Provence style in a modern interior: 335+ Photos of Beautiful designs for romantics and connoisseurs of France (in the hallway / living room / kitchen)


Provence style in the interior is a romantic design direction for those who see sophistication in simplicity. Provence - a romantic locality on the Mediterranean coast. The beautiful landscapes, warm climate and true French spirit have served as inspiration for poets and artists for centuries. The natural interior design and measured slowness inherent in the European province, formed the basis of a spectacular Provence style. Floor, ceiling, walls - find out how best to arrange them further in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Provence style for romantics: what are its features?
  • Making a Provencal home
  • Ceiling - the choice of colors and decor
  • Walls - background for furniture
  • Gender: aim for authenticity
  • Windows and doors
  • Provencal furniture: the spirit of history in every subject
  • Flowers in the interior
  • Accessories: the difficulty of choice
  • Textiles: one of the important accents
  • Lighting
  • VIDEO: Charming and romantic Provence
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 335 photos)
  • Provence style for romantics: what are its features?
  • Making a Provencal home
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 335 photos)
  • Provence style for romantics: what are its features?

    Anyone who loves nature and a measured way of life, appreciates the simplicity and naturalness in the surrounding things, this style will fit perfectly. If family values ​​are important to you and the spirit of romance is not alien, pay attention to the provenance.

    Provence in a modern interior

    In the interior of an apartment or house, designed in the style of provincial Europe, all the objects, shades and textures are so organically combined with each other.

    Among the characteristic features of Provence:

    • the presence of only natural materials;
    • natural colors in the interior design;
    • a large number of flowers;
    • good room lighting;
    • flower prints;
    • ceramics;
    • light curtains;
    • furniture and accessories with traces of aging.

    Furniture with the effect of aging

    Plaque of antiquity, peculiar to the style, makes it possible to introduce vintage elements into the interior. Additionally, artificially aged pieces of furniture and accessories are actively used in the design.

    The shades characteristic of Provence have absorbed all the beauty and nature of the south:

    • light tones of pink, mint and blue;
    • lavender;
    • olive;
    • white;
    • warm brown gamma;
    • gray tones.

    This style is characterized by bright and warm colors.

    Style is characterized by spaciousness, created by high ceilings, good lighting and bright colors.

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    Making a Provencal home

    Before placing the furniture and taking care of the accessories, you should repair the walls, the ceiling and the floor. The combination of different textures should be organic and the most authentic.

    We make a house in the style of Provence

    Where do we start the design? With repair. It should be carried out in compliance with all the conditions of Provence style.

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    Ceiling - the choice of colors and decor

    For the provincial style is characterized by the use of natural materials and the emphasis on natural beauty and texture. The abundance of sunlight and the feeling of fullness of the room with air are created by high light ceilings. Well suited as finishing plaster, whitewashing or painting. The priority is white.

    Priority is the white color of the ceiling

    The height of the walls in the house can not hold back the fantasy? Then you can use decorative wooden ceiling beams. As the material for the embodiment will need a natural tree.

    Coloring can be done with light tint to emphasize the texture of the material. When painting, for example, in white, a layer of paint is applied very thin, translucent.

    We use wooden beams

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    Walls - background for furniture

    Among the features of Provence - deliberate simplicity in the design of the walls. For finishing such materials can be used:

    • natural wood;
    • stone or brickwork;
    • decorative plaster;
    • wallpaper.

    Most often for wall decoration use wallpaper.

    Plaster is one of the most popular and versatile wall finishes. For the design can be applied as a fine-grained, and rather coarse mixture, which is applied to the walls in broad strokes. This gives the necessary texture.

    How not to make a mistake with the choice? If the room has a modest size, it is better to apply fine-grained plaster gently, without pronounced strokes. For a spacious country house, it will be more interesting to look like a stylization for a rough application that will emphasize the texture.

    Unpainted walls look no less impressive

    In the kitchen you can experiment with such materials for wall decoration:

    • tile;
    • brick;
    • stone (artificial or natural).

    Brick wall looks good

    Masonry brick or stone, as well as wood trim, especially advantageous when combined with other finishing materials. Simultaneous use of several textures within one room will emphasize the style and give the room individual features.

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    Gender: aim for authenticity

    Provence - for naturalness

    In the design of the floor for Provence style natural materials are also welcome. Natural wood works very well. It can be wooden boards with traces of scuffs or painted with a thin layer of light paint.

    Tile, stylized antique, can be used in the hallway or in the kitchen. Its rounded edges and underlined cracks add style to the room. The priority is warm colors typical of the Mediterranean.

    Tile on the floor - an interesting and practical option

    For living rooms, natural wood will be a good choice. Natural shades look natural and give the interior a noble chic.

    Can I replace the wooden board on the floor with linoleum? Definitely not. Also the carpet covering the whole floor cannot be laid.

    You can not carpeted cover a lot of floor

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    Windows and doors

    The simplicity inherent in the style of Provence is reflected in each design element. Doors must be not only wooden, but also aged. This stylization emphasizes the texture of the wood.

    We adhere to one style in all

    Universal option - white color for painting and subsequent aging of the surface. In Provence kitchen interiors, the surface can be decorated with floral painting.

    Fittings on the door, as well as on other items, should be only matte. It looks good stylized antique in the colors of bronze, brass or copper. If the overall design allows, forged items are used.

