Glass tables - reliability and exclusivity of the interior. 285+ (Photo) options with designer taste


Unusual qualities for decorating the interior are glass tables, the photos of which emphasize the variety of shapes and sizes. How can they change the premises? Read the article, you will be surprised.


Interior glass worktops

You may think that if glass is a fragile material, then it is dangerous to use as kitchen countertops. Dispel several common mythical conjectures. We will not talk about thin glass, which is used for windows, furniture or interior doors.

For countertops apply high-quality glass, which is made according to modern technologies. It meets the standards of food and household security, thick, with well-treated edges. Such models undergo a thorough quality check.

High-quality glass is used for worktops.

Countertops do not break even from a blow of medium strength or the fall of dishes on them. The edges are smooth or slightly rough, which prevents injuries, cuts. Fastening the table top to the legs is reliable, the upper part does not fly off at the first touch.

As a rule, hot glass is applied. It is durable, aesthetically pleasing and safe. What do the above listed benefits give you? Neg restrictions for the production of complex models.

Round model for the kitchen

Such material gives the big range of imagination for interior design. Let's talk about the features. Often, the word glass creates an image of a transparent surface, which passes light through itself, does not become an obstacle, does not hide objects and parts. Yes it is. The construction industry manufactures various types of glass for the production of exclusive tables:

  • Transparent with high strength characteristics.
  • Hot.
  • Sandblasted pattern.
  • Tinted.
  • Color.
  • With photo printing.
  • Decorated with colored stones.
  • Stained glass.

Unique countertops are created from glass for rooms decorated in neoclassical or modern styles. Transparent countertops do not steal space. Furniture dissolves in space.

But this does not mean that you need to apply only camouflage qualities. An unusual effect is the combination of glass with wrought and wooden carved legs. They are viewed through the glass and become an additional decoration of the room.

Unique countertops are made of glass.

Laconic in shape, nickel-plated legs reflect objects and make the interior light. If a material or color is chosen that matches the overall design concept, the base of the table becomes an additional decorative element.

In this case, you can choose a base color to match the walls, main furniture or play accents. For example, in a monochrome kitchen in white, use the black, red or dark gray table base.

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You need to create a zone of soft, elegant comfort? Furniture with glass surfaces is ideal for the kitchen. What advantages gives such furniture:

Decoration for the living room

  • It is not affected by moisture, so there is no mold or fungus on it.
  • Resists high temperatures: you can safely put hot objects.
  • Safety during operation (tempered glass has high shock resistance properties) they are difficult to break.
  • Universal material. Glass can be used to decorate various interior styles. Designers create unusual models.
  • Ecological safety - tabletops are made of a material that does not absorb microbes, harmful compounds, it is hypoallergenic and safe even for children.
  • The glass surface transmits light and increases the area of ​​the room, which makes it larger.
  • Does not give in to influence of chemical compounds, it will not be spoiled by aggressive detergents.

Universal material

You can set tables on open balconies, loggias, terraces, organize resting places on the garden plot.

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How to choose the legs?

This is an important question. Tables with a glass tabletop as a graft combined. Since legs are the basis of tables, safety depends on their reliability. It is necessary to take into account the style of the kitchen:

  • For classics and neoclassics - wooden, with a carving, shod details, from a natural stone.
  • High tech - nickel-plated.
  • Loft - metallic black.
  • Japanese - black matte wood coating.
  • Mediterranean - metallic light shade.
  • Country and Eco Styles - wooden, unpainted, wicker.
  • Modern - with curved lines.
  • Minimalism - plastic.
  • Modern design directions - stone.

Nonstandard, stylish option

An interesting effect gives a transparent surface through which you can see the decorative legs. In any case, they should be tightly connected to the tabletop to prevent it from falling and deterioration.

BoardYou want to emphasize the unity of the interior, select the legs and tabletop frame from the same material. Return to the menu

Shape and size

A unique feature of the material is transparency. On the one hand, this is an advantage. But not all pieces of furniture need to be on display. Transparent surface in any case takes place. Therefore, the table should not interfere with movement in the room. Therefore, choose a size to match the size of the room.

Round set in square rooms. Oval oblong shape suitable for long rooms. Square miniature versatile. Rectangular become the boundary of functional areas. If in a family two or three people and with friends prefer to meet in cafes and places of entertainment, then a small semicircular or rectangular shape is enough.

