Combinations of Yellow in the interior (105+ Photos). Psychology of contrasts - Pros and cons


In the spectrum of colors yellow is considered the easiest. It has many shades: sand, vanilla, tea rose, beige, fawn, champagne, ivory, amber. It invigorates, has a positive effect on mental abilities, tones. Associated with sunlight and summer, refers to the warm tones.


  • Why exactly yellow?
  • Successful color combinations with yellow
  • How to make walls and ceilings?
  • What shades can replace bright yellow?
  • Cheerful tones in the living room
  • What accessories are suitable?
  • Furniture in yellow design
  • Why exactly yellow?

    Very easy to combine with other colors. After all, he can express certain contradictions. For example, too much yellow will create too rich and intense interior. In its natural form will be. Without a combination with other shades it is better not to use it.

    Like all other colors, yellow has a gradation. It can have warm tones, it can be golden and bright, but it also has a cold shade — pale yellow. Fun shades are suitable for kitchen design, they have a positive effect on a person. For bedrooms, it is better to choose yellow pale shades. It has a calming effect, relaxes the person, and gives the bedroom a calm atmosphere.

    Use in interior decoration should be very careful, following the advice of experienced designers.

    It is not recommended for use on very large areas: floors, ceilings or ceramic tiles (in bathrooms). In large quantities becomes overly active. It can put pressure on a person, annoy. In other words, interfere with relaxation.BoardIt is recommended to use lemon in accents or furnishing. So he will revive the interior, will not be irritable.

    Choosing yellow in the interior, the user has the right to be guided by personal preferences and tastes. But just one or a few items and accessories are enough to make the room interesting, sunny, and the person will get a good mood and peace from it. Furniture, snakes, carpet, pillows, sofa, chairs - all this will bring harmony to the house, fill it with vigor and will not tire.

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    Successful color combinations with yellow

    You can draw ideas of combination with the rest from anywhere:

    • flowers in the front garden;
    • national costume of our ancestors;
    • tropical fruits;
    • sweets;
    • coat of arms

    If you are confused and doubt the correctness of your choice, listen to the advice of designers on how to properly combine the sun shade with all the hotels and whether it is possible in principle.

    Very easy to combine with other colors.

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    The most common combination is yellow-white. It will look good in small rooms with a lack of natural lighting. White will visually enlarge the space, and yellow will fill it with sunlight. The sophistication and simplicity of this combination is fascinating. Even the most saturated on a white background will look quieter.

    Yellow and white combination

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    The black

    Black and yellow combination is completely different from the previous one. It has to aggressiveness, contrasts become clear and sharp. For small rooms are not suitable in principle. They will look stylish and good in the case when this range is diluted with chrome-plated elements with glossy surfaces. This combination, despite its ordinary, is very common.

    Black and yellow combination

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    Such an interior is considered an attribute of luxury. Gold elements should be poured: if it is wallpaper, then they should have an ornament or pattern, if it is a curtain, then folds are necessary, if it is furniture, then there should be carved details on it and so on. Golden interior in its pure form - a rarity. It usually combines gold elements with soft shades of white (ivory, milky, cream and others) with beige, black or brown tones.

    Such an interior is considered an attribute of luxury.

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    For a combination with beige harmonious soft tones of yellow:

    • dark pear;
    • saffron;
    • golden;
    • yellow.

    It will look good combination of lemon as an accent on a beige background. The yellow-beige version is suitable for spacious rooms. They are immediately filled with comfort.

    Designers recommend using beige for walls, floors, ceilings and most of the furnishings, use in all or most of the additional elements. It is possible in this embodiment, some pieces of furniture to choose a pure yellow.

    In combination with beige

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    This color is considered universal. Against this background, not only yellow, but also all the others of the color gamut look good. In this pair of designers prefer rich and ultra-bright shades of lemon. Gray, considered calm, will relieve from excessive energy. Will emphasize his emotionality and beauty. Gray-yellow color in the interior, unfortunately, occurs infrequently. This can be explained only by the fact that very few people know about the advantageous sides of this pair.

    Universal color combination

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    An over-saturated duo, able to “overheat” the interior, because both belong to the category of warm colors. Although the pair look pretty interesting, original and unusual.

    This tandem can not be used for bedrooms or children. Red will stimulate the psyche of children and adults. So it will interfere to relax and fully relax.

    Much more interesting and safer and more original this combination option will look in the kitchen. If for you two warm and very bright colors seem too much, you can try to experiment with burgundy. He is more calm.

    In a pair of colors look quite interesting, original and unusual

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    This composition is perhaps the most cheerful and positive. Juicy yellow with bright green - a tandem that infects with energy, refreshes the room, causes a smile, improves mood. This contrasting option is suitable for decorating a nursery, kitchen, bathroom.

