Parquet in the interior: How to use? How to choose? 305+ (Photos) of spectacular designs (art, herringbone, modular)

Parquet in the interior always looks presentable and tasteful. A wide selection of colors and shapes of the material allows you to taste any interior with taste. We believe that it will be nice to arrange the interior by learning how to combine colors and textures correctly. The main advantage of parquet - dies of different shapes and colors. It is also very important to pay attention to the wood species when buying a material. Learn about the varieties, the rules of choice right now in this article.

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  • In what cases is suitable light parquet?
  • When to use white?
  • Gray features
  • Advantages of modular parquet
  • Where is herringbone parquet used?
  • Art
  • Classic Oak
  • American walnut
  • Why choose yellow?
  • Living room interior
  • What should be the laminate flooring?
  • Parquet linoleum
  • VIDEO: Beautiful interiors with parquet
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 305 photos)
  • In what cases is suitable light parquet?
  • Advantages of modular parquet
  • Where is herringbone parquet used?
  • Art
  • Classic Oak
  • American walnut
  • Why choose yellow?
  • Living room interior
  • What should be the laminate flooring?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 305 photos)
  • In what cases is suitable light parquet?

    Light parquet to fit perfectly into modern design. Ideal floor covering of this type will fit into the style of modern, minimalism, country and ethno. Dark woods will decorate the room, decorated in the style of rococco, baroque and antique. This parquet will give the room an atmosphere of prosperity and will look elegant.

    Parquet floor gives room frustration and beauty

    Perform parquet flooring in light color, if preference is given to such solid wood as:

    • maple;
    • oak;
    • beech;
    • ash.
    The parquet will never lose its color and will not burn out in the sun if the surface is treated with a high-quality finish during installation.

    Fits perfectly in many styles.

    Light parquet, in our opinion, will give the room a feeling of lightness and help the inhabitants of the apartment to relax. Ideal material will be combined with light walls. The choice of decor and furniture in this case will not be difficult. To create a noticeable contrast with the parquet will allow dark or bright furniture.

    We recommend putting parquet of this color in the nursery, bedroom or kitchen. The flooring is not suitable for the corridor, as this room is quickly polluted, which is why the floorboard will quickly lose its presentable appearance. For those who decide to lay out an array of wood in the hallway, it is better to choose dark shades.

    Do not forget to use topcoat

    Hide the flaws of the room, and light parquet will help to emphasize the advantages. With the help of the coating will be able to achieve this effect:

    • The floorboard of this shade will well complement a small room. Parquet will visually increase the space, especially if the walls are decorated in a similar color.
    • When the room goes to the north side and the light in it is not enough, a bright array will come to the rescue.
    • It is possible to increase the height of the room visually if the floor is lighter in color than the walls.

    Light floor space increases

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    When to use white?

    The best solution, in our opinion, will be a white floorboard for the bedroom. Any room with such a floor will become cozier and more spacious. White walls, a bed and a floor in combination with pastel shades create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. The presence of a light skin under the carpet on the white floor will gently complete the look.

    The ideal solution would be such a white floor surface for a modern living room, especially if the walls here create a bright contrast. In white color, we advise you to choose a leather sofa and chairs (with chrome legs). In addition to the walls, bright curtains will create a beautiful contrast.

    White parquet for living room

    The most presentable will look white floor, made of solid oak. A more affordable option would be an array of ash coatings light dye. After processing, the wood becomes a rich white shade and perfectly complements the general background of the room. Return to the menu меню

    Gray features

    Gray parquet will help to create an atmosphere of calm and peace in the room. Gray-beige tones are suitable for apartment dwellers, but not office workers, as such a palette contributes to relaxation. We advise not to be afraid to combine this color with a black and white interior.

    Do not be afraid to use gray color in the interior

    Use gray floor is important in such cases:

    • At arrangement of the room in modern style. Gray color palette will be combined in the style of hi-tech, loft and urban minimalism.
    • During the design of the room in a rustic and vintage style. The effect of a darkened shabby tree perfectly fit into Provence, retro-classic and country.

    Match the color of the floor according to the style you choose.

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    Advantages of modular parquet

    A real natural counterpart to tile, in our opinion, is modular parquet. Each element here is decorated in the form of a square with a pattern in the middle. You can use this material in any room in the house. If the dies are resistant to moisture, it will look great not only in the main rooms of the house, but also in the kitchen.

    Classic versions of modular parquet perfectly complement the Baroque or Empire style. This coating will allow you to plunge into the era of 15-16 century. Coatings where the drawing imitates ceramics, stone or metal can be used in high-tech style.

    Modular version can be placed in any room.

    Due to the universal texture of modular plates, they can be combined with other floor coverings. The combination of a parquet with a laminate or even ceramic tile will allow to give any room in the apartment a special individuality.. When laying a modular parquet formed a beautiful canvas with a pattern that perfectly matches the other decor. Such a floor can also vividly stand out against the general background of a room.

