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Silk-screen wallpapers - Fresh idea for connoisseurs of beauty (160+ Photos)


If you want the wallpaper to look outstanding, try the option with silk-screen printing, you can pick them up for any room. Familiarize yourself with all the nuances of choice, sticking and care in this article. Consider in detail the example of each room.

Content of this article:

  • Silk-screen wallpaper
  • Flizelinovye
  • Roses
  • Geometry
  • Wallpaper silk screen for the kitchen
  • For the bedroom
  • For living room
  • Features of sticking
  • Care rules
  • VIDEO: Elegant silk screening in the interior
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • Silk-screen wallpaper
  • Wallpaper silk screen for the kitchen
  • For the bedroom
  • For living room
  • Features of sticking
  • Care rules
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • Silk-screen wallpaper

    Silk-screen printing is one of the varieties of vinyl wallpaper, which looks rich. The technique of their manufacture is known from the 18th century, at that time only noble people could afford it. For ordinary people, this material was not available due to the high cost.

    Silk imitation wall covering

    It consists of two layers: the first is paper or non-woven, the second is vinyl. In their production using hot stamping method:

    • the cloth is prepared;
    • artificial threads are added to its structure;
    • it is applied to the base (paper or non-woven);
    • drawing is forced under high temperature conditions and pressure.

    The finished material resembles silk, has a gloss that lasts a long time. The colors are matte and glossy, their choice depends on the design of the room. Among the drawings, floral patterns are common, and abstractions and lines are also in demand.

    Use of floral print

    In order not to spoil the expensive material and that it retains its graceful, rich appearance, it is better for the experts to entrust the gluing. Even if you have the experience of sticking ordinary material, it’s best not to experiment.

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    The flizelinovy ​​basis has superiority over paper, is considered more strong, durable. Rolls on this basis are more expensive, but the duration of their service justifies the price. Advantages of non-woven:

    • does not require special preparation of walls, unlike paper, which is difficult to apply, especially on the surface with defects;
    • after gluing, it keeps its shape well, it will not be distorted due to wetting, other external stimuli;
    • easy to apply: glue is applied only on the canvas itself, wall treatment is not required;
    • durable.

    Black color looks stylish

    Wanting to save money by purchasing material with a paper base, be prepared to buy additional funds for processing walls. They will have to be aligned so that the picture looks neat and that they simply do not fall away immediately. If the walls are properly prepared, the duration of use of the wall covering will also be high.

    And non-woven, and paper wallpaper with silk-screen printing serve from 10 to 15 years, the first option is preferable because of the ease of application, preparation for sticking, care.

    Silkscreen in the bedroom

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    Floral print on the walls has been in demand for a long time, remaining in the trend of 2018-2019. The rich silk screening material is a sign of luxury, so the rose, the “queen of flowers” ​​is considered a particularly suitable option for them. Any room decorated in this way will look tender and elegant.

    The choice of drawing is various, flowers come in different colors, shapes, sizes. Many people like small roses, others prefer large buds. It is important that the selected design is combined with the general style of the room, the most popular of which use roses are:

    • Provence - made in pastel colors, the buds are either small and there are a lot of them, or they are collected in small bouquets.
    • Oriental - It is characterized by minimalism, so suitable single roses of medium size or decorated in the form of an ornament.
    • Country music - the background is chosen light, roses are placed on it more often in a chaotic manner.

    Modern style living room

    It is better to choose the colors of the picture light, they visually increase the space. With the help of the depicted rose bushes, you can also lengthen the walls and hide irregularities. To do this, they must be located at the bottom of the figure, ending above the middle (picture in descending order).

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    "Geometry" is considered advantageous - having picked it up, you can hide the flaws of any room. To do this, it is important to know what properties the popular shapes and elements have:

    • large elements visually reduce space;
    • The repeating pattern has the same effect;
    • the figures at a great distance from each other make the room larger;
    • To avoid worrying about unnecessarily increasing or decreasing the size of the room, you can use options with blurry, fuzzy shapes.

    In classic style

    Geometric details are rarely rarely used in silk screening rolls, however, the designers assure the originality of such an idea. It is the opposite of the widespread delicate, floral print. If you are not ready to experiment yet, try one of these ideas:

    • Use wallpaper with geometric silk-screen for one of the walls, they are especially well suited for the design of the hall, hallway, kitchen;
    • try applying them to the ceiling;
    • choose options with fuzzy, blurry geometric shapes or diluted other elements.

    Stylish combination of patterns

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    Wallpaper silk screen for the kitchen

    Considered suitable for several reasons:

    • vinyl - wear-resistant material, therefore, wiping the stain from the wall, you will not damage the drawing;
    • moisture resistance - such wallpaper can be washed with a brush using various chemical means;
    • life time - frequent repairs in the kitchen is undesirable, so 10-15 years, which serve as an imitation of silk, are usually sufficient.

    Dining area option

    Despite the fact that it allows washing, cleaning is often impossible. Each time the pattern will become duller, the brilliance will quickly disappear and, therefore, a rich image will be lost.

