Loft Bed with Work Area (165+ Photos): Original ideas for small rooms


This type of furniture certainly looks very stylish. Plus, the loft bed with a working area is quite roomy - taking up a minimum of free space, it can even replace the mezzanine. What are the types? Which is better to use finishes? About all the nuances that you need to know later in the article.

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  • What is a loft bed?
  • Kinds
  • Design features
  • Bed equipment
  • Types of stairs
  • Cabinets
  • Design features of the working area
  • Bed with built-in sofa
  • Sports section
  • Beds lofts for adults and children
  • Children's
  • For preschool children
  • For teens
  • For adults
  • Materials used
  • Decorating loft beds
  • For adults
  • For kids
  • The most vivid examples
  • How to choose?
  • Virtues
  • disadvantages
  • Manufacturers
  • VIDEO: Attic beds you didn't even know about
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 165 photos)
  • What is a loft bed?
  • Kinds
  • Beds lofts for adults and children
  • Materials used
  • Decorating loft beds
  • How to choose?
  • Manufacturers
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 165 photos)
  • What is a loft bed?

    In contrast to the usual two-tier structure, the attic bed is more functional and accommodates several zones at once. It is a combination of the usual sleeping bed, located on the second tier, and other types of furniture: a wardrobe, a sofa, a sports or playing corner, etc.

    Multifunctional and comfortable design

    When buying this type of furniture, you no longer have to wrestle with where to put the bedside table or where to install the shelving. Raising the bed to the "second" floor allows you to free up space for working at a computer, doing lessons, playing games, playing sports, etc.

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    Design features

    The loft bed is not only an ordinary bed. Her projects can be many. This piece of furniture can be equipped with:

    • ordinary or angular wardrobe, one or two-section; with dead doors or open shelves;
    • canisters;
    • shelving;
    • drawers and drawers with drawers of different depths;
    • a working area under the bed, with one or two desks, stationary or roll-out;
    • a sofa on the lower "floor" with various transformation mechanisms and a box for linen;
    • hammock;
    • a staircase made in the form of a set of thumbs or drawers;
    • boxes for toys or bulky items;
    • sports area with rings, slide, crossbar, wall bars, mesh and other elements.

    So many varieties of filling

    According to the methods of installing beds, attics are divided into structures with supports on the floor or mounted to the wall and two supports. The latter option is more difficult to install, but it is more stable. There are also varieties in which the frame is attached to the ceiling.

    Fastening the structure to the wall

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    Bed equipment

    The design features of the upper tier of the loft bed can also vary:

    • it can be equipped not only with one, but also with two and even three berths, with the first two located at the top, and the third is located in the extendable lower section; moreover, the upper beds can go parallel to the wall, or one of them can be shifted to the side or arranged perpendicularly;
    • the height of the structure can also vary - in the furniture for the smallest, it can be only 75 cm, the sleeping area in the attic bed for adults is located almost under the ceiling;
    • often it is equipped with a lifting mechanism, for example, a bed can move on special rails (such products are called French), opening access to storage systems;

    The bed can be fixed to the ceiling.

    • it can also be fixed to the ceiling; in this case, to ensure safety, it is necessary to carefully consider fixing methods.

    The size of the bed itself can also vary. The children's bed may be smaller - its size is selected by age. The length of the adult bed is 1900-2000 mm with a width of 800-900 mm.

    The size of the bed in principle, all can vary slightly

    Many manufacturers offer universal kits in which the location of cabinets, shelves and table can be chosen directly during assembly, which is very convenient. If desired, you can also order a loft bed with a certain set of furniture. Return to menu

    Types of stairs

    Depending on the design features, the steps for such furniture can be:

    • vertical: located on the side or in the end; are considered more traumatic, but occupy a minimum of space; it is better to buy such furniture only for older students;
    • located at different angles (radius or straight): the bigger it is, the more free space is occupied; rectangular steps of such stairs are more convenient than rounded ones, and the risk of injury during ascent along them is less;
    • podium with a platform in the middle of the height; under it can also be placed shelves;

    Staircase may even be such

    • collected in the form of boxes-modules.

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    Their modifications produced many. So, there are models:

    • classic rectangular shape, with hinged or sliding doors, facing outward or inward, with closed or open sections; placed from the end of the sleeping area;
    • angular: compact models, while having enough storage space;
    • wardrobes: placed both from the end, and under the bed.

    Built-in cabinet design

    In children's models, standard cabinets are replaced by a shelf and drawer system. Kids will be easy enough to reach out to each of them and independently get or fold things and toys.

    It is better to take a high model with an open top facade, otherwise the bed will look unnecessarily bulky.

