Best Ideas for small, narrow, cramped, corner corridors and how to turn them into a comfortable Hall (200+ Photos)


Among the most difficult tests in design is to figure out what to do with the hallway, especially if the corridor is small and dark. At first, the work may seem a bit hopeless - what can be done in the minimum space, except perhaps to expand the walls? It turns out that there are some light fixes to turn a small corridor into a warm, light and attractive space. Learn about all this and not only in more detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Inspired by ideas
  • How to choose furniture?
  • The basics
  • Layout
  • Finishing touch
  • Hall with shoebox
  • Main storage types
  • 12 ideas of decor to make a narrow hall "Khrushchev" visually more
  • Use mirrors
  • Built-in storage with seat niche
  • Think over the lighting
  • Paint the walls
  • Add color to the finish
  • Use molding
  • Add artwork
  • Install built-in racks
  • Use the carpet
  • Choose high and minimalist furniture
  • White floors
  • Get hyper-organized
  • Top 7 Tips for a Home with a Tiny (or Non-Existing) Hallway
  • Minimum zone
  • Start at the door
  • Use painting or ornament to highlight the area
  • Partially fence a design element
  • Choose a good mat inside and out
  • Flavor the area near the door.
  • Season Fit
  • findings
  • VIDEO: Furniture that will change your hall once and for all
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Inspired by ideas
  • How to choose furniture?
  • Hall with shoebox
  • 12 ideas of decor to make a narrow hall "Khrushchev" visually more
  • Top 7 Tips for a Home with a Tiny (or Non-Existing) Hallway
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Inspired by ideas

    Loft style corridor

    The design of the corridors sometimes requires even more effort than the design of living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. On the one hand, the design of this room should fit into the overall style of the house. On the other hand, the interior of the corridors should be comfortable. The entrance hall usually connects several rooms, so you will see it every time you go from the kitchen to the living room or from the living room to the bedroom.

    Get familiar with these tips, based on expert opinion, to make the corridor as successful and practical as possible.

    Many bright colors in the design will be the highlight

    Tips for a successful design
    • Use built-in modules if you need extra storage. In all other cases, do not clutter a tiny room: a side table for an object of art will be sufficient;
    • add bright colors. You can use bold color for walls or furniture. In any case, your hallway design will only benefit from this;
    • Decorate the walls with a gallery of paintings or photographs. This decor does not take up space, but looks great;
    • a mat would be appropriate even in a dark hallway;
    • expressive wallpaper with an interesting pattern - another way to liven up any space;
    • Several pendant lights are the best solution for long corridors. Although, if you have furniture, use also table lamps or built-in LED strips;
    • add a touch of your favorite style. Loft-style objects, chic chic furniture or a modern lamp can easily add a fresh look to the hallway design;
    • paint the ceiling in an unusual color, add to it an interesting molding on the walls. Use wood for decoration.

    Gallery with photos looks great

    Below you will find a lot of ideas for decorating the hallway, to be inspired by the next repair or project with your own hands.

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    How to choose furniture?

    The hall should be spacious and welcoming to set the tone for further impressions.

    This space should also be practical, since the necessary things are in the corridor every day.:

    • keys;
    • purse;
    • phone.

    Thus, the key to success is to create a space that is functional enough to keep all important things in close access, while at the same time creating a feeling of a welcoming and cozy atmosphere at the entrance.

    Multifunctional shop that can serve as an ornament

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    The basics

    Before you start making unique strokes, take the time to review the basic basic elements that will affect the space.


    Creating a space that is as functional as it is decorative will help you ensure that the hallway is properly organized.Spend time in the early stages to build practicality:

    • often scattered shoes?
    • mail is accumulated on the table by the door?

    Look at your lifestyle and create a space that will work with your habits.The solution of actual problems in the design will make the hallway a cozy place, passing through which you will not experience a sense of incompleteness of household chores.

    Bright interior with full-length shelves

    Create a design

    Depending on the size and shape of the apartment, the corridor can be a simple entrance or an intermediate space that connects the remaining rooms.

    BoardColor, lighting and texture will create the illusion of a more symmetrical space, so use smart solutions, such as functional walls and expressive furniture, to make a small room more open and comfortable.