    In life, the most common, taking advantage of the incredible popularity, yellow-green color with muted tones of each. The combination of pale yellow and mint shades has a calming effect on a person.

    Juicy yellow with bright green - a tandem that infects with energy

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    This combination is relevant both for designers and ordinary users. In the yellow-blue duet, two opposite colors “met” - one refers to cold, the second, to warm. That is why they look against each other in a contrast and sharp way.

    To remove the "temperature imbalance" designers recommend using not bright, but muted shades. In general, the blue-yellow interior brings a thought to the person about rest, the beach, the warm sea and at the same time makes one think about the autumn season.

    The combination of cold and warm tones

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    This combination is often found on the pages of glossy magazines or in the windows of stylish salons. Is this option appropriate in a residential area? These are two very bright colors and use one as the main one, and the second as an additional one - the idea is not a good one. From this a person will tire too quickly.

    BoardTo prevent this from happening, these two bright ones need to be diluted with a neutral background. One will be enough.

    Such colors are better extinguished by something neutral, such as gray.

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    This combination can vary, in terms of contrast, from bright tones with a dark brown color to a softer light yellow-brown. Such a duet symbolizes tenderness, in which two absolute opposites merge: sullenly landed brown and spontaneous lemon. Like green, brown is considered akin to yellow. Therefore, not too common, all over the world, shades simply merge, making the yellow-brown interior deeper.

    Such a duet symbolizes tenderness.

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    How to make walls and ceilings?

    BoardIn the yellow interior should limit the use of lemon on horizontal surfaces. It is very hard on the eyes, prevents to relax, irritates the psyche. It is about floors and ceilings. It is recommended to use blue, white or a combination of light green and white on ceiling surfaces. Paul stain in brown.

    As for the walls, they can be made saturated and bright. You can use everything as a finishing material: wallpaper, paint, decorative plaster or wall panels. Fully make all the walls of lemon is undesirable. It is best to combine colors with each other. For example, to make the accent wall yellow, the other three to draw in a different shade.

    When making a living room in yellow, follow these recommendations, and it will delight you with a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere:

    • Too much lemon in this room is a rude and frivolous decision. No need to overdo with yellow.
    • If the living room will be all in yellow: curtains, furniture, accessories, and so on. Being in it will be very hard and the temperature in it will seem excessively high.
    • If you use too bright shades of lemon in a hotel, then it will be very difficult to concentrate in it, intellectual activity will significantly decrease, while reading or working it will be very difficult to concentrate.
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    What shades can replace bright yellow?

    So that the saturated lemon color does not affect the psyche and does not excite a person, it can be replaced:

    • sandy;
    • ocher;
    • golden;
    • mustard;
    • pastel yellow.

    Mustard Shade

    Using these shades of yellow interior will not adversely affect the psyche and nerves. It will allow you to fully experience all the positive qualities of this color.

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    Cheerful tones in the living room

    Yellow, as already mentioned, should be used in interior design very carefully, especially in the bedroom and nursery. If you choose the shades correctly, a quick awakening in a good mood is guaranteed. If not, then a bright (poisonous yellow) will not be a joy and the person will wake up not rested, depressed and excited.

    Moderation must be observed in children's rooms. Despite the fact that children love this color, the children's nervous system can not cope with emotions if it is too much. Screaming the interior in their room will lead to the fact that children will always be over-excited and overly active. And if a schoolboy lives in the house, it can also affect poor performance.

    Bright yellow, sunny interior

    All these frightening arguments are not evidence that generally need to abandon this design option. You just need to know the feeling of Merya, choose the right shades, combine them with each other. Then the room will always delight with its beauty and radiance.

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    Kitchen in yellow

    This is a room where all sorts of experiments with lemon are allowed, including very bright and saturated ones. But think over the interior is still worth it.

    If you prefer to have in the kitchen a bright kitchen set with a bright facade in yellow tones, then the background of the room must be chosen light, so that it does not create contrast, does not cause aggression.

    For example, white, this combination symbolizes purity, enhances appetite. You can focus on kitchen furniture. Not bad fit into the overall look of yellow kitchen chairs, curtains, dishes and other decor items. You can, as an option, to highlight the area of ​​the apron in yellow.

    Highlighting the dining area in gentle tones of lemon, adding details in a warm green, you get a natural combination that will give the room a charm.

    The combination of different shades of yellow with delicate gray will give the kitchen the necessary harmony. A special touch in the harmony will make black accessories. Glossy panels of kitchen furniture look good chrome interior elements. An abundance of lemon will only catch your appetite. The white interior in the kitchen gives it freshness and cleanliness, if you add it with yellow accents, the kitchen will play in a different way, in spring.

