Modern Design studio apartment. 150+ Photo Interior Ideas


Design studio apartments has its own characteristics, where it is important to creatively approach the zoning of space. So from an ordinary small apartment you can make a studio where all the needs of the residents will be taken into account.

The layout of an ordinary small apartment cannot provide the necessary comfort, especially if more than 1 person lives there. Inside the studio apartment, in contrast to the classical ones, there are no internal partitions, with the exception of load-bearing walls and a bathroom.

Content of this article:

  • Studio apartment with one window
  • Studio kitchen
  • Studio bedroom
  • Design studio hall
  • The organization of the working area in the studio
  • Planning a studio apartment
  • Studio apartment design for a family with a child
  • Design tricks
  • Proper studio apartment zoning
  • Color separation
  • Delimitation by furniture
  • Aquarium
  • Ceiling and floor zoning
  • Decorative designs
  • Installation of the podium
  • False dividers
  • Studio apartment with one window
  • Studio kitchen
  • Studio bedroom
  • Design studio hall
  • The organization of the working area in the studio
  • Planning a studio apartment
  • Studio apartment design for a family with a child
  • Design tricks
  • Proper studio apartment zoning
  • Studio apartment with one window

    Design for a studio with one window to develop quite problematic. The point is not in the size of the room itself, but in the layout. The window in such apartments is located exactly at the short wall, and the room is elongated in length.

    Design for a studio apartment with one window

    To provide more free space, resort to the use of such a style as minimalism. This design is discreet in design, a certain rigor, which is achieved through the choice of functional furniture, the use of basic colors.

    In the design of such premises it is important not only to furnish comfortably the surrounding space, but also to resolve the issue with the light. Due to the fact that the apartment has only one window, the light may not be enough, but this issue can be solved, the main thing is to approach the issue correctly.

    To fill the space with light use multiple light devices. You can hang one ceiling light, add spotlights to it. You can use enhanced wall lighting. In the hall area, the kitchen uses additional lighting.

    To create a single style, to put more natural light into the room, you can refuse from curtains. And to make the windows look more comfortable, hang the blinds.

    Finishing the surfaces of each zone should be more natural colors, they will help to expand the space.

    Use more light colors

    The brightest room in the studio apartment is the living area. In the living area there is a sofa. Depending on the size of the room, the sofa can serve as a bed. If the space can accommodate a bed, then it is placed behind the partition to create comfort. It is possible to fence a berth with a sliding wardrobe with mirrored doors. By the way, visually increase the space can be due to the mirror surfaces.

    In addition to cabinets, the storage system in the studio apartment can serve:

    • suspended shelves;
    • drawers in the bed;
    • small dressers.

    To create a cosiness will help decorative elements, such as:

    • wall paintings;
    • a photo;
    • posters;
    • houseplants.

    But, the decor should be a bit, because if you overdo it, the room may seem cluttered.

    Plants, photos, posters will help add comfort to the interior.

    If you need to place a workplace, it is better to use window openings. By the way, it is very convenient if there are no curtains. To organize this, it is enough to install a wide tabletop on the windowsill.

    BoardIf the studio apartment is small in size, you can visually use the trick by placing a mirror opposite the window.

    This focus will allow you to simultaneously expand the visual space, add light inside the room, filling it with lightness. These were the main nuances of a small studio apartment with one window. Each zone should be considered separately.

    Mirrors will visually increase the room

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    Studio kitchen

    The kitchen-studio is created by demolishing only one partition. This gives you the opportunity to get more space for cooking, family dining or hanging out with your guests. The one who cooks food will not be cut off from the rest. In addition, there is more free space.

    The kitchen-studio is created by demolishing one partition.

    It is worth remembering some rules in the creation of studio-kitchen:

    The color scheme can be any.

    But it is better to choose colors that are not very different from the shades of the living area. As in any other room, the main emphasis can be placed on the kitchen. It can be bright curtains, chairs or tile. And the effect of lightness can give a glass table, which at the same time increases the room visually.

    Smooth transition of the kitchen.

    The kitchen should move smoothly into the living area. To do this, it is better to choose natural partitions, for example, a contrasting finish, a difference in the floor or ceiling level. Often this is achieved with the help of furniture, namely, a dining table with chairs or a bar counter. Fencing the kitchen area from the living room precisely at the expense of the furniture will not create unnecessary clutter and preserve the integrity of the kitchen-studio.

    The kitchen should move smoothly into the living room.

    Greatly clutter the room with furniture, things are not worth it.

    To save space, install built-in appliances. Hood, refrigerator, dishwasher can be hidden under the facade of the kitchen.

    For kitchen trifles fit a spacious wardrobe with drawers, which will be in the same style as the kitchen.

    Loft style

    Height should be used to the maximum.