    A good option to save space

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    Design features of the working area

    The workplace can be:

    • a large table, almost equal in size to the bed;
    • the table combined with a curbstone; most often it is a continuation of the tabletop, and serves only as a support;
    • L-shaped table, the side surface of which serves to accommodate office equipment;
    • U-shaped table: it is considered the most comfortable option, but requires more space; it can accommodate with maximum convenience;
    • table combined with a rack or cabinet; the zone in this case is divided into 2 parts.

    Choose a table layout option

    Worktop equipped with sliding mechanisms, more convenient. At any time it can be pushed into the bed, freeing up space. If there are two children in the room, it is better to purchase a loft bed with two tables, so that each child has their own workplace. Each of them must also be allocated an individual place for books and stationery.

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    Bed with built-in sofa

    This bunk version is more suitable for teens or adults. For the convenience of approach, such models are made high, with a ladder on the side. A sofa or ottoman can be immediately included in the package, or space is left for them for installation — so that under the upper tier you can straighten up to its full height.

    Design with built-in sofa

    Sofas are equipped in the basic simple transformation system in the form of a book. Its standard width and length is 120x200 cm. The upper sleeping bed is much narrower - from 80 cm and may have a lifting mechanism. During the day it can be removed, freeing up space and opening access to storage.

    Maximally free space

    Some types of beds-attics (they are mainly made to order) may even include the installation of corner sofas. On sale there are also models equipped with a folding sofa-chair. Such a transformer takes up minimal space and, if necessary, quickly turns into an additional bed.

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    Sports section

    Places for sports in a small apartment is very difficult to allocate. The height and design features of the loft bed to conduct classes, even with a minimum of free space in the room.

    Bed with a sports corner

    The standard attic-bed with a sports corner includes a wall panel. Models of large sizes may have hanging rings, rope ladders, turnstiles and ropes. Attic beds for preschoolers and younger students are equipped with rope swings.

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    Beds lofts for adults and children

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    Even in a fairly spacious children's room, it makes sense to install this functional and compact type of furniture, thus freeing up much of the space for outdoor games. When choosing a loft bed for children, you need to focus on age and personal preferences. For kids, the convenience and comfort of the play area plays a big role; teenagers need more space to study, create or exercise.

    We choose according to age and preferences.

    Depending on the age of the child, models are available in several varieties:

    • for children 2-5 years old with a low second tier with a total height of not more than a meter;
    • for children from 5 years old with play areas and a bed length up to 160 cm; the sleep zone is 1.3 m from the floor;
    • for schoolchildren with areas for study, sports and entertainment with a length of 150 cm;
    • for teenagers 180 cm long; The maximum height from the floor is 1.8 m, in this case the working space under the bedroom is also increased.

    For children, invented different models in the form of houses

    Beds for children and teenagers are equipped not only with working places, but also with play and sports zones. For two children, constructions with twin beds are installed. If in the house there are three children, then you can buy a loft bed, equipped, in addition to the upper two beds, with a pull-out lower section.

    In the event that the room already has a desk, you can stay on the model with two functional areas. In this case, there will be more space for games and storage.

    You can collect a whole playground

    Very comfortable loft bed with removable elements. In this case, it will “grow” with the child - at a certain moment it will be possible to raise the bed to a greater height and change individual details. Return to the menu

    For preschool children

    The industry produces special designs of similar furniture designed for 2-5 year old children. Such models have a low sleeping place - the second tier is only a meter or even slightly lower from the floor. The bed half-court is equipped with additional sides of sufficient height. The furniture is completely safe, while not losing its functionality.

    Model for preschoolers

    The height of the "first floor" for the baby is enough. It provides a desktop at which he can draw, as well as a "tent" for games. Sliding elements located under the upper and lower tiers in the form of boxes are designed to store children's things.

    Equip drawers

    But still the age from which the baby can be easily laid at night on the second "floor" of the bed is very individual. Leaving one above him is worth only if he is not afraid of heights, sleeps well and does not turn in his sleep. Not be superfluous and seat belts.

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    For teens

    A teenager in transitional age especially needs periodic seclusion. The allocated territory will allow him to quietly go about his business in his own cozy corner. Such a loft bed should have enough shelves and drawers for rational organization of space.

    Cozy corner for a teenager

    For a teenager who spends a lot of time studying, you need to choose models with a larger workplace and the ability to install a computer, printer, equipment for creative work, etc. An extendable corner or U-shaped table in this case will be the best options.

    Do not forget about the full coverage. The lower tier is always not sufficiently illuminated, so it will be necessary to install an additional, fairly bright light source. On the second floor, you can install a small lamp for reading or viewing magazines.

