Stained glass film on glass - Properties and selection: 145+ (Photo) Options (transparent, with a pattern, self-curling). How to stick and remove?


Now in the decoration of interiors stained glass is popular. The most accessible method for the development of creativity is a special stained glass film on glass. First you need to examine all the details, think through the concept of window decoration. On the merits, the choice and application in more detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Apartment decoration
  • Composition, classification of products
  • Self-adhesive stained glass film
  • Transparent
  • Matte finish
  • Patterned film
  • Advantages of coverage
  • Choice for decoration
  • Application in the design of different rooms
  • How to glue the film on the glass?
  • Film stripping
  • VIDEO: As fast and easy as possible to glue the stained glass film
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 145 photos)
  • Apartment decoration
  • Composition, classification of products
  • Patterned film
  • Advantages of coverage
  • Choice for decoration
  • Application in the design of different rooms
  • How to glue the film on the glass?
  • Film stripping
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 145 photos)
  • Apartment decoration

    Classic stained glass has a complex structure, which is soldered by a special technology. Glued together multicolored elements are assembled into whole pictures or a specific pattern. Despite the prestige, technology is expensive. Also, it looks out of place in small apartments. To do this, it is more profitable to use a special material.

    An alternative to stained glass is the film material.

    High-quality polymers correctly glued to the glass surface will look respectable, unusual. In comparison with the classic stained glass, they are more profitable, practical. In small rooms, decor helps to complement the curtains on the windows, to place key accents. In the spacious country buildings such a unique, spectacular decoration can be used for panoramic windows, glass partitions and whole walls are created from it. Such a complex decor is able to modify the surrounding space.

    Now many variants of the canvas have been developed:
    • Athermal material. Protects against infrared rays.
    • Stained glass layer for glasses. It is used in ornaments on the glass surface of the window.
    • Protective self-adhesive film. It can be used in creating stained glass windows, protecting various parts from mechanical damage, cracks.
    • With adhesive layer with a pattern.
    • The static coating, which is usually sold in rolls 90 cm wide, does not have a glue base, is mounted on the surface by static adhesion.

    Looks respectable, unusual

    Different quality, properties of film stained glass ensure its application in many ideas. Improves the appearance, prolongs the service life of windows.

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    Composition, classification of products

    The film stained-glass window consists of a decorative upper, lower paper layer.

    For the production of the first layer is applied vinyl, polyester or other polymer with a printed pattern, pattern. The second layer is a substrate, provides gluing to glass without the use of special equipment, adhesives, tools.

    This simplifies the technology of the material, makes it convenient.

    Consists of a decorative upper, lower paper layer

    The cost of decorative products will also depend on the quality. There are elite self-adhesive models of European manufacturers, cheaper analogues of domestic, Chinese production. Taking into account the fact that a stained-glass window with a picture can quickly get bored, and its installation is quick, it is not necessary to pay a lot of money for it. It is better to change the coating more often, selecting it according to the season, to the new wallpaper. True, expensive materials last longer, represented by different coating options.

    Decorative material has many advantages:
    • Available operation.
    • Low cost.
    • Easy replacement.

    It has many advantages among other materials.

    Its unique characteristics, properties allow you to apply for its intended purpose, in the embodiment of different design ideas for external, internal decoration of the house.

    It has different applications. It is easy to stick on:
    • ceramic tiles;
    • mirrors;
    • entrance and interior doors;
    • woodworking plates;
    • plastic surfaces;
    • tempered glass shower cubicles.

    Also film stained glass successfully used in advertising.

    Beautiful decoration for the cabinet

    It can be divided by the following features.By properties:
    • Transparent, opaque. Often the first option simulates the corrugated surface of frosted glass, has a slightly noticeable pattern, visually similar to frost. Opaque films have different color combinations, including they are similar to the original stained glass windows with lead strips. Users prefer to decorate the surface with images of plants, animals, reproductions of paintings. Using modern technology, photos of relatives and relatives can be applied to the material. The number of decisions is diverse, limited only by fantasy.
    • Three-dimensional, textured, matte. Coatings differ in the study of texture, quality of the applied pattern, ornament. Three-dimensional products are more often made to order, and textured often have one shade, uneven surface.

    Cozy living room

    According to the method of application is divided into groups:
    • Surfaces with a finished image on the entire glass plate are purchased ready for the parameters of the processed glass.
    • Blanks of the matrix are used in the cutting of individual parts that make up the ornament or image created by the application. There are poly-, monochrome.
    Stained glass making is simplified using stencils that can be downloaded from the Internet.
    There are coatings superimposed on a wet surface. Pre-film is also moistened with water. First, apply the upper edge of the workpiece to the surface, gradually going down, adjust the canvas.

    Film - an original element of decor

    There are also materials with an adhesive layer.. To stick them, remove the protective coating of paper, applied to the glass. Then the upper part is smoothed with a dry towel, eliminating the remnants of glue, various defects.

