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Curtains from organza - Air beauty. 195+ (Photos) of the combined, short, white variants. Secrets of the right shopping


Organza curtains have become a fashion trend this year. Large selection of colors, excellent quality fabric, bold design ideas. Now all this has become more accessible. This season is gaining popularity a new collection of "fabrics from space." To the usual organza added unusual special effects. Thanks to this new product, you yourself can create a magical aura in your home. Short, combined, for the bedroom - and what do you need? All the secrets of choice later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Fashionable elegance
  • Secrets of choice
  • Organza curtains do it yourself
  • Features of work
  • White organza - elegant design restraint
  • Green for peace and tranquility
  • Organza veil for the bedroom
  • For the hall
  • Roman
  • Short
  • Combined
  • How to care?
  • VIDEO: How to choose the right organza curtain?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 195 photos)
  • Fashionable elegance
  • Secrets of choice
  • Organza curtains do it yourself
  • Features of work
  • How to care?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 195 photos)
  • Fashionable elegance

    With each season, lightweight fabrics for windows are becoming more interesting and diverse. A new fashion collection of organza curtains is designed not just to cover the window, but to keep the house in a mysterious softness and comfort. Transparent fabric envelops the window with a light haze, makes the landscape mysterious.

    Create comfort with organza curtains

    Curtains from organza are chosen by those who love bright rooms and want to enjoy the view from the window. The most delicate, transparent fabric has many colors and shades. You can choose a simple monophonic version or with an unusual pattern. In any case, it will be the highlight of your home.

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    Secrets of choice

    When choosing a fabric for windows, you need to consider the overall style of the room and the color of the wallpaper. If there is a pattern on the walls, then choose one-color tulle, otherwise the room will look piled up.

    Will be the highlight of your home

    In stores you can find different types of organza:

    • Light, transparent.
    • Monochrome with mother of pearl.
    • Gold or silver plated.
    • Monochrome matte.
    • With the effect of "chameleon" (changes color).
    • With color vertical transitions.
    • Shrunken.
    • With embroidered pattern.
    • With glitter, sequins, luminous special effects.

    You can choose any color for the interior

    Very often, expensive fabrics for curtains with a classic pattern are made on organza. It adds fabric lightness and airiness.. From the side it looks as if the curls of the pattern just hover in the air.

    Despite its lightness and transparency, the canvas is heavily assembled in beautiful folds. For lambrequins, it is better to use the half organza. This is also a transparent fabric, but more matte. It is softer to the touch, easy to fit into the folds, ideal for all types of light lambrequins and elegant draperies.

    It can be made of natural silk.

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    Organza curtains do it yourself

    Organza inspires creativity. From transparent and weightless fabric you can sew intricate lambrequins, or simply hang them up nicely, like the decor of a room. To curtain beautifully flowed on the window with light waves, you need to correctly calculate its number. Usually matter takes three times more than the width of the window.

    The main thing is to correctly calculate its quantity.

    BoardIf the canvas with a picture, then it must be taken in 1,5-2 times the width of the window. So the whole picture will be visible, not its individual fragments. If the pattern is neutral (light twigs, small flowers), then matter is taken 2.5-3 times the width of the window.

    Often in the interior they combine a transparent monophonic organza and a veil with a color pattern of a similar shade. At the beginning, the monochromatic color is hung on the window, and transparent with a pattern on top. It turns out very beautiful volumetric effect of smoke.

    Dark blue curtains bring some coolness to the room.

    BoardTry hanging on one eaves 2-3 shades of monophonic organza. Get the effect of multi-colored highlights. Your room will sparkle with bright colors.

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    Features of work

    Before you start sewing, you need to think in advance about the design, color scheme, method of attachment to the window. The appearance of the finished product and the convenience of its operation depend on it.

    First pick a design

    Ways of fixing light curtains:

    • Curtain tape. This is the most convenient option for a lush assembly.
    • Eyelets are suitable for denser fabric.
    • Loops of the same material as the curtain. This method of fastening is most often used in the classical or oriental style to create canopies.

    The fabric of fine organza is very capricious in stitching.

    Plain tulle suitable for wallpaper with a pattern

    To facilitate the work and keep a neat appearance of the finished product, you need:

    • Cut the curtain on a flannel cloth or a thin blanket. On the smooth surface of the table it will be almost impossible to do this.
    • The allowance for the seam to increase by 2 times, as the fabric "pours".
    • To glue with water-soluble non-woven fabric all the places where the seam will pass.
    • Bottom and sections must be hemmed oblique bake or process overlock.
    • The seam can not be fastened with pins.
    • If you need ironing, then only through cotton fabric.

    Choose a suitable method of fastening curtains

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    White organza - elegant design restraint

    White tulle organza is a classic when making windows. The white color in the interior saturates the room with light, smoothes the overall color range. Visually expands the space, makes the room taller and more spacious.

    White organza is very practical. It does not fade in the sun and does not turn yellow from time to time. Always looks solemn and elegant. Light shine beautifully shimmers in the sun, creating a fabulous atmosphere in the house.

    White curtain - timeless classics

    White organza tulle, decorated with bright embroidery, is suitable for the children's room, but for the bedroom it is better to choose a light, monochromatic canvas.

    White tulle goes well with satin, velvet, brocade.

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    Green for peace and tranquility

    Decorating a room with a green organza curtain is the best way to refresh the space, add nature colors to it, make the space brighter.

    Perfect for large and bright rooms.

