Golden color in the interior - Elegant design among luxury and luxury (205+ Photo of kitchen, bedroom, living room)


Even the simplest interior can be revived. The best option - competent use of gold decoration. This color is always associated with well-being, wealth and luxury. Even a minor use of this shade will turn the room into a royal suite that will delight guests. What to look for? What colors does it match? Learn more from our article.

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  • What colors does gold match?
  • What to look for?
  • Curtains
  • Main elements
  • Interiors of rooms in the "gold"
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • In kitchen design
  • VIDEO: The wealth and luxury of gold
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 205 photos)
  • What colors does gold match?
  • What to look for?
  • Curtains
  • Main elements
  • Interiors of rooms in the "gold"
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 205 photos)
  • What colors does gold match?

    The golden color is perfectly combined with warm tones - chocolate, brown, red and its tones. Modern high-tech, modern, fusion styles use bright golden accents, so the combination is more courageous for them. Silver, yellow, orange, green, turquoise, coral and pink tones are especially popular. Gold with black is a beautiful, catchy and aristocratic combination.

    Gold is the color of wealth and beauty

    The best solution is to rely on a classic base. In combination with such a bright sunny color should be used shade, which takes about 50% of the space in the interior. These are white, beige tones, endowed with the ability to shade the extravagance of golden.

    It occupies a large part in the interior compared to other

    Combination of shadesFeatures
    Golden + Red, Burgundy, Marsala, MagentaIt is better to choose not “poisonous” tones of red, but muffled ones, in order to avoid the gravity and gloominess of the room. It will look good and an introduction to the palette of the room in white and beige
    Golden + brown and its shadesExcellent combination with both light shades (beige, cream) and dark (coffee, chocolate). The room will be cozy and warm
    Golden + green, mint, turquoiseCool turquoise and gold are excellent partners. Harmony to this tandem will give white color (you can use cream)
    Golden - BlackThis tandem is especially popular with modern designers. An unexpected decision will help to change the interior beyond recognition. It can be diluted with an abundance of white or minor inclusions - it will look elegant in any case

    Having chosen the right combination of shades, it will be possible to come to an amazing result, to create an inimitable style.

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    What to look for?

    Decorating the walls in gold can be done in different ways.

    Wallpapering is the easiest solution. But it must be remembered that along with the golden color there are various patterns on them - geometric shapes, floral patterns, stripes. Any of these methods in combination with a lighter base background makes the room more spacious visually.

    A simple solution to the finish - sticking wallpaper

    But it is not necessary to cover the walls in the room with wallpaper. There are other options, for example, plasterboard tiles with dusting, tiles with stone finish.

    It is possible not to glue the whole room with golden wallpaper, but to focus on a particular part. This will give the room severity and proportionality.

    In whatever design the room was made, gold should occupy no more than 1/3 of the space. Otherwise the room will look pretentious.

    It is not necessary to glue all the walls under gold

    Making the walls in gold you need to remember some features:

    • When planning to decorate a large room, it is best to make a bright accent with the help of paintings, mirrors in gold frames on the walls.
    • If the walls of the room are made in gold hues, then all other parts should be neutral tones.
    • Furniture for such a room is better to choose white or gray, curtains monophonic and the minimum number of parts.
    • Warm gold can visually reduce the room, so this shade should not be used in small rooms.
    • Deciding on the choice of "gold" wallpaper, it is better to stop at the options with strict geometric patterns or vertical lines. Monograms will look pompous, and hieroglyphs are more from a series of Oriental motifs.
    • You should avoid a combination of glossy and matte textures of gold tones.

    Photowall-paper with gold drops

    BoardAn excess of gold can ruin the interior, so you need to use this shade for walls carefully.

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    Curtains of golden color - the ability to add to the familiar interior notes of luxury, beauty and comfort.

    Before buying gold curtains, it is recommended to learn a few simple rules:

    • curtains of a similar shade are perfectly combined with tulle of a different color;
    • not suitable for non-standard windows;
    • such an element looks awful in rooms with a small area and low ceilings;
    • silver neighborhood is not the best option;
    • Curtains only fit long, 2-3 cm not reaching the floor.

    Brocade curtains with lambrequin

    Portieres of golden hue can be harmoniously entered into any interior style: classic, baroque, empire, art deco, modern, fusion, oriental styles. The monochrome decorations look especially organic.

    Golden color is very moody. To avoid its glut, you can choose curtains of other colors with gold-plated patterns, monograms or threads.

    Do not saturate the room with golden color.

    A great addition to the gold curtains will be home textiles. It can be pillowcases, bedspreads, tablecloths, napkins with similar images or elements.

    BoardSolid gold canvases do not require any additions, as they themselves absorb space.