    For the design of the kitchen is better to choose glossy options that better tolerate washing. Their shine will remain for years, even if sometimes rubbing uektkoy.

    Some decide to use silk-screen vinyl material for just one wall in the kitchen. This applies to rooms of small size, usually the wall is chosen the one about which they sit during meals. If the kitchen is large, divided into zones for cooking and relaxing, then it is better to use such wallpapers in the second.

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    For the bedroom

    This room in the house is usually made out on the basis of their own wishes. It does not lead guests, visitors, except the owners, it almost never happens. Therefore, when choosing wallpaper with silk-screen printing for this room, you can give free rein to fantasy. The material implies imitation of silk, fabric, which gives the room a special atmosphere.

    The thickness, density of the selected wallpaper does not matter much, a key role in the design of this part of the house is played by aesthetics, beauty. Silk-screen printing is pleasant to the touch, combined with satin, silk bed linen. The characteristic shine is noticeable with a weak night light of the lamp.

    Stylish design for the bedroom

    Most of the time given to the choice of colors, shades. If the bed is large and the room is small, a suitable option would be to use silk-screen printing on one wall - behind its back. The rest should be done in similar colors, the variety of colors in this room is not appropriate.

    In the bedroom on the ceiling, silk-screen printing in pink shades looks especially tender, psychologists advise to use this option for couples who lack sensuality in a relationship.

    The main attribute of the bedroom is a bed, so when choosing any parts of the room design, you need to take into account the features of the chosen model. If it is with a soft back, well, if the wallpaper is combined with it, it turns out a good combination.

    Black and white colors in the interior

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    For living room

    The drawing room is usually given enough time, because this room is intended for receiving guests. Many owners, not being able to arrange the whole house or apartment according to their preferences, focus on this room.

    Silk-screen printing is particularly suitable for the living room, gives it an aristocratic look. Among the shades you need to choose neutral colors, bright, catchy look vulgar. Some consider the design of the living room in gray tones to be gloomy, in fact, thanks to silk-screen printing, even these inconspicuous shades look festive.

    Silk-screen printing is particularly suitable for the living room, gives it an aristocratic look.

    This option is especially suitable for living rooms in a classic style - one of the most common. The room is made in restrained colors, only one or a few walls can contain imitation of gold or silver, which looks especially rich.

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    Features of sticking

    Above mentioned the need for careful preparation before sticking silk-screen printing on a paper basis.

    BoardTo avoid bubbles, other problems with the walls after gluing, the walls must always be prepared, just before applying the vinyl base it will take less time.

    The perfect texture and color wallpaper for high-tech style

    The basic rule is that the wall should be clean, even if there is no need for primer, putty, it is necessary to remove dirt.. The sticking itself is carried out according to the usual rules, the main of which is the elimination of drafts in the room. To work you need the following tools:

    • rolls;
    • glue;
    • putty knife;
    • stationery knife;
    • roller.

    The choice of glue is important, you need to buy those options that are designed specifically for wallpaper with silk-screen printing. They are usually heavier, due to the weight it is required that the adhesive be strong.. In some stores, such glue is designated as a medium for "heavy wallpaper".

    Classic style in bright colors

    Sticking occurs in several stages:

    • we put a roll to the wall;
    • cut the desired length, leaving 2 cm above and below the stock;
    • we use the first measured piece as a template, cutting all the others by its size;
    • we start to glue on the door;
    • we put glue on the first piece, paying special attention to corners, edges;
    • if the wallpaper has a paper base, we glue the wall;
    • glue the rolls alternately, we will join them with each other;
    • align rolls with a roller;
    • the remainder of the glue, which is manifested in the joints, immediately remove the spatula.

    The difficulty in sticking wallpaper with silk-screen printing may occur at the corners. This material can not be superimposed on each other, it just will not hold. Therefore, you have to carefully measure the pieces, try to dock them correctly, cut off all unnecessary things with a clerical knife.

    Original design

    Such wallpaper dries quickly, a specific smell characteristic of cheaper material is absent. To ensure normal drying, it is necessary to eliminate drafts for a day after gluing.

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    Care rules

    Silk-screen printing is definitely not suitable for rooms of small children, as well as for kitchens, hallways of families with them. The child will not appreciate all the luxury, attractive appearance of the wall, so it will definitely leave a mark on it.

    Glues silk-screen printing in apartments, houses with small children can be on the ceiling. Such a design will be original, at the same time protected from the hands of a child.

    All types of wallpapers with silk-screen printing require regular cleaning, it allows to preserve their brilliance, original elegance. The most suitable are gel-like compositions, mainly used for washing dishes. With their help, it is possible to quickly eliminate the traces of greasy fingers, childish pranks and other pollution.

    Silk-screen wallpapers have the property of collecting dust. To eliminate it, it is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner. Average power mode will do. You can also use washing vacuum cleaners, but abrasives are contraindicated for use.

    BoardIt is easiest to remove the greasy stain immediately after its application. To do this, blot it with a napkin, then treat the place with steam. If there is no corresponding vacuum cleaner, you can simply iron the iron. Return to the menu

    VIDEO: Elegant silk screening in the interior