    Green color in the interior helps to relax, restore emotional balance. This is the color of relaxation, spiritual harmony. A variety of shades make green curtains universal, they are suitable for any style.

    Green color can be warm or cold shades. Grassy shades suitable for children. Emerald or celadon - for the bedroom. Olive - for office or teen room.

    Variety makes such curtains universal

    BoardAvoid green pelmets in a room with a low ceiling. They will only reduce the space, and create an overhang effect.

    Green organza goes well with:

    • brown;
    • sandy;
    • white;
    • gray wallpaper.

    Combines well with many wallpapers.

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    Organza veil for the bedroom

    Romantic image of the room will give a translucent white curtain, falling to the floor in a weightless cloud. It will create a light veil effect on your window.. Unlike classical organza, the veil is softer and resembles a fine mesh. Most often it is white or soft pastel shades. For a children's veil use a neutral print.

    Recently, a mixture of durable, shiny organza and a thin, airy veil has become very popular. This fabric is called microvail. It is not subject to deformation, does not lose color, drapes well.

    Perfect for a bedroom

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    For the hall

    Curtains for the hall always have a solemn, but not fanciful style. They should be easily and quickly erased (always be clean for the arrival of guests). Do not close the beautiful view from the window. Organza perfectly fits all these characteristics.

    In the living room you can safely experiment with color, design, combination of fabrics. This does not mean that the curtains should fully focus on attention and become the main decoration of the room. They should only emphasize the style.

    It is better not to close the beautiful view from the window.

    For the solemnity of the curtain can be collected decorative braid, ribbon, beads or decorative pickup.

    Dark curtains will look very beautiful and unusual, they do not let light through and hang light organza over them. Portieres will provide the desired background, while they will perform their main function of darkening.

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    Roman curtains - this is an analogue of modern fabric blinds. They are a flat wide canvas to the floor, which is fixed on a homemade lifting cornice.

    Roman Organza Curtains

    Such curtains are quite easy to use. On their tailoring leaves little matter. In the interior, they look stylish and modern. Most often they are used in the kitchen window, in the dining room or children's room.

    The organza is quite tough, keeps its shape well, almost does not crease, it is light and transparent. These are the perfect qualities for making roman blinds.

    Organza - perfect for roman shades

    The design of such curtains is very diverse. They can be:

    • Monophonic.
    • With pattern.
    • Stitched from strips of different colors.
    • From transparent or dense fabric.
    • Under the organza you can sew a lining of thick colored fabric.
    • For the children's room, two types of curtains are often used - translucent and more dense for darkening. In this embodiment, the Roman blind will perform the function of day-night.

    Can be single-stranded and patterned

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    Most often, short curtains from organza sew for the kitchen or children's room. These models are very practical, create coziness, well let in daylight and fresh air. For short curtains, it is better to use an unobtrusive pattern on a light background.

    Use unobtrusive pattern

    The bottom edge is framed with decorative tape of iridescent material or fringe, so that the curtain would have a finished look.

    Asymmetrical designs with height adjustment look good. In the kitchen, their length should be up to the window sill, and in the children's room - just below.

    The lower edge is often framed with braid.

    It is worth remembering that the curtains in the nursery and in the kitchen have to be washed frequently, so you should not buy complex, intricate lambrequins. It is better to choose a simple design with a bright pattern.

    Organza is a flammable material, so the curtain must be at least 30 cm away from open flames and electrical outlets.

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    To give uniqueness to an interior it is not necessary to experiment with furniture. It is enough to decorate the window with combined curtains. This is the easiest way to make a room stylish.

    Allows you to realize the brightest ideas

    You can combine the fabric in different ways:

    • Combine different colors and shades. The imposition of one shade on another creates the illusion of the presence of a third, unifying color.
    • Bright, contrasting colors will look impressive, but they quickly get bored, so it’s worthwhile to pick up a calm alternative shade in advance.
    • You can safely experiment with white. Warm shades visually bring the object, and cold - away. Therefore, the combination of "warm-cold", "bright-white" balance the visual space.
    • It is possible to combine organza of different textures (dense with transparent).
    • It looks good combination of monophonic organza and with a pattern of the same shade.
    • You can combine different styles of curtains. For example, Roman blinds go well with air curtains, pelmets or short curtains.
    • Combined curtains companions. For such curtains use two similar in color cloth. For example, coffee with chocolate, blue with emerald green, yellow with orange, peach with red.

    Feel free to experiment and combine

    Combined organza curtains are the most affordable way to update your room.. It is enough to hang several multi-colored layers of fabric and independently create various compositions with the help of pickups. Change the front side with the purl. Form intricate folds and weave.

    As an ornament you can use:

    • hooks;
    • beads;
    • sequins;
    • dried flowers;
    • appliqués from another fabric.

    Create different compositions

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    How to care?

    Organza itself is very strong, resistant to fading. With proper care, she will last for many years without losing the original freshness.

    Care Tips:

    • For organza curtains, machine washable is acceptable. It is necessary to set the mode "delicate" or "hand wash" with a light spin.
    • The water temperature should be no higher than 40 degrees.
    • For shine, you can add a little vinegar when rinsing.
    • If white tulle turned yellow, then it needs to be pre-soaked in saline solution, and during washing add 3% hydrogen peroxide. This tip only applies to white.
    • Wet curtains need to immediately hang on the window, and then walk the steam generator (now the function of steaming is in all modern irons).
    • Ironing such curtains, even at low temperatures, is very dangerous.
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    VIDEO: How to choose the right organza curtain?