    Door hardware matt

    Chrome plated surfaces in provance are not allowed.

    The windows and their design in the style of the interior of southern France is given a place of honor. Window openings, it is desirable to have large, letting a lot of sunlight. The color of frames in most interiors designers choose white.

    Large windows for light

    Curtains are selected light, without complicated draperies and heavy lambrequins. Natural weightless fabrics for curtains can be mounted on wooden or wrought cornices. If a forged model is chosen, it is desirable that it be in the form of elements and in color with other objects in the room, for example, candlesticks, chandeliers, wall sconces, etc.

    Light curtains in interior style

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    Provencal furniture: the spirit of history in every subject

    Furniture - the main and most significant component of the interior. The choice of pieces of furniture for placing the Provence style is simultaneously wide and limited. To recreate the spirit of southern France, only natural wood is taken.

    Natural wood is appreciated

    Many species can be used, but preference is given to noble varieties:

    • cherries;
    • beech;
    • oak, etc.
    If you compare Provence with other country styles, he wins due to its lightness and grace.

    A bit of lightness and grace

    In addition to wood, wicker and wrought furniture can be used. But it is not necessary that she was all forged. In the bedroom it can only be a bed, and in the living room - the basis of the coffee table.

    Wicker chairs will be in place in the dining room, on the veranda or in the garden. They emphasize a relaxed atmosphere and are very comfortable for relaxing.

    Wicker chairs - the atmosphere of ease

    What kind of furniture can not be used? Made from plastic or painted in caustic colors.

    Renowned not only for aristocracy, but also for simplicity, the Provence style does not require adherence to strict rules in arranging furniture and selecting individual items. The impression of objects in the room should be created as if it was used by several generations, passing it to each other.

    Interior with many decorative elements

    In the village houses were very careful about the environment - dishes, textiles, furniture. Long service life imposes imprint on things. The furniture was scuffed around the edges, and the fabrics faded.

    It is permissible to combine furnishings from separate headsets. They may even differ in color. The main condition is general harmony, so that none of them create dissonance.

    The main thing is not to create a dissonance

    The arrangement of furniture in the room should not be symmetrical.

    All pieces of furniture must be functional and elegant. The carving adds refinement and refinement, and the absence of gilding and bright colors emphasizes style.

    Everything is functional and elegant.

    Features of Provencal furniture:

    • beautiful furniture legs;
    • use only natural wood;
    • presence of thread;
    • light monophonic or with a small flower print furniture upholstery;
    • additional decoration of sofas, armchairs and beds with small decorative pillows;
    • the presence of open shelves, cupboards, shelves and windows;
    • pieces of furniture should be low.

    Low furniture in the interior

    Provence is best perceived in those houses in which all rooms are designed in the general style.

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    Flowers in the interior

    Speaking about the style of Provence, be sure to note the theme of flowers. She runs the main thread through all the design. The desire to be closer to nature, to draw strength and inspiration from it, is reflected in the presence of a large number of colors in each room.

    Many colors - this is Provence

    A large number of flowers are plants in pots on window sills, dried flowers arranged in vases, and herbs suspended in the kitchen are spiced. Additionally, images of flowers on textiles, walls, facades of kitchen cabinets, dishes are introduced. As prints used drawings of small bouquets or lavender, which is considered one of the symbols of Provence.

    There can not be too many colors in the provenance. Return to the menu

    Accessories: the difficulty of choice

    Additional comfort and atmosphere of the house create accessories. They do not always have to be functional. Their task is to create a mood.

    Characterized by a large number of accessories.

    Provence style interior accessories:

    • textile items, including napkins, hand-made bedspreads, colorful pot holders in the kitchen;
    • photos with touching plots in the framework;
    • wicker baskets;
    • wall, table and even floor clocks in wooden or forged design with Roman numerals;
    • characteristic chandeliers and table lamps;
    • caskets;
    • figurines;
    • bird cages;
    • beautiful candlesticks;
    • ceramics exposed to the review;
    • mirrors in antique frames;
    • paintings on the walls.

    Large and beautiful chandelier

    The charm of provenance add successful accents. In addition to lavender, the symbol of Provence is a rooster. Therefore, his images will be desirable in the kitchen.

    For a large living room a fireplace made in the style of previous centuries can become a very significant and attractive addition.

    Fireplace - as an element of style

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    Textiles: one of the important accents

    Coziness and romance of an apartment and a house in the style of Provence are emphasized by textile elements. Matter should have a natural composition:

    • cotton;
    • wool;
    • linen;
    • mixed fabrics.

    A lot of attention to textiles

    The fabric itself can be complemented by ruffles, fringe, embroidery, braid, tassels and cords. Handwork in the decoration of napkins, bed linen and tablecloths gives the interior individual features and flavor. The coloring can be monophonic, contain floral prints, less often - stripes and cells.

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    Good artificial and natural lighting - the necessary conditions for the decoration of the house. There are so many sunny days in the south of France that even the colors on interior items fade.

    A lot of lighting does not happen

    Each room must have a central chandelier made of metal or wood. In addition, local light sources are desirable - table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps.

    It is not advisable to use embedded lighting systems.

    Lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps - are required for this style

    In a style that reflects the history, the new furniture and accessories will look alien. Worn places on objects, natural materials, burnt fabrics and elegant things - these are the components of Provence style, which will help to decorate a house for romantics.

    Dive into the style of provence

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