    Do not forget about good lighting

    For the reception of guests and daytime rest is better to buy a loft bed with a retractable sofa or couch. It is good if your child can modify individual elements of furniture, thereby expanding its functionality. For example, roll back a couple of nightstands or install a compact sofa, not only under the bed, but also at the other end of the room.

    It is desirable if the loft bed for a teenager will be equipped with a full-fledged sports corner. The girl will need enough free space for storing not only clothes, but also cute things: handbags, straps, jewelry and other accessories.

    We provide sports equipment

    Let your child choose the shape, color and design of his zone. It should be not only functional, but also stylish and meet its age. Your tips should be very tactful - because at this time your child is already forming their own taste preferences. Return to the menu

    For adults

    Differences between adult and children's attic furniture are only in size and decoration. Single or double designs for adults have large dimensions, are more durable and are equipped with a reinforced frame.

    Adult bed with multi-use area

    In their lower part, as usual, there is a working zone or a folding sofa for a day rest. Cabinets or racks as well as in the case of children's furniture, equipped with ends. Ladders can be positioned strictly vertically or performed as a combination of drawers, bollards or podiums.

    Sizes of beds for adults can vary from standard 140x200 to one and a half or even double. By height, they are divided into low (up to 140), medium (up to 160) and high (up to 200 cm) modifications.

    Sufficient sleeping capacity, and can be with a different mattress

    Very comfortable model with a sofa on the lower tier. It will be possible to relax on it in a free minute in the afternoon. In the studio apartment, this furniture, despite its overall dimensions, can serve as a small living area for receiving guests. If necessary, a coffee table can be easily moved to the sofa. By purchasing a model with a sliding table, here you can equip and quite comfortable workplace.

    We equip a sliding table

    Install the product with a built-in sofa can be in the office. Especially for the bedrooms are available loft beds with a double bed. For such a room, it is wiser to purchase a model with fitted wardrobes or a wardrobe. Often it is equipped with additional bedside tables and drawers, in which not only bed linen but also clothes fit easily. There are models equipped with a cradle for a newborn.

    Loft bed with double bed

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    Materials used

    Different can be not only the color scheme, but also the material from which this type of furniture is made. It can be made of solid opaque materials or have a hollow frame, designed in the form of a game, sports zone or a number of shelves.

    Of course, the most acceptable option is an environmentally friendly natural wood. When buying children's products made of fibreboard, it is worthwhile to dwell on the class below E1 - such MDF, chipboard or fiberboard are considered the safest. When buying is to check the availability of the certificate.

    Choosing quality material

    Structures assembled from steel hollow tubes for children may be traumatic. In addition, they cool quickly, causing discomfort. It would be better if such frames are covered with plywood or wood.

    The service life of the product and its safety depends largely on the quality of fittings. Furniture for children should be equipped with high-quality hinges with closers and guides, providing a smooth opening-closing, and the main structural elements are equipped with adjustable legs.The surface of the table will last longer if it is trimmed with a heat-protective film.

    The main thing is that the furniture is comfortable and practical.

    When choosing, it is better to dwell on a universal model so that, if necessary, it can be used for both a child and an adult.

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    Decorating loft beds

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    For adults

    Adult models are more concise and painted in soft pastel, brown or black colors. When designing products in a classic style, the natural tones of wood are used: wood, walnut, oak, wenge, etc. The design is assembled from massive bars with a vertical staircase and solid steps. Bed side slats are made regular rectangular.

    Classic furniture

    Products in the loft style have the most open metal frame with clear forms. No elaborate details and threads. Smooth lines are also unacceptable. Similar models are made in black and white, gray, brown or pastel shades.

    Products in Provence style are finished with light wood, often with the effect of aging. Such loft beds are often decorated with additional fabric decor: curtains and canopies. In the presence of free funds, you can order your project, taking into account the specific needs and overall interior of the room.

    A vision of provenance in the interior

    The minimum distance from the sleeping tier to the ceiling is 80-90 cm. Otherwise, you will just beat your head with it. And with a lack of space at the top it will be very stuffy. Return to the menu

    For kids

    Children's furniture is available with bright inserts. For preschool girls or elementary schoolgirls, you can pick up brighter models in pink, turquoise, yellow or cream colors. Boys will prefer blue, gray or green trim.

    These loft beds are designed for both children and school-age children. For the youngest children, a fabric or translucent house is equipped, located on the side of the bed or under it. For convenience, it is curtained with bright curtains, which at any time can be opened or pushed, and windows.