    Decorative panels of wood - unique, fashionable and beautiful

    Maximum natural lighting

    Natural light has a tremendous impact on space: its flaw makes the room dark and gloomy or bright and airy.Use a shiny floor that will enhance the light and a stylish mirror opposite the window or door.

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    Color palette

    The hallway is a great place for expressive strokes and experiments with bolder, richer colors and wallpapers. Being a walk-through place, you will walk down the hall several times a day, but rarely sit in it, which makes it a good place to use colors that you like but are intrusive enough for a bedroom or living room.

    Great place to experiment with flowers.

    Choose your style

    Your style will affect the design decision, so take some time to assess the appearance that you are going to use. Natural wood and neutral walls will create the perfect backdrop to create casual elegance.

    For a more urban look, choose a clear white background and bring it to life:

    • with architectural lines;
    • bright spots of color;
    • bright pieces of furniture.

    Experimenting with deeper cold colors, expressive details and metal accessories, you add glamor and sophistication to your space.

    Light and bright walls

    It will be interesting to you:REVIEW: Interior options in the Hallway: 225+ Photo Designs (stone / laminate / tile / fresco). Which wall color is better?

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    Next, it's time to think about the furniture and how to arrange it. Since the corridor is a passageway, you may need only one or two pieces of furniture at best.

    BoardSelect each part carefully to ensure that it will perform all assigned functions.

    One or two pieces of furniture is enough

    Console table

    The style of the table is key to the overall effect and must be practical and beautiful. Storage is a priority, so decide if you need boxes. A simple tabletop looks better and can provide space for several items that you always need in close access.Measure your space carefully to make sure that the purchased console tabletop will not stick out of the wall and disrupt movement in the house.

    Narrow console tabletop does not take up much space.

    Chair or bench

    A small chair or bench makes it easier for guests to take off or put on their shoes. They also provide the possibility of doubling additional storage space for items that you want to keep nearby. Place a bench near the door or in the opposite corner for a comfortable fit.Make sure that the landing site is proportional to the space. A simple, rationalized chair without armrests and a backrest will keep a narrow entrance from the feeling of cluttering.

    Bedside table for shoes that serves as a bench at the same time is an excellent solution

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    Finishing touch

    Your accessories are what really integrate your design scheme and add character. Select details that emphasize personal style and create depth and interest as the final chord.

    Accessories define your personal style.


    Mirrors - one of the main secrets of the interior designer. This is an incredibly versatile accessory that will reflect the light and open the room.

    The style of the mirror will determine the space that you have: for small or narrow spaces, minimize interference and bustle with simple rectangular shapes.

    Mirror - a versatile accessory in small rooms

    It will be interesting to you: REVIEW: Entrance hall with shelves for shoes and clothes The hands: 125+ Photo options (with a seat, with a hanger, with a banquette and not only)


    A quick and easy way to brighten the corridor and personalize the whole room is a stylish rug. It will act as a focus for the room, drawing the eye to the center of the space or extending it with the help of a walkway.

    BoardIf your space seems boring, choose a scale and texture option.

    Track visually lengthens the corridor


    Accent lighting is a great way to create a feeling of comfort when you enter the house. Create symmetry in your design by adding two identical lamps at the ends of a shelf or console. If your corridor stays dark during the day and does not have enough access to natural light, pay attention to the top lighting, which can be made multiple - instead of one chandelier, use several small lamps or install recessed lighting.

    Spotlights in the hallway decorated in modern style

    Functional walls

    The entrance hall is a great place to create a bright wall, and there are several different ways to achieve this. Stylish shelving will create the right focus and more storage space where you can place some of your favorite items. On the other hand, a wall art unit is a great way to bring personality into space.

    BoardChoose frames with different sizes and finishes for an eclectic atmosphere or create a uniform exposure for a more glamorous look.

    Functional wall with plenty of storage space


    The accessory gives you a great opportunity to attract more personification. You can demonstrate a few favorite items or help make other functional elements more practical.

    Tile - a practical coating with many options for decoration

    BoardAn oval mirror and a clock are good ways to add interest to the walls. But here the form is not so important as the place. Installing a mirror or clock on the far wall will make the room longer; while a large mirror, located about halfway through, will be the perfect focal point.

