Patina in the interior - Noble old in your home. 180+ (Photos) with gold, silver and other metallic effects


The word "patina" is often found in design and decoration, but not everyone knows its meaning. Read a review on this concept and how to use it in the home. Patina will transform your home, see for yourself, look at our selection of photos for inspiration.

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  • What is patina?
  • Brown patina
  • Kitchen
  • Patinated copper
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Hoods
  • Light fixtures
  • Sinks and faucets
  • Parts and handles
  • The trend of design: a classic with a patina
  • Adding gold
  • Silver and other metallic patina finishes
  • VIDEO: How does the patina change the interior?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 180 photos)
  • What is patina?
  • Brown patina
  • Patinated copper
  • The trend of design: a classic with a patina
  • Adding gold
  • Silver and other metallic patina finishes
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 180 photos)
  • What is patina?

    In the design of "patina" means this method of processing objects, which gives the effect of obvetrivaniya and characteristic spots of time. Old or antique decorative items often have a patina that makes them so special. New decorative items are sometimes treated to speed up the appearance of patina on the surface. This is to make the object seem older than it really is.

    Variant of patina effect in the interior

    Copper products — which have not been varnished to protect their finish — will eventually exhibit a green patina.

    This patina is called "verdigris", it refers to a green shade that develops on the surface in a natural way under the influence of oxidative processes.

    Sometimes furniture is specially processed to make an object appear older.

    While some people prefer a shiny, warm finish from new copper, others like the look of old copper.

    Copper patina can be accelerated with various chemicals and achieved through the special use of paint.

    Other metal objects — brass, silver, or iron — also develop patina on their surface over time. It may be in the form of rust (as in the case of iron), or in the form of a darker film on the surface of the object.

    Copper patina can also be speeded up.

    This patina is very much appreciated by some collectors, but not everyone likes its appearance. If this time to do, it can be removed from the surface of the object. Either simply polishing the surface, or using special cleaners.

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    Brown patina

    Patina can also be seen on wooden objects, both inside and outside. For example, an antique piano definitely has a patina. It manifests itself in a modified color or gloss, which is very different from the original look. Such a tree with a patina of time is especially popular in home decoration, the reason for this is a special weather-bending effect characteristic of old quality furniture. Such furniture has its own special character and personality, which delight and cause pleasant memories of the past.

    Brown patina popular in home decoration

    BoardObjects with a patina can be used in homes of all styles - from the most traditional to the modern. Mix them with new objects for a perfect texture mapping.

    Shiny objects look fantastic contrast when placed next to the weather-beaten.

    Used in all styles.

    No need to seek to update old furniture, if it is in your home. Soak up their patina and show it with pride!

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    We love to see the patina in our home because it gives a sense of age, use and quality materials that stand the test of time. Where is the best place to look for these characteristics? Perhaps in the kitchen.

    Popular place of use - kitchen

    Every time you start to feel that your kitchen is a bit worn out or outdated, just remind yourself that she has a patina!

    It can appear in many places, just use this for your own good:
    • Metal dishes and hanging cabinets. Consider a non-lacquered metal that will show fingerprints.
    • Wooden cabinets. Solid, weathered wood can be much more beautiful than a perfectly made chipboard.
    • Antique marble slab. Let coffee cups and glasses of wine tell you your story, instead of worrying about polishing.
    • Stone floor. It may be too cold, but it will endure for centuries (and may be warmed with the help of a rug!).

    Patina gives a sense of age

    If you like the warm appearance of the kitchen, then you will suit the kitchen with elements of copper, in which there are shades from light to medium brown, orange, red and gold. You can admire how copper elevates space to a whole new level.

    Consider a range from simple copper accessories to extravagant copper hoods and fixtures. There are many ways to uniquely incorporate copper into personal design.

    We update the interior of the kitchen

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    Patinated copper

    As already mentioned, when using untreated copper, a patina may develop on it over time, especially when it comes in contact with acid. While some homeowners maintain the brilliance of copper by applying wax, many people love the rustic look of copper with a patina.

    In fact, many manufacturers deliberately manipulate copper to give it a distinctive, antique look created by a patina. Depending on the application technique, the patina can be from dark brown to deep red and bright blue.

