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Brick wall in the interior - A spectacular way to transform your home (260+ Photos). The combination in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom


A brick wall in the interior allows you to make a highlight in the design of the house in an affordable way. Highlighting the wall with brickwork allows you to create unusual, stylish and elegant interiors. Brick gives you the opportunity to beat the space as spectacularly and originally as possible Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • History and modernity
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Advantages: accessibility and simplicity
  • Disadvantages: the main thing is to stop in time
  • Real masonry or imitation: what to choose?
  • Real brick wall
  • Print wallpaper
  • Facing brick
  • Brick Tile
  • Independent production of material for lining
  • Visual effects: how to influence the perception of space?
  • White wall
  • Paint or whitewash?
  • Gray wall: what makes it attractive?
  • Dark brick: vintage effect
  • Graffiti - the spirit of rebellion
  • We combine incompatible
  • Brick in the living room interior: creating extraordinary effects
  • Brick in the interior of the kitchen: a variety of options
  • Kitchen apron
  • One of the walls
  • Part of the wall
  • Niche
  • Brick in the interior of the bedroom
  • Styles: the choice of design options
  • Loft
  • Country music
  • Gothic
  • Minimalism
  • Grange
  • Eco Style
  • High tech
  • Classic English interior
  • Using bricks: tips and tricks
  • How to save clutch and avoid tarnishing and defects?
  • Old brick is good or bad?
  • High humidity: how to overcome it?
  • Bug work
  • VIDEO: How can I use a brick on a wall?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 260 photos)
  • History and modernity
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Real masonry or imitation: what to choose?
  • Visual effects: how to influence the perception of space?
  • We combine incompatible
  • Brick in the living room interior: creating extraordinary effects
  • Brick in the interior of the kitchen: a variety of options
  • Brick in the interior of the bedroom
  • Styles: the choice of design options
  • Using bricks: tips and tricks
  • Bug work
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 260 photos)
  • History and modernity

    The brickwork in the interior design has gained popularity due to the lofts. Initially, the former factory premises were given to poor tenants who could not invest in high-grade repairs with plastering and painting.

    This is how the raw walls, which can be seen on old photos, came into fashion. Students and young families not only lived in such premises, but also organized noisy parties with the participation of guests from various social strata.

    This new direction in design has become associated with bohemianism, industrialism and freedom, which has pleased the residents of cities. Now brick wall decoration is again very popular, and can be used in combination with various styles.

    Snow-white brickwork

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    Advantages and disadvantages

    Any finish has its strengths and weaknesses. We will get to know them before embodying their ideas.

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    Advantages: accessibility and simplicity

    The indisputable advantages of using bricks in the interior include:

    • Financial Availability.
    • Security.
    • Naturalness.
    • Good performance of the material (sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture resistance).
    • The simplicity of the finish. The process of registration with the help of bricks allows you to cope with the task even without special skills and complex tools.
    • You can use this approach in the arrangement of almost any room.
    • A brick wall can perform not only a decorative, but also a practical function - to serve as a demarcation between the rooms.
    • The ability to use mounted elements - shelves, lighting, TV, etc.
    • Additional surface treatment is optional.
    • The possibility of masking defects of the walls.
    • Originality.
    • Durability.
    • Texture.
    • Good compatibility with natural flowers and natural materials.
    • Decorative finishes.

    Additional wall treatment is optional

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    Disadvantages: the main thing is to stop in time

    There are many advantages to this type of finish. But what are the cons?

    The disadvantages of a brick wall in the interior of the house include:

    • The raw brick of natural color needs high-quality lighting. Alternatively, you can use white brick or apply staining.
    • Uneven textured surface is difficult to clean.
    • Too many bricks in the interior of the house can create the effect of a neglected and cold room, which lacks comfort.

    Rough surface is harder to care for

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    Real masonry or imitation: what to choose?

    In addition to the use of this brick, it can be applied imitation, wallpaper of a suitable color or tile of appropriate styling.

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    Real brick wall

    Floor-to-ceiling masonry in this case is not subject to additional plastering or hiding under sheets of drywall. For a spacious room with high ceilings, one of the walls of the room can be left without additional coverage.

    From real brick

    But processing must be present:

    • Laying cleaned of dust and residues of solutions.
    • Wash off.
    • Grinded.
    • Joints rubbed with putty or grout.
    • May be varnished or painted.

    We decorate the living room to your taste

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    Print wallpaper

    The easiest and financially simple way to design - wallpaper with the appropriate pattern. The effect of masonry can not create the entire wall, and use only certain areas, such as niches or fragments of the wall. Wallpapering can be combined with other decorative materials:

    • decorative putty;
    • natural wood;
    • tiles.

    Wallpaper with a pattern

    Attention must be paid to the selection of colors and expressiveness of texture. The best effect is created by high-quality material design. Separately, it should be noted textured wallpaper for painting. You can even give them the necessary shade.

    High-quality wallpaper, imitating brick, can be used in places that are inconvenient for other materials:

    • narrow niches;
    • on bevelled surfaces;
    • on uneven surfaces, etc.