    The yellow color of the walls in the kitchen adds to its freshness and sophistication. And if to add it with gray shades, the interior will get an extravagant look.

    The kitchen set of gray steel color will not look catchy against the yellow facade and brick-red floors. The interior gets a bright sound if the dining area is designed in the style of a classic, emphasizing it with expensive elements and wooden furniture of mustard color.

    Yellow in the kitchen is designed to awaken the appetite, so using it in this room is justified and appropriate, and if you add black tones to it, this approach will emphasize the depth of yellow.

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    Bright living rooms

    It is recommended to do this room in a reserved gray tone, and add yellow in the form of decorations and accessories: carpets, chairs, a table, and bedside tables.

    A minimalist guestbook with a yellow-black palette is a good option. The room looks exquisite.

    Yellow is better to add as decorations

    The living room with a yellow upholstery on furniture of non-standard forms is also unusual and also looks good.m

    A good option is to combine a dining room with a guest. Connection can be accomplished by zoning in a single room. White-yellow combination allows you to focus on the details of the interior. This design looks very interesting. Soft furnishings of green and yellow colors will be the highlight of the living room, bringing variety to the palette.

    The guest room will be sweet and cozy in gentle lemon tones: straw, champagne or vanilla. In addition, you can use one of the natural colors. For example, green or brown.

    A good option is to combine a dining room with a guest room.

    Extravagant will look living room, decorated in yellow with black. And if you add here a little bit of chrome-plated elements, furniture of non-standard sizes and shapes, then such an interior will definitely attract attention to itself.

    Admirers of light and open interiors are advised to try decorating the living room in a yellow-white version. Shades of red in the form of accessories will add comfort and life.

    Restrained and elegant design style can be obtained if you make the guest gray-yellow. Gray will hold back the riot of yellow, emphasize its vitality. And adding here a little silver, add a festive mood.

    Cozy living room

    The soft apricot color in the guest room is in perfect harmony with white, and the accent in the form of a yellow fireplace with other bright details of the same color will add luxury and respectability to it.

    Living room decorated in soothing colors with bright elements of olive or yellow colors makes the design relaxed and cheerful. Pale yellow in the living room on the facade and white furniture in combination with fresh flowers and light textiles will bring a touch of romance to the design.

    Restrained and modern design style

    Yellow furniture on the background of the facade of soothing shades will add to the interior a sunny atmosphere. The sofa against the background of the original wall will fill the room with peace and tranquility.

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    Entrance hall

    If the design of this room is the task of visually increasing the usable area, paint the front door in yellow.

    The variants with a facade of different shades of lemon look very interesting. This option will look even better if you dilute the yellow black decor.

    Hallway using yellow

    The second variant of the visual increase of a small corridor is painting the walls in warm yellow shades.

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    In the interior of the bathroom

    If the bathroom is decorated in pure yellow color, it will seem large and spacious. If you add a mirror here, then its visual size will increase even more. For bathrooms it is easy to choose the finish in a warm yellow palette or brown. These colors are ideally combined with each other, bringing softness and harmony to the bathroom.

    This color will make the bathroom large and spacious.

    As an option, you can decorate the façade of the bathroom with tiled tiles of different edemacy, install a white bath, and choose toiletries in a dark color. The small bathroom can be expanded in bright colors. This approach will visually expand the space. Vanilla or straw paired with beige will help you with this.

    Glossy tiles with mosaic inlays and suspended ceilings are a good design option for a small bathroom and a way to visually increase the area. Here you can use both light shades of yellow and bright.

    Design option in a delicate color

    You can arrange the whole room in the bathroom or its individual fragments:

    • floor;
    • sanitary ware;
    • textile;
    • door to the shower stall.

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    In the nursery

    This color is also suitable for children's rooms. Here the yellow design of the room gives elegance, fun and festivity. In the nursery it is recommended to use bright colors in combination with salad or green. These combinations have a positive effect on the psyche and nerves of the child. Help to develop, promote activity.

    But first decide on the question of what kind of child is needed exactly for your child.

    BoardFor hyperactive babies, bright colors are not needed. From them the child will be even more excited, aktivnichat and relax it will be very difficult for him here. Calm kids do not need to choose light colors. They will act on him oppressively.

    Gives room elegance, fun and festivity

    A design option for a nursery where bright yellow and green are present is suitable only for calm children. If a baby has problems with a room, then such an interior should also be abandoned. The background in this case should be low-key and calm. And you can refresh the design with the help of stylish furniture and accessories.

