Kitchenette: 140+ Photos of Cozy Ideas for the kitchen (small, corner, with sleeping space)


The kitchen is the place where the whole family spends a lot of time. Therefore, each housewife wants to arrange it beautifully and comfortably. Make it help modern kitchen corners. Find out which options are more reliable and comfortable. How to decorate a corner so that it becomes the highlight of your kitchen. Our photo gallery and recommendations for selection will help you make the right decision.

Content of this article:

  • Small kitchen corner
  • Couch
  • Kitchen corner upholstery
  • From wood
  • With a berth
  • A few words about the tables
  • Furniture decoration
  • Additional features
  • Selection Guidelines
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • Small kitchen corner
  • Couch
  • From wood
  • With a berth
  • Furniture decoration
  • Selection Guidelines
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • Small kitchen corner

    Standard options for sets "table + 4 chairs" have long lost their relevance. The corner not only accommodates more people. It saves space. In addition, in addition to the table and sofas of various forms, the kit also includes the necessary chairs or stools in the household.

    Such options save space significantly.

    In many apartments, the kitchen is a small room in size. Therefore, their owners are often faced with the problem of selecting a headset. It is believed that the corner - rather bulky piece of furniture. In fact, you can pick up a lot of compact and mobile samples that fit even in a miniature kitchen.

    We select stylish and beautiful furniture

    There are several tricks to save space:
    • Sofas are better to choose without armrests.
    • You can use the L-shaped sofa. There are several types of them: right, left and mobile version, allowing you to place the second part of the sofa on the side from which it is convenient.
    • For non-standard planning it is better to order furniture according to individual sizes. It is selected under the dimensions of the kitchen and free space, which should take a new piece of furniture.
    • You can consider a model with backrest cushions and velcro seats. This design greatly expands the possibilities of modifications, and is convenient enough for hostesses, as washing and cleaning is facilitated.

    If a non-standard plan, it is better to order furniture according to individual measurements.

    One of the unusual options for arranging a place for a dining area is to attach mounted seats to the wall.
    • Small models do not accommodate a lot of people, but if you add small stools to them that easily hide under the table as unnecessary, then compactness will not harm roominess. The stools themselves may have internal storage niches.
    • The table is better to choose with the possibility of transformation. Small dining areas suggest a small table. It can be designed for 2-3 people. However, if necessary, the tabletop can turn 90 degrees and double.

    Kitchen corner from a tree

    Such a structure must be thought out during the overhaul phase. Only a reinforced wall can hold such a load. No drywall walls are designed for such weights.

    Applying a few tips, you can improve the interior, and take care of the convenience of the family.

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    The most popular are soft corners.

    The soft option is always comfortable and comfortable.

    There are several types of such furniture for the kitchen:
    • Classical. It consists of two sofas. Can be with armrests, with a storage box, with open shelves or attached to the wall.
    • Sleeping models. They are wider and stronger. Such samples will be indispensable for large families, in which sometimes there is a need to organize an extra bed. The basis for such a sofa should be metal. If you ignore this advice, the apartment will have one less interior detail.
    • Semicircular sofa, often used in studio apartments to distinguish the dining area from the living room.
    • I think that modular sofa is unique. It is a set of sections from which you can create many variations of seating positions depending on the needs at one time or another.

    The sofa should be comfortable during the meal

    Regardless of the shape of the seat when buying, you need to pay attention to the upholstery.

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    Kitchen corner upholstery

    Since the kitchen is a place with an increased risk of stains, the choice of upholstery should be as carefully as possible. It is best to choose materials that are easy to clean. Optimal are:

    • microfiber;
    • flock (it is better to choose those who have pets, as it is not too susceptible to mechanical deformations);
    • jacquard;
    • chenille;
    • velours;
    • eco leather

    The fabric should be comfortable to wash.

    Eco-leather is not suitable for those who have animals. However, this material is convenient for cleaning: it is easy to clean and suitable for washing. Jacquard quickly loses appearance by wiping, but it looks quite attractive.

    If there is a problem with pollution, you can choose the option with removable covers.

    Do not be afraid of synthetic fabrics, even allergies. After special treatment and testing for the content of toxic and flammable substances, such materials become hypoallergenic.

    Eco-leather is also popular, but selected by few

    Prefer classic options, I recommend to buy a leather model.