    Beautiful imitation

    BoardA wide field for the implementation of the designs is given by wallpapers that combine the background "under the brick" with another print, for example, graffiti. Return to the menu

    Facing brick

    Facing materials are currently very widely represented. It is lighter and thinner compared to a standard brick, takes up less free volume and is lightweight.. This circumstance allows to use this facing material for finishing thin walls and in those cases when it is important to economically manage the free space.

    Material can be:

    • artificially aged;
    • matte;
    • processed glaze.

    Facing materials are very popular

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    Brick Tile

    Brick veneer has an even thinner thickness compared to facing bricks. Tiles can be of two main types:

    • clinker;
    • ceramic.
    Before laying the surface of the wall must be pre-aligned.

    Interior Design Element

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    Independent production of material for lining

    In addition to these options, imitation bricks can be made independently. This requires forms, varnish and brick plaster. This option can be used if you want to create an unusual design using a non-standard brick.

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    Visual effects: how to influence the perception of space?

    A wall made of traditional red brick is not the only option. The texture of the material and the conciseness of the form of individual elements allows you to influence the perception of space. How to do it?

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    White wall

    This option is used so often that it requires a separate mention. Textured in combination with white color creates a good background for placing bright accessories.

    White wall in the kitchen

    The versatility of the shade allows you to use it in any of the rooms as the main design or to highlight individual zones. In white color it is even possible to design all the walls in the room.

    And while the room will not look gloomy and basement. On the contrary, the light shade "adds" free space, making the room visually larger. Most often, this technique is used in the design of bedrooms and kitchens.

    Looks in any room

    Painting in white color makes the design modern and dynamic.

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    Paint or whitewash?

    An interesting effect of old whitewash can be created with paint. This technique allows you to give the wall the effect of aging, which is typical for a long service life. It may be necessary to create an interior in the style of Provence.

    Budget option - paint

    You can even embody such a reception yourself. To do this, add some paint to the paint. It should be 3 times less.

    The application of the composition must be performed with sweeping movements with a wide brush. After the first layer, time is maintained and the second is applied. By varying the proportion of water and paint, it is possible to create various effects: from a translucent coating to the alternation of highly colored areas with bright bricks.

    Fit into any design

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    Gray wall: what makes it attractive?

    Light gray color has a high attractiveness and decorative. To achieve a warm tone can be a mixture of several colors. This design will not be noticeable, but it will create an elegant accent, which can serve as a good background for wall decorations, bookshelves, paintings and living plants.

    Gray is not always boring

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    Dark brick: vintage effect

    The natural reddish hue of a brick in creating some interiors may not look saturated. In order to darken the existing color, designers recommend the use of wood stain, which is covered with wooden surfaces.

    The job of making bricks of dark color is laborious, since each one of them will have to be processed with a brush. To underline the age of such a wall, several separately placed bricks can be left uncolored. This will create the necessary contrast and effect of the reconstruction with the replacement of several bricks.

    Dark tones in the design

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    Graffiti - the spirit of rebellion

    The brickwork in the room of the teenager allows the grown-up child to show his individuality. The brick is well combined not only with posters, but also with graffiti.

    How to be when the child grows up, and the drawing will no longer be relevant for him? If necessary, the picture, if it occupied a small area, can be scrubbed. Another option - repainting the entire wall.

    Giving brightness with graffiti

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    We combine incompatible

    A brick wall is original, spectacular and fashionable. But how to choose the rest of the design as organic as possible?

    Designers advise:

    • Very often such a wall combines several shades. In this case, the furniture is better to choose, based on the darkest and the lightest color.
    • The severity of design can be animated by a bright carpet or bright accents, for example, variegated pillows on the couch.
    • Red brick color goes well with orange, yellow, blue. This combination is especially effective in oriental ornaments.

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    Brick in the living room interior: creating extraordinary effects

    Making the living room with brickwork allows you to endow the room with fashionable features. The originality of this finish allows you to make the wall the main decorative element.

    The larger the space in the living room, the more organically and effectively the brick wall will look. Its style will give it a combination with a light ceiling and wooden ceiling beams.

    We organically fit into the interior

    The spirit of antiquity is emphasized by the brick decoration of the space near the fireplace, the walls between the window openings and even the central wall. In addition to walls, bricks can be used in partitions, fireplaces, etc.

    Dark brick in the interior must be balanced with light shades. This can be done with the help of furniture, textiles, accessories.

    Dark brick must be diluted with light furniture.

    BoardThe presence of a fireplace in the living room can be beaten with the help of highlighting the part of the wall next to it appropriately. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Brick in the interior of the kitchen: a variety of options

    Safety and durability of the brick allows it to be used in the interior design of many rooms. In the kitchen, it can be used dosed, allowing you to create an accent where it is needed.

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    Kitchen apron

    This area of ​​the wall is regularly exposed to steam, soot and grease. The apron occupies the space between the working surfaces and wall cabinets.