    Make sure that the view is consistent through the delicate repetition of color, finish, shape, style.

    Vase of flowers for your guests

    It will be interesting to you:OVERVIEW: Best Ideas for small, narrow, cramped, corner corridors and how to turn them into a comfortable Hallway (200+ Photos)

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    Hall with shoebox

    If you have a large family, you will have a huge amount of shoes scattered around the house, which makes the room cluttered and poorly designed. In this case, you need a shoe cabinet that will store your shoes. It should be completely modern, stylish and neatly designed. Consider how much space you need for shoes and based on your needs, select the appropriate copy that will provide everything you need for a full-fledged family.

    Shoe cabinet - great for a large family

    There are many different ways to store for shoes: with drawers, or, for example, without handles, which can be opened by pressing on the drawers or cabinet doors to match the modern decor.Shoe storage should not be bulky. Good shoeboxes will easily fit into any hall.

    Cabinet for shoes up to the ceiling

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    Main storage types

    There are so many different ways to store your shoes that it is difficult to decide what is best for you. I tried to collect all that you need to know about the options for storing shoes and can be useful when choosing a shoemaker.

    A shoe organizer is a fantastic way to push all your shoes into one place elegantly and easily. Storage types are usually different from how many shoes fit in them, and by design. Depending on how much space you need, you may need a solution that is small, comfortable and does not take up extra space.

    If you are more adventurous, you may want a structural element that will catch your eye when guests enter your home. Shoe cabinets can stand apart or be an addition to the main cabinet, require a minimum of care.

    Shoe organization is needed in a small room

    Shoe rack

    Shoe racks are great if you have a lot of shoes to keep. They are light and inexpensive. And they come in different shapes and sizes, so you can find something according to your needs.

    A tripod for shoes can hold up to 10 shoes or up to 50, which makes it versatile for people whose collection of shoes is large or changes frequently.

    Shoe rack easy to do by hand

    Shoe cabinet

    If you need something specific to match the design of the room, look at the shoe cabinet. This type of storage has more design options than the rack. If you do not mind all the free space to give a comfortable shoe placement and decorate the hallway at once - this is your choice. They are metal, wood or even mirror.

    In addition to placing shoes with minimal maintenance for them, shoe racks look very aesthetically pleasing and neat and perform the function of decoration.

    Elegant wooden cabinet painted white

    Overhead storage

    Another storage method for a small space is to use a shoe hanger. If you want to use your space effectively, outboard shoe storage allows you to neatly store a large amount of shoes so that you can use your space for other decorations.

    Avoid placing this type of storage on the front door. The movement is most active in this area, so sometimes the capture of shoes will be difficult.

    An interesting solution for storing shoes - hangers

    It will be interesting to you: REVIEW: Wall key holder in the hallway: 140+ (Photo) The original versions of their own hands

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    12 ideas of decor to make a narrow hall "Khrushchev" visually more

    Hallways are very important, being his "face" and the first impression, so they must be unique and stylish. The hall of the “Khrushchev” is narrow and difficult to decorate because of the shape of the space with long segments. I would suggest not to ignore them. They can express you and your lifestyle, give an important message right from the entrance.

    Your uniqueness and style

    Choose the best family photos, and hang them between the doorways of the "Khrushchev".

    Here are some interesting ideas that are especially useful for those who have a narrow long corridor. Use its space as efficiently as possible. Choose the design that best fits a small space.

    Mirrored cabinet almost imperceptible

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    Use mirrors

    I can not touch again the theme of the mirrors: to expand the visual space, use reflective surfaces, as they are irreplaceable here. Consider adding a large mirror or several small ones to the center of the corridor to expand the line of sight.

    Very nice to collect unusual mirrors, grouped on a white wall. They will create an interesting and unusual wall that will make the corridor complete.

    Mirrors can be placed on two opposite walls.

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    Built-in storage with seat niche

    BoardIf you have a narrow corridor and you need more space for shoes, hats and bags, add a built-in wall with cabinets around the perimeter.

    Use the only free space to make it a built-in closet with a seat. The seat will look like a niche if you apply storage space above, below, and on the sides.

    Choose a narrow width and maximum height to create the illusion of more space, while providing sufficient storage space.