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    Self-adhesive stained glass film

    Decorating film, imitating real stained glass, can be used in different locations by various methods. In addition to finishing the dining room, kitchen, imitation of stained glass windows are used:

    • Decoration of loggias, balconies. The space becomes more colorful and stylish. A sufficient amount of light penetrates the room, and visibility from the street becomes minimal.
    • Addition of design of a bathroom or a bathroom where there are small windows.

    Fabrication is simplified using stencils.

    • Pasting apartment windows on ¾ or 2/3 of the canvas. The method is intended for apartments located on the first floors. The technology is used in the private sector to shelter from prying eyes, without the use of heavy textiles.
    • Decoration interior door, made of tempered glass.
    • Imitation of complex patterns, stained glass on transparent surfaces (panoramic windows, walls made of acrylic glass, transparent doors or glass elements of the greenhouse).

    Exquisitely decor will look in country cottages when the house has transparent partitions, double glazing.

    Stained glass patterns on transparent surfaces

    In addition to windows, stained glass coatings can be glued onto tempered glass, acrylic, wood, chipboard, mirrors, tiles. By choosing the color scheme, you can achieve a cool feeling.. This is obtained with the use of blue, green shades. You can also make the room more comfortable by applying yellow colors. Such a reception will be justified when people passing along the street can view the interior of the apartment.

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    Transparent material is not intended for registration. It has a protective function, has a matte surface without glossy shine. The width of the canvas is 90 cm, sold in rolls of 15 meters each.

    Such self-adhesive surfaces are used to protect smooth products, materials from mechanical damage, scratches during transportation, storage. They are applied to different designs.

    Bathroom decoration

    A transparent coating does not create ornaments, patterns on the glass, make a more turbid image. When processing the mirror lost reflective qualities.

    The positive properties of the material include:
    • optical transparency;
    • light resistance;
    • anti-vandal protection;
    • preventing shattering of fragments;
    • easy installation;
    • dismantling.
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    Matte finish

    The main option of matte coatings is to protect the interior of the apartment from sunlight, views, reducing the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the skin. In addition to low prices, matte film has other advantages:

    • the possibility of updating, decorating design;
    • visual, light tightness;
    • an increase in the density of the glass surface, protection against the appearance of minor scratches;
    • unpretentious care;
    • excellent performance during operation.

    Such a window will be able to update any boring interior.

    Opaque glasses are popular for a long time. The most famous method is sandblasting treatment.
    Under high pressure, the glossy canvas is exposed to jets of fine sand with the formation of scratches. But such treatments are expensive, so matte films have become the solution. They are easy to use, can stick on the glass in 30 minutes.

    The amount of transmitted light depends on the thickness of the coating. The thicker it is, the lower the transmittance, the more vague the outlines of the image. Some coatings have reflectivity, do not transmit infrared rays. Also on sale are anti-vandal films with a multi-level structure. The polymer composition of such coatings provides viscosity.

    The amount of transmitted light depends on the thickness of the coating.

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    Patterned film

    Many people choose a solution that is sold in finished form. It only needs to stick on the prepared surface.

    With the help of stained film, you can create original compositions. This is not only a decorative, protective coating of the glass surface. Its structure transmits rays, depending on the type of color.

    You can stick the coating on one side or on both sides, creating different compositions and increasing the strength of the glass insert. It is impermeable, can be used at high humidity levels.

    The film with a pattern is suitable for pasting door inserts, mirrors, walls in the shower. The thickness of the layer is 75 microns, and the transparency depends on the color, the same indicator of glass.

    Modern style living room

    The film has lead streaks of different shades, thicknesses, so the image becomes more durable and decorative. Film stained glass window will not overload the window frame, forms a flatter surface.

    Applying beautiful and unusual decorations, you can make the interior more attractive.

    Manufacturers offer the following designs:
    • Natural motifs, landscapes. These are beautiful motifs of nature, landscapes in the Venetian style, which are suitable for decorating doors, windows, showers.
    • Geometric ornaments. In the modern interior geometry is more popular. Geometric patterns are reflected in home textiles, wallpaper, tile and other surfaces. The decor is suitable for residential premises and offices.
    • Stained glass with small elements. Effectively will look options with pictures from the kaleidoscope.

    Other motifs and patterns. Stickers are based on templates, including photos. This emphasizes the character and style of the interior, creates a special climate.

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    Advantages of coverage

    The stained glass compositions by visual parameters are almost no differences. Only with a thorough examination, by touch can one determine the imitation of the pattern, the composition of glass.

    Stained glass compositions have almost no differences in visual parameters.

    The main advantages of the film with a picture include:
    • Practicality.
    • Large variety (you can choose to cover any color, size, configuration).
    • Durability of coating with a service life of up to 15 years.
    • Low price, availability.
    • Ease of use, further care.
    • Resistance to household chemicals, other aggressive substances.
    • Resistance to abrupt changes in humidity, temperature, not afraid of salty environments, ultraviolet radiation, various contaminants.