    Custom solutions

    In order to facilitate the cleaning process, designers propose to supplement the brickwork with an external design with a glass sheet.. This technique will preserve the decorative and protect the surface.

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    One of the walls

    Making a brick one of the walls will look most impressive in the interior with a predominance of warm light shades:

    • milky white;
    • light gray;
    • caramel;
    • pale pink;
    • shade of cocoa.

    Emphasizing one wall

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    Part of the wall

    Selection of a fragment of the wall looks no less impressive. Most often, this design is used for the dining area. In small rooms, such a reception will allow the delimitation of zones.

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    A natural or decorative niche, lined with brick, will help emphasize the historical orientation of the design, the stylization of a rustic design, Provence style, etc. If a niche is formed near the slab, this will add retro touches to the decor.

    Execution option in the kitchen

    BoardIn addition to the listed options, a column in the room, a partition, a place near the bar counter can be framed with brick, and then return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Brick in the interior of the bedroom

    Brick in the design of the bedroom can be used to emphasize the specificity of the finish. Most often in the bedroom brick allocate one wall or area near the head of the bed.

    BoardTo impart sophistication typical of Provence or to endow the room with the features of romanticism, painting of brickwork with light paint can be used.

    Putting ideas into practice

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    Styles: the choice of design options

    The brick differs in universality in quality of finishing material. Its use is most justified in the design of an apartment in such styles: loft, country, Provence, etc. This design of vertical surfaces is notable for its spectacularity and relevance.

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    Housing organized on the territory of the former industrial premises, workshops or factories is characterized by a large area and high ceilings. These advantages allow to embody such design techniques that are not always acceptable in small apartments. Among them - wooden ceiling beams, columns, brick decoration.

    Loft style

    Loft allows you to leave open cable wiring, heating pipes and other elements that emphasize the technical engineering equipment of the house. Bricks are also a suitable background for placing video and audio equipment.

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    Country music

    The style that uses natural materials and natural in design, well combined with the arrangement of country houses. The cosiness of the simplicity of the interiors with fireplaces and natural materials is emphasized by the brick tub combined with the wood. This design is associated with relaxation and outdoor recreation.

    Country style

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    This direction originates from the Middle Ages. The gothic style uses brick in the decoration in combination with forged pieces of furniture and accessories.

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    Red brick, brown, white and gray should go well with the overall design - ceiling, floor and furniture.

    When nothing extra

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    Mixing several styles and design trends allows you to enter into the interior of the most bizarre elements. The stylishness achieved at the same time can become a distinctive sign of your home, and its emphasized dissimilarity with the housing of friends and acquaintances.

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    Eco Style

    Unity with nature, the use of wood, stone and natural fabrics in the design allows you to create a very comfortable housing. Brick, with its underlined environmental friendliness, may be one of the components of such an interior.

    We create comfortable housing

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    High tech

    Far from the word "environmental friendliness", urban high-tech can also be combined with brickwork. Most often for it imitation in the form of a tile is used.

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    Classic English interior

    The underlined design rigor and the correctness of the English classics can be combined with elements of brick. The flow of aristocracy and style inherent in the medieval castles of the English nobility, can be accentuated by the use of brick design.

    Freshen up with a light sofa

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    Using bricks: tips and tricks

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    How to save clutch and avoid tarnishing and defects?

    This brick is beautiful in itself, has a pronounced texture and characteristic shade. How to keep it without losing quality and color? For this, interior designers are advised to use special protective compounds.

    With a lack of light, which takes place, for example, in the hallway, the wall can be varnished with a slight glossy effect. This will achieve color retention.

    In sunny rooms it is possible to carry out the treatment with varnish with a matte effect. Such protection will be completely invisible, but it is quite reliable.

    In the industrial interior

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    Old brick is good or bad?

    The wall of old brick looks historic, attractive for its coarse beauty. But for the interior it must first be put in order. To do this, use processing with brushes. May have to wipe the places of contamination with a mixture of vinegar and water.

    BoardBefore using aggressive cleaning products, check the condition of the bricks. Crumbled surface can not handle so.

    With the effect of old brick

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    High humidity: how to overcome it?

    In rooms where high humidity is often present, for example, in a bathroom, masonry protection comes out on top. To do this, crumbled seams deepen a couple of centimeters, and then restored with the help of a new solution. The next step is sealing to protect against mold.

    We protect the brickwork

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    Bug work

    Using such a simple and at the same time rather complicated material, it is necessary to take into account some features of the brick:

    • After the wall has been painted, it is extremely difficult to remove the paint if necessary. This is due to the porosity of the structure and good absorption.
    • The long wall is not desirable to completely allocate bricks. In this case, it must be “broken down” with furniture, mirrors or decor. So it will be better perceived visually.
    • Mirrors reflecting a brick wall will help to unite the space of a room into a single ensemble.
    • Pictures look very nice on brick walls. The more of them, the more attention is drawn to the wall itself.
    • Hinged open shelves, hung on a wall, add comfort. Their color and material is selected according to the style of the room.

    Bright accent

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    VIDEO: How can I use a brick on a wall?