Art Nouveau

For the organization of holiday feasts folding folding tables are becoming indispensable. Want to organize a cozy place for tea? Buy a small round table for two.

Universal material for various styles:

  • Baroque - a tabletop of a round form of small diameter, legs wooden, decorated with elaborate carving in the form of an acanthus.
  • Rococo - metal legs with elements simulating shells, glass in a metal rim.
  • Classical - models of rectangular shape with massive legs of stone with a thread and a smoky top.
  • Modern - stained glass, legs in the form of a "pest", cast iron or steel forging.
  • High tech - metal or plastic legs concise form and frosted glass.
  • Pop Art - Colored glass. It is quite applicable red, black color. The base is one leg in the center.
  • Minimalism - details of a laconic basis, glass framed in wood or metal without excesses, forging and carving.
  • Indian - legs made of metal, bamboo, wood. The upper part is framed with a stylistic pattern of stones.
  • Chebbi chic, Provence have a wooden base, refined legs of the forged form.
  • Country music requires wood framing. Wicker furniture will be appropriate.

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Is it possible to use glass countertops for the kitchen?

Someone will think, definitely not. Fragile material, constantly need to walk with a rag to remove the drips. However, the myth: glass for tabletops beats easily, I have already dispelled. Now let's talk about the various types of furniture for the kitchen, and then how to facilitate the operation and avoid frequent cleaning.

In the section: "Stylistic napkins for the table," I will give tips that help to prevent drips and protect the surface. This option definitely works.

In small rooms you can play textures. For the working surface, choose from colored tempered glass, and make the dining area from transparent materials.

Retro style

An interesting opportunity to give tinted glass. Depending on the decor of the room, choose a shade:

  • beige or brown;
  • blue or blue;
  • pink or red;
  • green or salad;
  • smoky, black.
BoardFor small rooms, apply bright and dark shades fragmentary. In large rooms, a large dining table with glossy black glass looks great.

An interesting effect is a combination of clear, frosted or colored glass.but. The room becomes elegant, and the table makes a variety even in monochrome interiors.

Glass table top and the same bottom

Tables with wooden legs complement the same chairs. For a classic interior order chair covers that are in harmony with napkins and sofa upholstery.

The plastic base under the tabletop is in perfect harmony with the chairs of similar texture and color. Complete the laconic kitchen with glass fronts with a transparent table and light wrought-iron chairs with wicker elements. The effect will please you.

Do you want the dining area to "dissolve into space"? Choose a glass worktop with nickel-plated legs and chairs with transparent seats and thick plastic backs.

In conjunction with the tree

Place the ceiling chandelier or sconce so that they do not create glare on the surface. Otherwise, the glare of the lamp will irritate the eyes.

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Table types

Consider the most relevant and frequently encountered types of tables in the interior. Which one to choose is a matter of taste and preferences.

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Stylish coffee tables

You do not want to choose the usual wooden models of coffee tables? Furniture options with glass tops change the interior in an unusual way. What is this material unusual? Only clear glass dissolves the surface, and color has a wonderful glossy surface.

In square rooms they use round, rectangular models, which become the center of the recreation area. Such furniture does not overload the space, it is weightless, elegant.

In classic style

Rectangular rooms require oval or round products. Smooth lines bring harmony, change the perception of the size of the room. If you choose such a piece of furniture, even massive sofas and armchairs will not look out of place.

Glass surfaces balance large interior items. Do not be afraid of transparent surfaces. Toughened glass can withstand not only the weight of glasses, but also heavier objects: vases, porcelain figurines.

BoardUnlike mirrors, glass surfaces do not irritate the eyes and do not cause discomfort. Smooth glass emphasizes the beauty of the interior and furniture fittings. It is applicable for different interior styles.

Such surfaces do not irritate the eyes.

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Sliding - save space

Tables transformers have convenient mechanisms that help “in the blink of an eye” small furniture to make large and vice versa. In the past these were chipboard bookcases. Such furniture has long gone into oblivion. Modern versions of tables with a transparent surface are functional and attractive.

The butterfly table increases its size by rotating the top cover 90º. Modern designs have mechanisms to increase the area of ​​the tabletop. Therefore, such designs are popular for small apartments and large cottages or houses. Tables can be expanded from half a meter to a meter.