    Convenience of space saving

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    Think over the lighting

    Lighting can play a crucial role, especially in the narrow hallway. Remember that the more light you have in the room, the more spacious the space will be, so use it with a margin. Carpet lighting will be a particularly good solution for this problem, because it allows you to purposefully adjust the most distant and dark corners.

    Black and white entrance hall with polka dot walls

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    Paint the walls

    I’m sure you’ve heard about this before: paint is the cheapest way to renew the space with the strongest impact. This statement is equally true for a large ballroom, and for a tiny corridor.

    Paint your corridor with a light color so that it appears open and bright, especially if you are short of natural light.

    Do not concentrate on white - any light color will work the same way, especially if the paint itself gives a bit of shine to reflect all the light that was just mentioned.

    Interior with painted walls easy and cheap to upgrade

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    Add color to the finish

    The chosen color scheme in addition to the color of the walls can also open up your space. Choose a shade that complements the walls to add an attractive depth layer to your design.

    Azure color will add depth to the interior.

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    Use molding

    One of the main ways to give the illusion of a larger space is to use the molding, both on the ceiling, on the baseboard, or on both. This detail helps to delimit the space, give it a refined, decisive appearance. I prefer a large carved molding in a clear white color to emphasize the architectural elements of the doorways (windows), but the style and color of the finish that you prefer will have the same effect.

    Refinement and elegance

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    Add artwork

    Artwork can also expand your visual space, but only with the right performance. Pictures on both sides of the corridor will make your walls closer together. Instead, stick to one side to maximize your spatial potential.

    Add color and extravagance

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    Install built-in racks

    A small decoration can work wonders, use it to add personality to a narrow corridor. But the demonstration of shelves sticking out of the wall will destroy the space. Instead, try installing shelves that are recessed into the wall.

    They will keep your corridor free, as they will show your favorite decor. A bonus for expanding the space will be spotlights in each niche.

    Shelves built into a niche do not steal space

    It will be interesting to you:REVIEW: The most practical types of banquettes for the hallway: with shelves, seat and hanger! 215+ (Photos) Design examples

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    Use the carpet

    A long carpet through the center of the corridor will give the appearance of a longer, wider space, giving the area its own border. Choose it with light, bright colors to make the most of this trick.

    Calm interior and motley walkway

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    Choose high and minimalist furniture

    If you need a view of a wide open corridor, it is important not to have bulky furniture in it that impedes visual flow.

    For the surface on which the keys will be stored, mail, use a console with high legs, with a minimalist design, to provide an open visual design.

    The furniture should not be bulky.

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    White floors

    Just like light walls, light floors can open up your space. Consider installing white floors. They look stylish, make the ceiling higher.

    White floor adds height to low room

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    Get hyper-organized

    The smaller the space, the more important the organization — even one element of confusion in a narrow space can spoil the whole atmosphere. So, after testing the tricks, the last thing you want to do is make sure that every inch of your hallway looks neat, orderly, nothing interferes with the goals you are trying to achieve. Use all sorts of hooks, trays, racks for increased organization and structuring of the hallway.

    Practicality and style

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    Wall Hanger do it yourself in the hallway: with a shoebox, with a shelf, with hooks. Forget about the lack of space!

    Interior options in the Hallway: 225+ Photo Designs (stone / laminate / tile / fresco /). Which wall color is better?

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    Modern design ideas for the hallway (+200 Photos) - Walking in step with 2017

    Elegant entrance hall in the house (180+ Photos): The most fashionable and affordable interior

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    Top 7 Tips for a Home with a Tiny (or Non-Existing) Hallway

    If you have only a minimum space for a hallway, or none at all, you can apply these tips.

    The use of wood in the interior is always in trend.

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    Minimum zone

    You can install a separate entrance area using a low profile shelf or narrow furniture.This is an adapted area that you can use as a landing strip for your keys and important letters. Such an idea of ​​home design is an easy way to create a focal point, without creating, without destroying anything.

    Hanger and stand for shoes - all you need

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    Start at the door

    The problem with the lack of an entrance area is expressed in the fact that the first impression of the guests falls right into your living room. And if you do not have a designated entry zone, you can create an alternative by arranging furniture in front of the door.You