    In children's institutions yellow is used very often. Researchers have noticed that children spoil walls or furniture less often. They like all shades of yellow. This color is very popular in the design of children. But you need to develop a design project carefully. Excessive activity of the child will affect the circulatory system, which means it will interfere with relaxation before bedtime.

    These colors help develop, promote activity

    Yellow design undoubtedly makes the room bright and emotional. But it adversely affects people who have a badly shaken nervous system. He also does not like the male half of humanity. This should be taken into account when creating a design. Return to the menu


    Shades of yellow on the walls of the bedroom make it more spacious, cozier and lighter. Delicate apricot perfectly in harmony with white. The bedroom will look elegant and restrained if you arrange it in warm yellow tones. In addition, this finish option visually expands it. A mustard-colored furniture harmonizes the interior.

    Spring mood will bring pastel walls and yellow pastel linen on the bed into the bedroom. If you want to create a neutral design option, you need to use accents and accessories of yellow-brown colors in the project. On the background of a white facade, they look stylish and colorful.

    This bedroom looks elegant and reserved.

    BoardIt is not recommended to use in projects too saturated yellow in its pure form. It must be diluted with some kind of soft or neutral. Otherwise, the situation in the room will not have to sleep and relaxation. It is good to combine it with warm shades of brown.

    Finishing bedrooms involves the use of light colors. If it is a yellow design, then designers recommend using it as a base: champagne, straw hue or apricot.

    If the decision is made to use a poisonous yellow color in the bedroom, then it should be diluted with some kind of neutral, for example, white, gray or beige. This combination in any form will be advantageous. The combination of shades of brown and yellow in the bedroom will give a similarity to the house in the village, which is filled with comfort and warmth.

    Shades of yellow on the walls of the bedroom make it more spacious, cozier and lighter.

    Romance in this room will bring the olive duo in combination with white details and a variety of textiles:

    • curtains;
    • pillows;
    • bed covers;
    • the curtains.

    A good accent in the bedroom can serve as walls decorated in delicate tones of yellow palette. Here you can experiment with mustard or curry. Delicate yellow color on the walls and gray laminate flooring are also a good combination and design project. This design option will look fresh, harmonious and sunny.

    Yellow bedroom with brown - a good combination, but only in accents. This is the only way this duet will give the room a neutral range. And on the background of white walls and floors will look fresh and modern.

    It is not recommended to use in projects too saturated yellow in its pure form.

    Yellow at the head with a veil of the same tone on the bed attracts the eye, adds harmony and uniqueness to the interior.

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    What accessories are suitable?

    To make the project look complete and perfect, you can dilute it with various items and accessories. Alternatively, a beautiful yellow vase with flowers (can be artificial) against a white facade will suit, you can also take a red vase, only the flowers in this case should be yellow.

    A golden statuette on a table or floor will give the room sophistication to emphasize a creative approach to creating a project.

    Black will be a bright spot in a similar interior.

    As an addition to the yellow tone can serve:

    • decorative pillows;
    • curtains;
    • furniture.

    Designers refuse to design the facade yellow, so as not to overload the room. But they use it as additions in the form of stylish accents. The sofa and yellow pillows can simply attract attention, and yellow upholstery on furniture of unusual shapes and sizes will always look advantageous.

    An interesting selection of accessories in the African style

    Curtains and yellow curtains are not only a good way to hide the windows of rooms located on the north side, but also the ability to make them brighter and more sunny.

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    Furniture in yellow design

    If the decision is made to decorate a room in yellow, then you do not need to buy furniture of the same color. On the contrary, choose more contrasting shades. With it, you can create amazing accents and combinations. Cabinet furniture of dark tones: wardrobes, sofas, sideboards will be in perfect harmony with any soft shade of yellow.

    White soft chairs nobly shade an overly sunny atmosphere, bring a touch of peace, tranquility and relaxation in the yellow interior.

    Choose contrasting shades for furniture.

    The black furniture in the yellow room is a very bold decision that requires consultation with a professional designer. You will receive invaluable advice and recommendations on how to avoid confusion. Red furniture on the background of a yellow facade can create a too bright, exciting psyche, the atmosphere in the house. It must be understood that too saturated red is always associated with danger. It is advisable to give preference to the diluted versions of this color palette.

    Yellow furniture will look great on the background of the blue facade. The combination is, indeed, successful in all variants. In the blue a lot of cold, and in the yellow heat. In this duet, two absolute opposites are connected. And if you add a little more blue here, you get a very sophisticated combination. Hang a bright green chandelier on the blue ceiling and everyone around you will get the impression that it is here that there is an outlet to nature itself.

    Stylish combination of yellow and black