Manufacturers offer interesting models that are easily transformed from magazine to dining. In this case, the tabletop rises. Such dining furniture replaces two pieces of furniture.

Tables transformers have convenient mechanisms

Remember your feelings in the forest, steppe, on the beach or ocean. It is human nature to feel comfortable in large vacant spaces. The smaller and less noticeable the furniture, the more unobtrusive it becomes: it is not striking, does not occupy the space visually, does not dominate and does not cause irritation.

We do not complement the decor of the interior. Design housing develop for the needs of the family. Furniture complements life rather than dominates the home. Therefore, glass tables are ideal for decoration.

Separately talk about round options. In the folded position, they have an elongated shape with two rounded edges. When unfolded, they are reborn, become perfectly round.

Furniture complements life rather than dominates the home

Such dining tables are quickly and easily transformed. Transforming tables do not take up much space for everyday use. If necessary, quickly move apart or increase due to additional details, which helps to accommodate a large number of guests.

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Ergonomic computer

Often for desktops have to make out a place in the apartment. They are not sold in standard furniture sets, so you need to select models to match other pieces of furniture. In this case, glass computer tables become ideal. What do you think, why? There are several reasons:

  • The workplace becomes almost invisible, it dissolves in the interior.
  • The material is environmentally friendly, does not absorb odors, liquids.
  • Good for various interior styles.

Option under the computer

An interesting feature of the material. You can change the furniture in the room or rearrange such a table from room to room, and it will harmoniously complement any interior. The perimeter of the product is carefully polished, which prevents cuts and injuries.

The glass which passed temperature processing does not give in to chemical influence. Increased shock resistance. You can put the computer equipment, lean, sit on the table and no cracks will appear on it. The material does not spoil from spilled hot coffee or tea, is not exposed to mold, is not afraid of cold.BoardChoose products with a large number of drawers and a drawer for the keyboard. Before buying, consider what size the tabletop will be the most convenient, and only then make a purchase.

Material does not spoil from spilled hot coffee or tea

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Glass worktops with photo printing

Photo printing technology makes it possible to decorate furniture with almost any pattern. You can choose a picture by catalog. It is impossible to list the options. Consider the main areas:

  • Floristic (flowers, leaves).
  • Urban (cityscapes).
  • Abstract (geometric shapes).
  • Animated.

The picture is applied with a UV printer (UV ink is used) or a special film is pasted with a photo. Drawing a pattern, a matting, filling of any color allows to create dressing which emphasizes the chosen style or becomes unique art object.

Provence style

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Making a table with your own hands

You want to make an exclusive model, have the skills to work with construction tools? I will tell you how to make a table with a glass table top with your own hands for an apartment, cottage, country house for rest.

If your house is decorated in neoclassical style, buy forged metal parts for legs in the building supermarket. Depending on the model, this may be a central support consisting of three or four elements. This mount is well complemented by round or oval tabletops. Separate decorative legs complement the rectangular tabletop well.

Wooden stand is chosen depending on the chosen style. Laconic elements correspond to the style of minimalism.

Do not remove the bark, if you want to emphasize the fashionable style of "Eco". Before mounting, treat the legs with a compound that prevents damage to the wood borer. Cover the legs with matt black paint and get the effect of the Japanese style.

Original book stand

The legs should have a flat base at the top, which is attached to the table top with bolted joints or reliable professional glue. Before installing the countertop, check the horizontal construction level. If you skip this stage, the dishes will slide and break.

BoardTo prevent the glass from bursting during drilling, remove the top layer with emery paper at the attachment point, and then drill with a diamond nozzle.

For lovers of exclusive offer to make a table for outdoor recreation. An unusual piece of furniture for the cottage or a country house is made from a stump or a thick tree trunk. In the lower part of the log, it is necessary to hollow out a semicircular hole into which the spotlights are fed. Effect fireplace provided. Top stacked tempered glass and get an unusual table corresponding to the natural environment of a country house.

The legs should have a flat base at the top.

Such furniture for an interior becomes a highlight of housing, a terrace or a personal plot. Handmade tables have no analogues. They make houses and plots unique.

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TV models for different styles

Modern TV models are relatively light. Therefore, it is appropriate to install them on a glass table. It will not break and maintains the weight of modern technology. Choose options with multiple tiers and closed drawers. It will be easy for you to place sound-amplifying equipment or other equipment necessary for watching movies. Many variants withstand up to 60 kg:

  • Square.
  • With round edges.
  • Polygonal.
  • Rectangular.
  • Tiered.
  • With several shelves.