    The application technique has a large variety.

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    Kitchen Countertops

    While stone countertops, such as granite, dominate the world of kitchen design, metal countertops are their attractive and versatile alternative. The recognizable shade of copper perfectly complements the light and medium color of wood or can provide bright contrast for painted white cabinets.

    In addition to aesthetics, copper serves as an excellent material for countertops due to its antimicrobial properties. The natural resistance to bacteria makes it an excellent choice for a hygienic homeowner.

    Copper can be safely used in the interior

    Copper countertops must be periodically processed to protect the shine, or if you are determined to be resolute, you can leave the surface unprocessed and allow it to acquire a natural patina over time.

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    If the copper surfaces look too dominant in your kitchen, but you still want the copper to be visible, try turning on the copper hood. Regardless of your kitchen style or personal taste, you are sure to find a copper range that works well.

    Bath, sink and pipes made of copper - a tribute to the retro style in the interior

    For modern kitchen design, a smooth and shiny finish can add a vibrant character to the overall look. A darker, elongated copper hood perfectly complements the traditional, rustic or antique kitchen style.

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    Light fixtures

    One of the easiest ways to incorporate copper into any kitchen design is to use copper lamps. This is a great option if you like the look of copper, but do not want it to be too noticeable in kitchen design.

    The use of copper lamps

    Because of the wide range of styles and finishes available, you can find copper lamps for any style. They can be an interesting, attractive addition to a two-ton design without colliding with stainless steel accents, if they are also present.

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    Sinks and faucets

    The antimicrobial properties of copper also make it an excellent material choice for sinks and faucets. Because kitchen sinks and faucets constantly come in contact with bacteria, choosing a natural material is a great way to prevent foodborne illness.

    Fine selection of faucets and copper sinks

    Copper kitchen sinks are a good addition to the copper countertop in the kitchen. And all because this style allows the sink to be noticeable, and not to hide under the tabletop. Such shells come in a variety of patterns for added visual interest.

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    Parts and handles

    For a less noticeable but elegant look, consider choosing copper equipment. From matte to glossy and antique finishes, brass details and knobs can add chic to any kitchen design style without having a strong influence.

    Love this stuff - do not deny yourself your preferences.

    BoardUse them to cut through the monotony of a classic white kitchen or add the final touches to warm wooden cabinets.

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    The trend of design: a classic with a patina

    Metals, such as copper and steel, have been in trend for some time and are considered classics. But they also added rose gold, which was also determined with the help of Apple, which began to produce its iPhone in pink metallic. It is made from a mixture of copper and gold alloys, which is warm but modern.

    Aristocratic classics in white

    When brass and gold began to appear in design magazines, they had a predominantly retro atmosphere.

    The fearless combination of metals adds a little sparkle and elegance to the decor of your home. Their combination is important - gold and brass heat the cold effect of silver and platinum.

    Add accent with patina lamp

    BoardThe best way to add metallic patina to your home is in small doses. Lamp or lighting is the best way to add emphasis to the space.

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    Adding gold

    Now we see much more gold and brass in the equipment and lighting, especially in kitchens, and it looks amazing. It inspires you to replace your own equipment in the kitchen, especially if you have a black or gray set. The only thing that is important to consider when working with gold and brass accents is playing around devices.

    A bit of gold in the bathroom

    BoardConsider painted or can mix stainless steel with gold / brass. Many of these kitchens are well mixed with stainless steel appliances and look beautiful.
    Therefore, if you want to experience courage and chic when updating your kitchen, this design trend will suit you.

    A good way to combine patina with gold in the kitchen

    BoardTry to mix gold and silver patina. It is as if you mixed blue and black in clothes. Many people believe that they need to choose only gold or only silver accents in the design. This is only partially true. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Silver and other metallic patina finishes

    Metal coatings are now extremely popular, the ability to combine and match different metallic colors with specific needs is essential. They are also excellent for commercial applications, where applying natural patina or rusty metal will be expensive. Decorating the walls with a patina of metallic effect will also be a great solution not only for the classic, but also for the modern decor.

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    VIDEO: How does the patina change the interior?