    Quality products do not lose their original color for a long time, retaining their texture and shape. They can be easily dismantled.

    Have a great variety

    When glass breaks, the film does not allow fragments to fall apart. For minor damage (cracks) the defect will not be noticeable. When applying a decorative coating on tempered or acrylic glass, strength indicators will be significant.

    The disadvantages of stained coatings is the worst external indicators in comparison with natural stained glass. Also, the material is combustible, you need to protect it from contact with hot objects. return to menu ↑ return to menu ↑

    Choice for decoration

    A large assortment of manufactured stained glass films will make it easy to buy the decor that will meet the wishes and requirements of the consumer. But sometimes it is difficult to find a good option, so you should follow the basic rules.

    There are no universal models of films that are equally suitable for the living room, kitchen. For each room to choose the decor. In addition to light, dimensions, take into account the parameters of the windows, the height of the ceilings.

    Durability of coverage with a service life of up to 15 years

    To choose the right building material, you need to consider the following criteria:
    • Appointment room. For the bedroom, living room, kitchen, you can use different ornaments. There are no specific requirements for their selection. Only wishes of the owner are taken into account.
    • Accommodation If the windows are located on the south side or in a noisy street, it is rational to glue on them the stained glass film with the function of the retention of the sun's rays and noise absorption. This will give housing comfort.
    • For the bedroom, muffled, soft shades are often used, in the hall - colorful, brighter options.

    To decorate the surface is selected any image.. Therefore, in addition to the color range, an image is being developed (abstraction, animal or plant).

    BoardThe color of the coating should be combined with the design, it can maintain a general mood or become a contrasting spot that will refresh and underline the atmosphere. Help in the choice of color can photos from the Internet.

    Low price, availability

    Give the room a cool, lightness will get a cold color scheme:
    • emerald green;
    • Violet;
    • blue;
    • blue.

    To add notes of comfort provided warm shades:

    • brown;
    • red tones;
    • ocher;
    • Bordeaux;
    • yellow.

    An important role is the magnitude of the details included in the composition. A drawing made of small elements will visually expand the space and vice versa. Therefore, for a small room should not pick up images from large parts.

    The visual texture is also affected by the visual perception. The glossy surface has a low reflectivity, so it contributes to the visual expansion of the space. A frosted stained glass window will reduce the area of ​​processed glass.

    Ease of use, further care

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    Application in the design of different rooms

    To modernize the design, you can glue a stained glass film on a specific part. They trim the entrance doors of glass (in a store or office), so that the visitor from the inside appreciates the originality of the design. Interior doors can be combined with the same film stained glass windows or to glue different drawings made in one color range.

    You can get rid of excess light with the help of stained glass windows.

    BoardIn case of insufficient natural light, a transparent coating with a cloudy surface will be suitable, which will look unusual.

    Resistance to household chemicals and other aggressive substances

    In the bedroom fit unobtrusive decor without bright colors and large drawings. You can play here on the gradient of texture, shades, transparency. In the hall guests will be attracted by windows decorated with large flowers or a bright image. Duplicate elements will look impressive.

    In the kitchen pick up the theme of vegetables, fruits, products. To add room to the light, the selection is stopped on orange, yellow stained glass windows.
    Solidity will give the cabinet coverage with a religious theme, a reproduction of the artist's paintings. In offices they often stick a monophonic film or add advertising.

    Resistant to sudden changes in humidity, temperature

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    How to glue the film on the glass?

    The technique of stained film sticker is simple, does not require special knowledge and skills. It is desirable to perform the work at a temperature of more than 5 degrees so that the coating adheres firmly to the tank base.

    Works are performed in a certain phasing:
    • Cut the canvas under the parameters of the glass (with a margin of 1-2 centimeters) with a stationery knife or scissors. When using matrices-blanks are preparing individual parts that make up a comprehensive pattern, the image.
    • The working surface is degreased with soapy water.
    • About 5-10 cm of the edge of the film should be separated from the protective layer, press the back part to the glass. So that no air bubbles appear on the surface, it is smoothed with a flannel cloth and then a rubber scraper. If the bubbles appear, they can not be removed, then we pierce them with the thinnest needle.
    • If the quality of gluing turned out to be insufficient, a hairdryer is used to heat the adhesive surface, smoothing the film layer.

    Appliances stickers simple

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    Film stripping

    Sometimes when sticking on, the canvas falls out of alignment, without covering the necessary surface. Certain nuances will help to rectify the situation:

    • Cloth stick on the soap solution.
    • Heat the building hair dryer, and then lift one end, carefully removed.
    • With the use of a solvent. The cotton wool is moistened with the compound, one side of the web is raised, liquid is dripping under it. Gradually, it should be removed.

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    VIDEO: As fast and easy as possible to glue the stained glass film