    Equipped cottage for kids at the bottom of the bed

    Furniture for children can have a classic design or a stylized form in the form of a car, a fire engine, a locomotive, a ship, a pirate cabin, a castle or a house. For girls, beds are made with a colorful headboard made of eco-leather, fabric or carved wood.

    Such models are decorated with canopies of thin translucent fabric. You can decorate the loft bed for a girl in the form of a princess bedroom, a mermaid or a fabulous house. The canopy for residents of the kingdom of carriages is sewn in the form of a shell or a jellyfish, and the decoration of the princess’s bed is finished with ruffles, bows and flowers.

    Popular models for boys in the form of cars

    Furniture with rounded edges is less traumatic than standard models. Return to menu ↑

    The most vivid examples

    Consider as an example a model made in a nautical style. It may take the form of an old schooner, a pirate ship, a bright ocean liner or a bright sports yacht.

    Sleeping bed in it most resembles a ship's bed. The staircase has the appearance of a ladder with wide steps. The main parts are white, and the hem and safety sides are trimmed with blue and blue. For these purposes, plastic or artificial leather is used. The loft bed in the shape of a pirate ship or an old, battered schooner, on the contrary, is made in darker colors with imitation wood, with bright themed inserts.

    Get a bed for the baby, which will be a fun game for him

    Some designs may have a streamlined shape in the form of a ship. Small items are allowed to be made from forged metal. Feed gets off the ropes, steering wheel or anchor. The rest of the decor is also chosen under the marine theme.

    We supplement the bed with a sports complex

    Options with the equipped hill are popular - the loft bed in this case becomes the whole "walking" complex. Interesting and models with climbing walls - in this case, the entertainment function is combined with sports.

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    How to choose?

    First of all, you need to focus on the functionality of such furniture. It should fully perform its functions - to have a comfortable sleeping bed with a comfortable mattress, a desk of standard height and a sufficient number of cabinets and shelves for storage. Of course, the loft bed should fit perfectly into the interior of the room.

    The main thing is that the bed organically fit into the overall style.

    But, whatever its design, it must meet the security requirement:

    • be sustainable;
    • to withstand considerable weight;
    • have a fairly high rim;
    • be equipped with reliable fasteners;
    • equipped with a comfortable staircase;
    • get off with safe materials;
    • the space between the tiers, as well as between the sleeping bed and the ceiling should be sufficient for free movement.

    Perfect option for a little girl

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    Buying a similar piece of furniture is better for small rooms and studios. In this case, it provides several advantages at once:

    • saves free space: bed, table, shelves, racks and cabinets are located on a limited area of ​​only 2-3 square meters. m, if the staircase is located on the side, then even less;
    • allows you to rationally zone the space: in a small area near the wall, you can equip a full-fledged working, play zone or a spacious dressing room;
    • restriction of the sleeping area side makes it more comfortable and private; at any time here you can easily hide from prying eyes and relax or just dream;
    • the child gets his own individual space, where you can put your things in the right order, and also retire for lessons or work;
    • A large number of shelves allows you to find your own place for each item; even a ladder to climb to the second "floor" can be a whole storage system;
    • with all the above advantages, the loft bed does not look too massive and does not overload the interior;
    • climbing and going down the ladder every day, the child gets a good physical exertion;
    • selection of furniture items in the room always takes a lot of time, but here all the items are already decorated in the same style and are selected in size and color;
    • such furniture forms an original non-standard interior;
    • its purchase significantly saves the budget: it is no longer necessary to purchase each of the above listed items of furniture separately.

    Significant savings in space and costs

    The “two-story” loft bed looks perfect only in rooms with high enough ceilings. For the rest of the premises is better to choose a different type of furniture.

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    There is this piece of furniture and cons:

    • unsuccessful lifting up the second tier along the ladder could cause injury; the baby may fall off of it in the process of active games, as well as going down in a half-asleep state; with an unsuccessful design, it is possible to fall during sleep; therefore, for too young children, it is necessary to purchase a more secure loft bed with a low sleeping bed;
    • the maximum load on the upper tier in adult products is limited to about 80.0 kg;
    • inconvenience when changing clothes and cleaning the bed; even an adult will have to set up a chair for this purpose;
    • during the illness of the child in order to put a thermometer, to give a medicine or just to follow his condition, you will need to constantly go up;
    • to ensure safety, the bed is always equipped with a side, so it can be stuffy on the second tier, especially in a room with low ceilings;
    • the second tier interferes with the penetration of natural light into the room, therefore, when equipping the working area, additional lighting will be required;
    • some children and adults may experience psychological discomfort when using it because of