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    Where is herringbone parquet used?

    In our opinion, the simplest and most understandable is the flooring in the form of a classic "Christmas tree". Dies here form a pattern in the form of a symmetrical Christmas tree, because of which the floorboard got its name. When laying parquet dies can be made in one shade, and in different, shading each other.

    "Herringbone" looks no less impressive

    Use the herringbone pattern is important when arranging a room in such a style as:

    • Modern. The floorboard will give the overall design an atmosphere of mystery.
    • Classic. A room made in this style will look harmoniously together with the parquet floor, the floor covering will add a touch of elegance.
    • Provence. The coating will give the French style an element of warmth and extra comfort.

    Add a touch of elegance to this pattern.

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    In our opinion, it is the artistic parquet that stands out most favorably among other natural coatings. It is made from rare hardwood. When laying the floorboard this picture is formed, which is able to give a refined touch to any interior.

    There are two main types of art parquet: beautiful and geometric. The first type of coating forms an unusual pattern with many branches. In the case of a geometric pattern, the pattern is duplicated across the entire base of the floor covering. Geometric parquet is a bit like a classic mosaic.

    Beauty and chic art parquet

    Most often, artistic parquet is used for zoning a room or, on the contrary, for combining floor coverings from different rooms into one whole. There are such varieties of artistic floorboard and types of elements as:

    • Mosaic. This is a repeating pattern, which is most often complemented by rosettes.
    • Sockets. Such a complex pattern is laid out in the center of the room.
    • Curbs. Drawn up in the form of geometric shapes or complex patterns (flowers, butterflies).

    Incredibly beautiful drawings will not leave anyone indifferent

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    Classic Oak

    The most common and no less reliable material is oak parquet. Any room in the house will look noble together with such a floor thanks to its unique texture and pattern.. You can decorate the room when using solid oak in both light and dark shades.

    A thorny oak is capable of creating a beautiful contrast with the walls. The solid wood here is a dark shade. This coating fits well into the style of the room in the form of classical or baroque.

    It will look good in both dark and light color.

    The light beige shade has a standard oak flooring. Actually use the floor covering for arranging a room in a Scandinavian interior, where bright colors and neat lines are successfully combined. Not bad light board will look in a classic style.

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    American walnut

    The interior of the American walnut looks very unusual in interior design. It is possible to pick up the floorboard in various shades - from gray-brown to richly chocolate. In some cases, dark woods have a beautiful purple hue, which gives the room an atmosphere of mystery and refinement.

    The use of solid walnut boards

    Beautiful wavy pattern of curly dies is great for decorating a room. We do not recommend using parquet in a darker interior than American walnut. It is not visible on the American walnut dust, and the rich chocolate hue of the parquet creates a beautiful contrast with light walls.

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    Why choose yellow?

    To make the room truly sunny and positive, in our opinion, will turn out when using parquet made of yellow birch. Beautiful warm shade perfectly complement the design of the children's room or bedroom. The material has a beautiful non-uniform shade, where several warm shades intertwine with each other.

    Parquet is always in fashion

    BoardYellow birch will help save on repairs, and will not be different from oak floorboards. Its cost is cheaper, and in color and texture it is not much different from popular varieties. Find in the store you get a parquet of yellow birch of this type: Country, natur, amber and amber. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Living room interior

    You can safely use the floorboard during the arrangement of the living room, as it will perfectly complement any design solution and room style. Under each design it is important to choose the right color of the dice and their design.

    Great for living room interior

    The floor of light shades (or white) will perfectly fit into the design of the room, decorated in a modern style. To select such tones and rectangular masonry is important for the Scandinavian style, hi-tech and contemporary.

    It is important to use the herringbone pattern in the room where classicism prevails in the interior. Art parquet and flooring of dark shades will fit into the design of a room where luxury and elegance prevail. Floor covering of this type will look the most organic in such styles as Baroque and Rococo.

    Do not forget to pay attention to the color and pattern when choosing

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    What should be the laminate flooring?

    Do not spend money on repairs, but at the same time to equip a room with a decent help laminate flooring. This cover is worth 2-3 p. cheaper than floorboard, and looks no different. It will be quite difficult to visually distinguish these two materials.

    To use the laminate under the flooring is important in the arrangement of the interior in old styles. Beautifully complement this material room, decorated in the Empire style, classicism, Baroque, Renaissance and Romanesque.

    Looks good in vintage styles.

    We recommend laminating in large rooms, where the main focus will be on the floor surface.. Not very presentable such a floor will look in a small and narrow room (laminate under the parquet will only visually reduce the space). For the living room will be an excellent option artistic laminate with a unique pattern in the form of geometric patterns.

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    Parquet linoleum

    Linoleum under parquet can be an inexpensive and beautiful coating for a house. A wide list of colors of linoleum allows you to choose the material for any color of the room. At arrangement of an interior on sale it will be possible to find linoleum from a gray shade and to brown (black).

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