TV model

Modern TVs are mounted on the wall. In this case, the table performs decorative functions.

BoardDo not litter the shelves. Magazines, caskets, vases, souvenirs, small statuettes, a large number of photos visually steal the space, and the room takes on an unkempt appearance.

You can choose a product on wheels. This makes cleaning easier. The table easily moves a table and quickly creates a new interior design room. It is permissible to choose massive options for small rooms. Transparent surfaces dissolve in space.

Such furniture is well complemented by the slides that are fashionable this season, decorative hanging shelves, harmonize well with upholstered furniture. Sofas, armchairs are chosen with any upholstery: from leather, tapestry and other materials. Clear or frosted glass does not come into "conflict" with different materials.

Modern TVs are relatively light.

If you want to emphasize the direction of the style, there is a slight technological trick. Choose a tabletop, which is decorated with a film imitating the texture of wood.

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Peculiarities of care

The harmony of the interior is impossible without cleanliness. Glass surfaces require constant attention. If properly organized care a lot of time it will not take:

  • Use high-quality detergents that do not leave rainbow stains.
  • Once a month, wash the surface with water and dish detergent.
  • Use microfiber cloths.
  • Clean fresh drips and immediately rub the glass.
  • Protect the surface with decorative napkins or coasters.

Glass surfaces require constant attention.

These simple tricks help maintain the perfect look of glass surfaces. Refinement. Contamination on black surfaces is more noticeable than on light or pure white.

You are not ready to "lay down life" to maintain the perfect cleanliness of transparent worktops? Choose frosted glass and photo printing. Dirt and dust will be less noticeable. The apartment will get an exclusive look that combines lightness, and the furniture does not steal the space.

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Stylish napkins

Glass, even high-quality, needs protection from scratches and chips. Napkins help to neutralize small minuses of glass surfaces:

Napkins protect the surface

  • Softens the coldness of the glass surface.
  • Help maintain surface cleanliness and minimize washing.
  • Do not allow the creaking and gnashing that dishes make when moving around the table.
  • Napkins help to arrange a serving: everyday or festive.
  • Visually hide the legs of those sitting, which provides comfort.

This year natural materials are in trend:

  • linen;
  • cotton;
  • natural silk;
  • sackcloth.

An interesting effect is the addition of the table top made of tempered glass of a greenish hue with burlap napkins. They are decorated with:

  • embroidery;
  • proshvoy;
  • lace;
  • hemlock
  • bows;
  • tapes.

It is necessary to have several sets for different occasions: daily lunches, tea parties, meetings with friends, special occasions. However, there are limitations.

BoardChoose the material and pattern of napkins in accordance with the basic style of the room. Otherwise, homespun cloths will become unnatural in majestic neoclassical styles. Delicate lace silk looks wild in Japanese style.

In trend natural materials

Let's talk about the size of napkins. There are no strict rules in this regard. All that will have to heart:

  • round;
  • square;
  • oval;
  • in the form of a diamond.

Rectangular, elongated shape, look good for serving for two. This technique unites two people, creates an emotional path from heart to heart.

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What should be the serving?

Why do we raise such a question? The glass surface creates a special aura of peace. For such furniture used several types of serving. I will advise lovers of eco-styles to use live flowers and plants in the summer (ivy twigs, small bouquets of flowers, leaves).

This surface creates a special aura of peace.

Minimalism and Japanese style includes coasters for dishes from bamboo or a mat. This option protects against scratches and prevents the dishes from sliding on the surface. Choose vases, tableware, vessels for the concise form of spices.

Classic interiors complement exquisite candlesticks, napkin holder, silver cutlery:

  • knives;
  • forks;
  • spoons;
  • salt shakers;
  • pepper shakers.

Plates, salad bowls figuratively hover in the air and create an atmosphere of fabulous greatness.

BoardTake advantage of the transparent surface feature. You can do without a tablecloth. Serving will be smart. You need to pick up the dishes and appliances that match the color style of the interior. They complement, and the tabletop becomes exquisite canvas to create mood.

Tablecloth is optional

BoardFor lovers of healthy food and diets, glass with a greenish tint is a suitable option. This color soothes and reduces appetite.