    A great addition - home textiles

    To create a single complete ensemble, picture and mirror frames, candlesticks, figurines, and gilded carving on pieces of furniture are suitable.

    Golden curtains can be used in any room, but they will look especially good in the living room. An additional effect can be achieved due to the "flowing" light fabric on the background of peach and chocolate tones.

    Inspiring shades in the interior of the kitchen

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    Main elements

    Using small details decorated with gold, it is possible to focus attention on the true value of this precious metal. A sense of restraint is especially important here. In creating such an interior a lot of nuances. They should not be ignored:

    • Modern gold wallpaper with floral patterns is an indicator of style and fashion. Having lightness and weightlessness they will not look pathetic;
    • textiles with gold splashes will look organically in any interior. You can stay on the furniture upholstery with golden hues, pillows, bedspreads, statues, lamps, etc.;

    In the classic version, when nothing extra

    • The use of wooden furniture with gilding blends harmoniously with the classics of the modern design world. The peak of popularity is considered to be a shiny metal of a muted shade, close to the dark;
    • not lost their relevance and chandeliers, decorated with golden glass beads hanging in the form of threads. Gold-plated lamps will make any room warmer and brighter. The main thing is that they are suitable in color;
    • A mirror is the most interesting and multifunctional design element, and if it is still in a gold frame, then with its help you can successfully beat the interior. Perfectly gets on with any furniture;

    Successfully beat the interior with a mirror

    • photos and pictures in a gold frame will look spectacular and beautiful. A yellow, orange, green, turquoise, coral and pink background will help to emphasize their showiness;
    • an interesting find - various art objects, such as large paintings, painted in gold, or gilded sculpture, which will attract attention;
    • The golden tiled bathroom is sophisticated and elegant. As an element, you can use the gold wash area. An excellent solution is the golden bathroom, which will look especially gorgeous against the background of walls lined with natural stone;
    • in the kitchen, the role of a golden fragment can be performed by a small chandelier, a mosaic apron, and lockers. Such elements would be appropriate in any style.

    Exquisite and elegant bathroom

    Golden accents are an exquisite addition to any interior. Armed with spray can and paint, you can turn any object, even the most unattractive, into a luxurious decorative find.

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    Interiors of rooms in the "gold"

    Interior design of each room is a special process. In different rooms the same color scheme will look different.

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    Living room

    Gold palette looks perfect in the interior of the living room. Wallpapers decorated in gold, can serve as an accent. Furniture is best to choose in black, brown or beige scales.

    Light beige or wallpaper colors make it possible to attract textiles, flowerpots, and furnishing elements for decoration. The main rule is to stick with asymmetry.. Visually, these accents look very rich. In the living room on one wall you can put a picture in a gilded frame, the other should remain empty. Gold drapes - a sign of the wealth of the owners. For many, the fact that due to this color in the apartment it will be possible to make the room brighter is important.

    When two colors create a rich setting

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    Mostly the bedroom is finished in bright colors, among which white, milky, peach and pearl prevails. Perfectly complement the colors of the elements of gold. At their expense, it will be possible to fill the room with even greater comfort and warmth.

    Solemnity and coziness can be achieved through the golden wallpaper with a print.

    Stucco in the color of the precious metal, fancy figurines, gold lampshades lamps and gold-plated mirror frames emphasize the elegance of the Baroque style.

    Stucco in the bedroom with a hint of gold

    Elegant textiles, decorated with gold ornaments, perfectly fit into the canons of classicism.

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    In the bathroom, you can safely use accessories of golden shades. They will play the role of decoration and peculiar highlights, which will be the basis of the design concept.

    Plumbing details decorated with gold, for example, handles and taps, a heated towel rail, a soap dispenser, a hanger for bath accessories, will look very nice and harmonious.

    The bathroom in gold is beautiful and rich

    Glitter and shine of gold elements will be able to emphasize due to the light tone of the wall covering. The golden frames of the mirrors, lamps and even the decor on the tile of a similar tone look favorably in the bathroom.

    But it must be remembered that if a small room with insufficient lighting is selected for a bathroom, such an interior refinement will only aggravate the situation, visually reducing the already narrow space.

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    In kitchen design

    You can decorate the kitchen in gold in any style. This color is endowed with the property of reflecting light rays, it can be used to decorate the wall that is not sufficiently illuminated.

    White with gold - a classic combination

    The feeling of fullness of the kitchen with bright light can be achieved thanks to the golden wallpaper, glued to the desired wall or plaster of the same color.

    You can pay attention with the help of gold to the apron - a special place in the kitchen. The most winning option is to use mosaic. Painted tiles and wallpapers can also be used.

    Use golden mosaic

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    VIDEO: The wealth and luxury of gold