    Kitchen cabinets, shelves need to hang as high as possible. If the height of the kitchen zone is sore, there is still free space above the kitchen unit, you can fill it with wicker boxes, baskets or storage boxes. Having installed the microwave oven over the oven, there is more room for other things.

    To create the illusion of large space you need to think about lighting.

    The kitchen has several functional areas, each of them must be lit, without interfering with other highlights in the remaining areas. Light is better to choose warm, it can be small ceiling lamps.

    The warm color of the walls and furniture will give more light.

    All furniture should be compact. It is better to purchase a modular, folding furniture. A prime example is the folding table, which will be laid out for a while. And instead of chairs, you can use stools that slide under the table, do not interfere.BoardOn kitchen appliances you should not save in this case, this applies to the refrigerator, microwave, especially the hood. Devices should be not only powerful, but also quiet, so that harsh sounds, smells can not be heard in the next room.

    On the technique in this interior should not save

    We think over every detail.

    The only thing that preference is to give the technique of small size (stove just two burners, a small refrigerator, oven), of course, if not a large family lives in a studio apartment. To do without a large number of pans, pots, you can buy a slow cooker or pressure cooker.

    Minimalistic style

    With furniture, equipment, decor, do not overdo it, it will occupy the room.

    In advance, you need to consider what functions the kitchen will perform, and then compare its dimensions and shape of the room.

    Location nuances
    • the location of such communication systems as sewage, gas pipe, water supply;
    • the number of windows, doorways, their size, location;
    • the number of people living in the studio apartment;
    • the frequency of cooking, because someone can cook from morning to evening in the kitchen, while others only have breakfast or dinner together;
    • take into account the nuances, wishes (the presence of the bar, workplace, TV, etc.).
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    Studio bedroom

    Design studio-bedroom depends on the size of the room. If several ways how to place a bed in a studio:

    Restrict sleeper

    Rest area fencing can be made built-in or portable. The best options for zoning in the bedroom of the studio are transparent, mobile, light weight partitions. As well as screens, racks, curtains, curtains, sliding doors that will not constrain the space, and close the light. Additionally, you can mark the sleep area with textiles, decor.

    Bedroom studio with transparent partitions

    Wall fence

    Wall niche is an affordable solution for rooms of different sizes. It is worth considering that any such partition will reduce the space, therefore, for narrow, cramped rooms, this option is better not to use. To visually limit the bedroom area and highlight a bright accent in the interior, you can apply bright paint or a drawing on the inside of the opening. Of course, the bedroom will complement comfortable lighting.

    Fence wall is more comfortable

    Sofa bed

    The easiest, economical way to put a bed in a studio is to buy a sofa, which in one easy movement will turn into a bed. In today's market a lot of furniture that is transformed into a bed, for example, a sofa, an armchair, a table, a wardrobe.

    Sofa bed an economical way to put a bed in the studio

    Built-in bed

    This option can be attributed to the transported furniture, only it will be hidden in the wall, ceiling or floor. Lifting or built-in bed is much more difficult to install.. But, with such a design, free space will be added and it will look spectacular.

    Option of transported furniture


    By building a bed in the apartment, the podium can perform two tasks at once. The bedroom area stands out, there is a place to store things. In the podium can be embedded drawers, which saves space. If you want to hide the bed, then you can attach small wheels to it, and in the daytime hide under the podium. Then from above appear free space that can be used with advantage, for example, under the working area.

    Dedicated bedroom area and storage space.

    Tier two

    If the ceilings in the apartment are high, then the option of erecting a second tier for a berth will do, or you can simply lift the bed up. This design looks interesting, and significantly saves space. Need to worry about lighting in a bed.

    An interesting option for children

    Furniture complexes

    Such complexes are made not only for children's rooms. You can combine a sleeping area with a workplace, wardrobe or a place for receiving guests. Having thought out all your wishes, you can order a complex according to an individual plan.

    Furniture complex

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    Design studio hall

    The lack of walls does not mean that there should be no border between the living room and other areas in the studio. The hall area also needs to be limited.

    BoardThe transition from the living area to the dining room can be made free, only the color of the walls or floors will be different.

    You can select zones only with lighting, for example, hang one or several lamps on a chain over the dining table, and install spotlights in the living room area.

    Studio room with dining space

    Hall from the kitchen can be smoothly separated dining area or a bar. In places of transitions of other zones in the hall can be placed:

    • cabinets;
    • partitions;
    • mirrors.

    In order to save space, the TV can be placed on a hanging shelf or, as many now do, hang on the wall. Below it is a free space that can be filled with benefit by placing a dresser or a small locker.

    The living room with a hallway can be arranged in the same way, it will look interesting. Or, as a light zoning, put a different floor covering, for example, lay laminate in the hallway, and carpet in the hall. The same design from the hallway visually expands the living area.

