a lump on the table and roll it well and knead it. As a result, it should be flexible, soft, should not stick to hands and crumble.

    It is important to make the dough correctly.

    BoardIf the dough is too crumbly, add water. If too sticky, flour and salt.

    To further give crafts the color - because the dough itself is yellowish, which is boring - you can use one of the ways:

    • add food coloring at the kneading stage - then you need to mix the dough in several different bowls to get several pieces of different colors;
    • use pencils, paints, felt-tip pens and tinsel when crafts are ready.

    Step by step do-it-yourself workshop

    BoardThe first method allows you to achieve a more sustainable color. The second is more flexible and allows you to apply complex patterns, funny drawings and not to depend on the form.

    To give ready-made crafts strength, you can dry them in two ways:

    • slowly - to do this, put the finished crafts on a plate and put in a warm dry place, away from direct sunlight, for a week;
    • quickly - for a few hours to put the finished crafts in the oven, so that it is baked there (the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise it will crumble).

    This decor can be used for any occasion.

    The first method is slower, but the result will be achieved quite accurately. The second one is faster, but there is a chance to spoil the craft by overexposing it, under-keeping or breaking it.

    And, of course, the simpler the form, the less likely it is to spoil it.

    Bright ideas that attract everyone's attention

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    Asterisks, balls, lollipops and other simplest forms

    The easiest way to make a decoration from salt dough is to take forms for cookies and use them. The algorithm is simple:

    • roll out the dough into a layer of thickness somewhere in the centimeter and a half;
    • using molds to cut stars, hearts, circles out of it;
    • make a hole in each craft using a sharp stick and bake the resulting flat toys in the oven;
    • Get them out of the oven in two hours and color it.

    We use forms for cookies

    There are different ways to paint crafts to make them look good. For example:

    • one color - then you get just bright, shiny toys;
    • strips - narrow, wide, horizontal, vertical, diagonal;
    • peas - more, less, one color, multi-colored;
    • patterns - geometric, floral, abstract, can be taken from cards, for example;
    • drawings - snowflakes, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, snowing, Christmas trees.

    Christmas toys on the Christmas tree

    When the coloring is finished, it remains only to pull the laces through the holes, tie them together - and you can hang the finished toys on the Christmas tree.

    BoardIf you need to take a child from three to six years, making such figures will benefit him, as he develops fine motor skills, coordination and imagination.

    You can take your child for a long time with dough

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    Interesting ideas

    To flat figures look more interesting, you can use someone else's experience and give them originality, charm. You can, for example:

    • Make figures with transparent clearance. To do this, cut a figurine, and in the middle cut a through hole of the same shape - round, in the form of a Christmas tree or a star. Before sending the figure to the oven, you need to put a few plastic beads in the hole. When they melt, you get something like a stained glass window. The main thing is to place them not for two hours, but for twenty minutes, otherwise the plastic will not just melt, but will burn and smell unpleasant.
    • Make a garland of figurines. It's enough to strung them on a long cord, which can be decorated with feathers, beads and bells.

    Strung on the cord after it dries.

    • Make a lollipop. To do this, you need to make two lumps of dough, one red, the other white, roll both into long sausages, and then weave the sausages together and bend at the end. Edges cut so that they are smooth.

    Multicolored treats, but not edible

    • Make a mitten figure or a sock figure. To do this, cut out the cardboard form, attach to the dough and cut around with a knife. Or you can take a thin strip of tin (for example, cut from an aluminum can) and fold the shape from it.
    • Make a knitted figure. To do this, make two long sausages from dough and roll them into a flagellum. Cut the flagellum into equal parts and put on a rolled sheet of dough butt. When the mold is used for cutting, the resulting figure will appear knitted. When it dries, you can glue the button on top for greater similarity.

    Making a knitted figure

    • Make a month figure. It will look especially good if you cut out his nose and lips, and hang a small bell on the upper horn.
    For the figures to serve longer - and look more effective - they can be covered with colorless nail polish or hair. Then, when the varnish dries, they will shine. And if the varnish will also sparkle, then not only shine, but also sparkle in the light of the garland.

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    A separate kind of flat figures you can count the snowflakes. It is more difficult to do them than the others, since there are no ready-made forms for them, and it will not be so easy to make them from a piece of aluminum can - they are too intricate.

    Great decoration for the Christmas tree

    There are three main ways to make a snowflake:

    • Use the openwork napkin. The pattern on the napkin looks great, if you use it correctly, you need to attach the napkin to the dough and press it harder. And then cut the overall shape with a soft toy knife. This snowflake is very simple and vaguely like a snowflake, but young children will definitely like it.
    • Use drawing. It is necessary to take the scheme, according to which the snowflakes are cut out of paper, and then transfer it to the dough, you can use a pencil. When this painstaking work is finished, you need to carefully cut out the pattern - this is a good fine motor training for children over six years old.
    • Use simple forms. You need to draw a snowflake, then make thin flagella out of the dough and fold the snowflake out of them. The work is also quite painstaking, requiring perseverance, and is not suitable for young children.