    As fillers in the production of soft sofas can be used:
    • foam rubber - classic version. However, it preserves its shape poorly and is considered a material that loses its relevance. If foam is selected, it is better to choose a latex-like look;
    • polyurethane foam - more modern filler. It keeps a form and differs in high degree of durability, wear resistance, environmental friendliness.

    All the tasks such furniture will perform successfully

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    From wood

    For those who love natural materials in the interior, I recommend to buy not only a set, but also a kitchen corner made of wood. Wooden models compare favorably with other species. Their main advantages are:

    • environmental friendliness (such material favorably affects the health of residents);
    • hypoallergenic (wood, unlike many other materials, does not cause allergies);
    • variety of shapes and sizes;
    • wide range of colors (due to this, you can choose a suitable shade under the kitchen set).

    The corner from a tree is eco-friendly and durable

    Wooden headsets are usually used to create an interior in a classic style, as well as in the style of loft, country. The corner can be in the form of benches and a wooden table, or be the basis for upholstery. Since wood is a fertile ground for cutting, many craftsmen create unique pieces of furniture that embody their flight of fancy.

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    With a berth

    I think a model with a sleeping place is a rather interesting option for a place to rest. These are sofas that fold out and turn into a comfortable place to sleep and rest.

    In the corners with a berth, the transformation mechanism is the most important. It affects the usability of the furniture.

    Option with a berth

    Two main mechanisms:
    • withdrawable;
    • "Dolphin".

    Roll-out option is a system for extending one part of the sofa (seat), in which place the back is laid. It is enough to pull on a special eyelet so that the folded sofa turns into a flat bed. At the same time, models with such a mechanism are rather compact and do not occupy room space.

    More profitable than a clamshell

    A “dolphin” consists of a double seat, in which parts are placed one below the other. In fact, such a system also applies to withdrawable. Only the upper part of the seat first extends, then the lower. As a result of the transformation, the structure turns into a long straight couch.

    Both are suitable for daily use. However, there are nuances of choice: the frame of such a sofa should be as strong as possible to withstand the weight of a person. Therefore, the basis for the lounger is made of reliable metal.

    You can put the sofa in the kitchen separately

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    A few words about the tables

    The kit almost always includes the central element - the table. There are several standard models:

    • moving apart;
    • folding;
    • whole.
    The shape of the table can be:
    • square;
    • round;
    • rectangular;
    • oval.

    We choose the table according to your taste, so that it fits into the chosen interior.

    In a small kitchen it is better to set a table with rounded edges, it will save from accidental injuries, allowing you to place on it more cutlery. The table is usually performed in the same style as the base of sofas or benches.

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    Furniture decoration

    Do not forget about aesthetics. To make a vacation spot creative, you can use some tricks:

    • Bright pillows can be one of the options. They will not only be a bright accent, but also make the pastime comfortable. In form they can resemble toys. If the family has children, they will appreciate.
    • Another option for decor can be a combination of fabrics in the interior. Not only colors can create an interesting composition. Unusual effects can be achieved by combining different textures.
    • Plant on the shelves - a great option decor. These can be climbing species that can easily fit on the backside, or small pots with bright flowering plants.

    We decorate with bright pillows

    A small use of your own imagination - and the kitchen corner becomes unique.

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    Additional features

    It is important to take into account the additional options and furniture sets. The most common accessories are:

    • folding sofa mechanism. He turns the seat into an extra place to sleep;
    • niches under the seatin which it is convenient to store rarely used kitchen stuff or other household items;
    • shelves mounted on the sides or on the back. On them you can arrange figures, flowers or towels;
    • bar connected to the corner. It is convenient to have alcoholic beverages and glasses, which, if necessary, can be easily obtained.

    Very comfortable, not taking up much space

    As much as possible using additional functions of furniture, any hostess will be able to improve the appearance of the kitchen and place a lot of appliances.

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    Selection Guidelines

    When choosing a kitchen corner, pay attention to several important factors:

    • Upholstery should not be folds. Unevenness of the surface indicates a poor upholstery tension.
    • In the armrests, the filler should be uniform, not sag.
    • The edges of the fabric should not be visible anywhere.
    • There should be no gaps, not provided for by the construction.
    • There should be small overlaps at the top of the backs, which are necessary to prevent the upholstery from breaking when seated are placed on the sofa.
    • Kitchens are available in a large color range. Therefore, for a harmonious environment, it is important to choose pieces of furniture according to the style and colors.

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