    Hi-tech living room

    In the living area, combined with the hallway is better to put low furniture, it is a chest of drawers, shelves. At the entrance is placed a large mirror. It can hang in a frame or on a cabinet. By design, the hall and hallway should be similar.

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    The organization of the working area in the studio

    For some, the working area is an important area. It is necessary to compactly fit into the interior and equip.

    There are several rules of workplace organization:

    • determine how much space should occupy the work area, depending on what should be there (computer, laptop, books, etc.);
    • choose a place for arranging this corner;
    • think over the lighting so that it is sufficient for work, but it did not interfere with the rest of the family members in other zones;
    • interior design should be similar to other areas.

    Zoning with the cabinet

    You can place the work area in any part of the apartment.

    Seats for working area
    • Living area. In the area of ​​the hall you can freely place your workplace. It can be located near the rack, which, by the way, will serve as a partition. You can organize a zone near the window, and protect it with a cabinet without a back wall or curtains.
    • Sleeping place. What could be quieter and more quiet than a bed. This may be an ideal option for work. In the corner where the bedroom is located, you can organize an area for work. Restricting the bed only curtain or canopy.
    • Kitchen area. It must be remembered that the kitchen area is not strongly combined with documents and a laptop. And in order to combine this, you can use the desktop shelving or a double table, where in one part it will be written, in the other kitchen.
    • Balcony. In studios' apartments, the balcony is usually combined with the living room, which can be advantageously used for the working area. It is enough to place a table and a chair there, to fence oneself from the rest with a shelf or textiles.

    Place to work near the window

    If there is not much space in the studio apartment, then there are a few tricks that will help in this case.

    For example:

    1Nish. Wall niches are usually used as decorative elements. But you can install there shelves, a small desk and get a working area. Of course, you need to remember about the lighting. Placing the table in the cabinet saves space and hides the work surface at a time when it is not needed; for this, the door just closes. In addition, all workers affiliation are cleaned in the same place.3Okididnoy table. There are special folding tables, which are mounted against the wall and recline, if necessary. This option is suitable for small apartments, where there is no possibility to place a desk.4 A windowsill. The window sill performs few functions, but by laying the tabletop on top, by moving the chair and setting the light, you can make a work surface out of it.

    Small office in the closet

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    Planning a studio apartment

    Studio apartment without separate rooms requires careful planning and zoning. Regardless of who will live there and what dimensions of living space, here are a few highlights in creating a studio apartment plan:

    Sleeping place

    For the sleeping area, you just need to select the angle. It is not necessary to put massive partitions. The fence can be used to a minimum, just to have a sense of privacy, comfort. There are lots of types of partitions and how to do it. It can be like:

    • curtains;
    • curtains;
    • removable partitions;
    • open shelving;
    • mirror.

    Such a fence will create comfort in the sleep area, moreover, if guests come, the zone can be covered.

    A complete, secluded place to sleep

    Enable all available space

    When planning a studio apartment you need to take into account high ceilings, niches, wide corners, a balcony, storage rooms and use them to the maximum. With high ceilings, you can lift up the bed or make a second tier for the working area.

    Any corners can be useful for something. There can be placed as shelves, and small lockers or other things. There you can equip not only a place to store things, but also the same working area.

    Enable all free space

    Rational distribution of zones

    It is necessary to decide on what zones are generally needed, how much they occupy an important place. Kitchen, living room, sleeping area is needed in any case. As for the dining room, work area, here at the discretion of the residents. Not all families are going to eat at a large table, someone does not need it at all.

    The same goes for the work corner. We must build on the needs of family members. Secondly, most of the time people spend in the living room, in the kitchen, therefore, they should be given more space. The bedroom is necessary for sleeping, for this zone it is possible to protect only the bed, this will be fair, and will save space.

    Rationally distribute the area of ​​the apartment

    Relative free space

    It must be remembered that this is a studio apartment and it is not necessary to overload it with partitions. If you set up partitions, you can build walls with the same success. In order for the interior to look harmonious, there should be no sharp transitions in color.

    Zones need to be protected with light tools.:

    • screens;
    • curtains;
    • arches;
    • open shelving;
    • sliding partitions.

    And other things that let in enough light, air. If there is enough space in the studio to separate one zone with doors, then it is better to choose a transparent material or frosted glass.

    Zones need to be protected with light tools.

    Proper lighting

    Often, natural light in studio apartments may not be missed because of the number and size of windows (although this also plays an important role), but also because of the various partitions and curtains. The fact that other zones are fenced, prevents the passage of natural light through the apartment. Therefore, its shortage must be compensated by artificial.

    By the way, with the help of lighting, you can additionally designate different zones, for example, so that the person reading on the sofa under the lamp does not interfere with another in the bedroom. The problem is solved with the help of height, location of the lamps, their size, directivity, light intensity.

    Proper lighting is an important element.