    The work is painstaking, requires perseverance

    Snowflakes look especially good when painted with silver paint.

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    Crafts are more complicated: Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

    Santa Claus and Snow Maiden do too easy, but the simplest forms can not do. There are several ways:

    • Ladoshki. A good idea for a game with small children - you need to attach your palm to the dough, cut it along the contour, bake the impression and then paint it: your fingers will be a beard, your thumb will be a hat, small blue eyes and small mustaches will remain.

    More complicated work, but everyone can

    • A drop. It is also easy - you need to cut a drop from the dough, and then a wide strip, the edge of which is cut into transverse strips and narrower and attach to the drop. Then it remains to slightly curl narrow strips, attach a circle of nose and slightly curled mustache on top of them, and put everything in the oven. And after - paint in white, red and flesh-colored.
    • Mosaic. We need to find a beautiful paper sketch of Santa Claus, then cut a figurine out of the dough, and then, on it, separate parts - pens, beard, face, hat and put them on top. The result will be something like a voluminous coloring, the main beauty of which will be given with the help of colors.

    Gorgeous and not at all difficult - please your children

    For older children - and for adults who want to test their skills - the flat image of Santa Claus’s face, which is made up of individual elements, will do. Perform it consistently:

    • first cut out the background - a circle, or a star, or any other beautiful shape;
    • then cut out an oval for the face and a triangle for the cap, impose one on the other;
    • they supply the cap with fur - that is, a thin strip of dough;
    • they make a round red nose and pink cheeks, you can press your mouth, as well as your eyes, and you can make it convex;
    • impose curled mustaches on top - they can be made fluffy, and can be of two thin strips;
    • impose a beard on top - it can be drawn, it can be made from thin curled stripes, you can simply make it flat, with a smooth wavy edge.

    Sometimes scares off the complexity of doing

    The result is baked and painted. And if you do not make a beard and mustache, and instead of them make a bang and a braid, you get a Snow Maiden - and her hat, of course, needs to be painted blue.

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    3D figures

    An even more interesting way to make Father Frost and Snow Maiden out of dough is to make them bulky. This, of course, is more difficult than making a silhouette and painting it, but also more fun, especially since you can experiment in the process. The main steps are as follows:

    • to make a frame - it is possible from foil, it is possible from a glass jar without a label, it is possible from an old light bulb, it is possible from a clay cup;
    • put dough on the frame, evenly and neatly - it will be a fur coat;
    • make a ball, stick a nose on it, push the eyes - head;
    • make a cone - a hat, and then two smaller cones - handles.

    In the process of execution, you can experiment

    The Snow Maiden needs a braid of woven flagella, and Santa Claus has a beard curled at the ends and has a mustache to it. When the figures are ready, you can bake them, and then add accessories. Santa Claus can make a bag - it’s better to sew, but you can also make it from dough - and a long silver foil staff. Snow Maiden has no such recognizable objects, but you can give her a bunny made of cotton, for example, or a big star made of foil.

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    Then the figures are painted and you can put them under the tree.

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    Mandatory Herringbone

    And, of course, it is impossible to do without a Christmas tree for the New Year, even if it is made from dough. There are several ways to do it:

    • Simplest - to make figures-stars, each a little more than the previous one, and in each in the middle to turn a hole. After baking, paint them green (or white) and join them with a cord. You can attach beads between the stars on the lace to make it more beautiful.
    • More difficult - make a large cone of dough and, pinching with nail scissors, cover it with needles. The work is petty and with a sharp object, because children should be trusted only under the supervision of adults and after explaining what safety technology is.
    • Even harder - to make a big cone, and then push additional lumps of dough in a garlic press. The result will be long, noodle-like sausages. They need to be carefully cut and stuck on the Christmas tree, starting from the top, layer by layer.

    We fasten the top and can be decorated

    For the smallest, two simple options will do:

    • Make flat shaped Christmas trees. To do this, simply cut them out of the dough with a blunt toy knife and bake. While the dough will be soft, you can make beautiful patterns on it.
    • Make a Christmas tree-pyramid. To do this, make stupid, starfish-like figures out of dough and make them one on another. Such an exercise will not only help the child develop fine motor skills, but also practice in determining the size of objects - a very relevant skill for the age of two or three years.

    Be sure to do such crafts with children

    To make the tree look more cheerful, of course, you need to decorate it.. To do this, you can make small balls of dough, which then paint in different colors, you can cut out garlands from paper, you can make a big important star, you can make decorations from paper or stick small candies in bright wrappers on top.

    A simpler option for small

    The main thing is that as a result, the tree would look like a New Year's holiday and create the right mood.

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    VIDEO: The best recipe for salt dough for crafts