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    Studio apartment design for a family with a child

    At once it is necessary to take into account that a small child will live in the house, therefore, a place is determined where the baby will sleep and a place for his things, toys.

    His corner should be made cozy, so that the child was comfortable there. On the walls you can glue wallpaper with a cheerful print, and on the floor lay a soft rug. In his corner, in addition to the crib, there is a chest of drawers for things, boxes for toys. Boxes can be compactly thrust under the bed.

    Studio apartment for a family with a child

    All materials in the children's area should be environmentally friendly. The corner should have good lighting, sufficient moisture.

    Putting a baby to sleep near warm batteries is not strongly recommended.

    So that cooking does not prevent the baby from sleeping, you can put a partition in the kitchen, then there will be less noise coming from there. In order not to make noise on the TV, it can be placed in the same place in the kitchen or placed on the farthest wall from the children's corner.

    You can build a small niche for a child

    The apartment should have a lot of free space so that the child has where to play, therefore, if possible, lift the shelves up and do not load the room with unnecessary objects.

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    Design tricks

    To create comfort, space, practicality in a studio apartment, you need to remember some of the techniques that designers use in their work:

    1Color palette. To visually increase the space applied pastel colors. They give the room weightlessness, airiness. To demolish the borders, to make the room more in all respects, they use the colors of cold shades, combine them with warm ones.

    Pastel colors to increase the visual space

    2Lighting. Light is one of the main correctors of the room, therefore, the more lighting devices, the better. You can fill the studio apartment with light, you can expand the space with the help of chandeliers, floor lamps, various spotlights, wall sconces, small lamps.3 A small amount of decor. A large number of accessories can overload the room, no matter what size they are. Therefore, in the studio it is preferable to emphasize one interesting subject.

    A large number of decorative items can litter the space.

    4Installation of mirrors. Depending on the placement of the mirror, you can achieve this or that result.

    For example:

    • mirrored ceiling can visually lift it;
    • mirror wall - increases the volume of the room;
    • a mirror opposite the windows - adds light, visually expands the walls;
    • the installation of mirrors behind lighting devices will give the room additional depth;
    • in order to divert the attention of guests from the small dimensions of a studio apartment, you can hang a mirror opposite the brightest object in the interior, then it will be his reflection that will be visible.

    The mirror opposite the window visually expands the walls

    • The use of multifunctional items. In order to compactly place all the necessary furniture, other furnishings can be purchased only multifunctional things. For example, built-in interior items, cabinets, other things with a mirror, glossy or transparent surface, and, of course, transformable furniture.
    • Proper zoning studio. You can divide a studio into zones in various ways. These are different mirror, glass screens, partitions, textiles, a podium, a multilevel floor, a ceiling, pieces of furniture, various finishing materials. Everything is selected individually.

    Separation of zones using curtains

    With the help of such techniques, you can intelligently use all the space in a studio apartment, fill it with freshness, lightness, and enough light.

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    Proper studio apartment zoning

    In addition to the correct distribution of zones, it is necessary to distinguish them visually.

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    Color separation

    One of the easiest ways to divide a studio apartment into zones is the color separation. Zoning can be achieved through the use of different colors, textures in different areas of the room.

    The best option is to use light colors that give the room space, airiness, expand the room visually. In some cases, zones can be combined in the same color, but its shades should be different. Color accents may remain the same.

    Separation of zones using color

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    Delimitation by furniture

    This method can be used between the kitchen and living area, living room-bedroom or hallway. For this, racks are purchased that do not have a rear wall. It is not only a subject of zoning, but also a place to store various trifles. Between the kitchen and the living area, you can place a bar counter, which in combination will play the role of a dining table.

    In order not to get the impression that this is one room, the style of furniture should be different. Then, the transition from one zone to another will be felt. The problem of lack of space is solved with the help of transforming furniture. So, the table can be foldable, a sofa or a wardrobe can turn into a bed.

    Delimitation by furniture

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    The aquarium at the intersection of two zones will play the role not only of the partition, but also of the main accent in the studio apartment and the bigger it is, the better. It can be installed on the border of the kitchen and living room, bedroom-study, or bedroom-hall.

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    Ceiling and floor zoning

    This method refers to the popular, because with the help of multi-level ceilings, floors, it is possible to effectively divide the studio into different zones. Different materials for the ceiling, the floor can be used in all areas at once, or select one.

    So, in the kitchen can be tile, plasterboard ceiling, in the living room laminate, stretch ceiling, and in the bedroom you can lay a carpet, make a 3D ceiling. Also, you can use the fence area with decorative beams. In this case, there is additional space for storing various things without loading the free space below.

    Ceiling and floor zoning

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    Decorative designs

    The cardinal way of dividing a studio into separate zones is decorative designs. As such structures can be used arches, which give unobtrusive separation of zones.

    In the design used