Crafts for the year 2019 of the Yellow Pig (65+ Photos). 6 original and amazing do-it-yourself workshops with various techniques (from felt, pasta, salt dough) + Reviews


The upcoming 2019 year will be marked by the Year of the Yellow Pig - an earthen symbol, which speaks of home warmth, peace-lovingness, and good nature. Due to the factors presented, families try to collect as many pigs as possible for the holiday table. Next will be presented numerous options for the manufacture of crafts in the form of piglets.

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  • Craft as a symbol of the new year
  • Interesting workshops
  • Knitted pig
  • Origami
  • Out of felt
  • From salt dough
  • From pasta
  • From improvised means
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  • Craft as a symbol of the new year
  • Interesting workshops
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 65 photos)
  • Craft as a symbol of the new year

    Families attract good luck to the chiming clock with the symbols of the coming new year. The year 2019 is the Year of the Pig, that is why the DIY crafts of the pig become the traditional decoration of the table. At the same time it is not allowed to put pork dishes on the festive table - this can “eat luck”.

    The symbol of 2019 is easy to do with your own hands.

    Since not all families have the opportunity to socialize with a real live pig, you can do it yourself and put it in a visible place until January 19.

    Even gluing is not a problem - just a little time.

    Such a stay will also attract good luck and happiness in the new year.

    Sweet couple - a great gift

    You can do crafts in the following techniques:

    • To tie - crochet or knitting. A real piglet figure is crocheted; you can knit only the animal's face with knitting needles and fill it with cotton wool for use as a pillow.
    • To pile - Technique requires knowledge processing felt and wool. The figure will fit into the interior, which is made in warm colors, contains many textile elements.

    A little imagination and you get such a beautiful pig

    • Glue - allowed origami or making applications. You can "kill two birds with one stone" and make several postcards of various kinds at once, but with the obligatory gluing of a little pig. Present postcards to relatives and put one in a prominent place to attract good luck.

    Do not be afraid to use new technology

    • To sew - in this case there is no need to attend cutting and sewing courses. Enough to use ready-made patterns that are easily cut from the fabric and sewn. You can sew the parts with a needle and thread.

    Cute pigs for your baby

    • Blind - Use clay or dough, for needlewomen easier to work with clay. It is enough to form the face of a piglet and hang it on a chain in the form of a key fob or a toy on the New Year tree.
    • Bake - Piglets' faces can be baked from traditional shortbread dough. Lesson is perfect for families with small children who are happy to tuck into symbolic figures.
    • Weave - You can weave from beads, paper, threads and other material, which is enough imagination and skill.

    Crochet Christmas toys look no less beautiful

    BoardIf there are children in the family, choose the method of manufacturing the family in accordance with their development. If you want to do it yourself, the production of a symbol begins with a search for material available at home.

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    Interesting workshops

    For a full explanation of crafts for the year of the pig, read the instructions for making crafts with your own hands.

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    Knitted pig

    Needlewomen who can knit or crochet, can use their skills to create a pig or just a pig face. You can execute the symbol of the coming year in the following variations:

    • If there is not enough time, you can knit small pigs for later sewing them on the edge of a towel or a festive tablecloth. For making, use any simple crochet or knitting pattern.

    Pig Knitting Pattern

    • Needlewomen can decorate the kitchen, crochet tacks for hot, hanging them around the perimeter of the entire room. Get a great alternative to the Christmas socks that decorate your home before the holiday. Making requires crocheted shapes - a circle, two triangles and one oval for the patch. Fantasy is welcome for edging figures and additional trifles.
    • Small crafts can be easily knitted with needles, which is allowed for the subsequent filling with cotton and other stuff for stuffing. This results in small pigs, which place on the shelves in the living room or coffee tables. Mini-pillows will be interesting to children. Here it is enough to tie 2 squares, sew them, pre-stuffed with cotton, and form the ears, paving a dense line with a needle and thread. Instead of a penny button is used.

    Can be made in the form of a stand

    • to tie a full pillow, for which use a hook or knitting needles. It is recommended to take the pillows before the chiming clock with you on the chair so that the symbol of the year takes part in the meeting. For manufacturing it is enough to tie several figures with the subsequent assembly and stuffing with cotton or foam rubber.

    Nice little toys that can be made in the form of a large pillow

    These are common handicrafts crocheted or knitted, depending on the skill of the needlewoman. It is noteworthy that if you know how to knit, be sure to embody any product depending on the complexity.

    We realize a toy of any complexity

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    If there are small children in the house, it is recommended to use them to make the symbol of the year. The easiest way to do this is making out of paper. It is enough to buy pink paper and make a lot of pigs. To celebrate the new year, they can be placed on the table.

    BoardYou can combine business with pleasure, and make pigs of napkins. In this case, use thick pink paper - standard wipes are not suitable for work, because they can not hold the form for a long time.

    In the technique of origami step by step

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    Out of felt

    In the presence of large stocks of felt, you can make a pig out of a material, and in different ways. Their production is simple, since it is enough to draw and cut patterns on paper independently, and then transfer them to fabric and neatly cut them.

    These are soft and pleasant to the touch turns crafts from felt

    You can sew by hand or with a sewing machine if available in the house.

    In size you can make both a large toy and a small one.

    It is recommended to make crafts in the form of a keychain made of felt that will allow attracting good luck for a year or as a toy for the Christmas tree.

    In the form of a keychain on the keys - you will definitely not lose

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    From salt dough

    From plasticine, salt dough or clay, you can make a pig figure in 2D format - flat. To do this, it is enough to prepare one of the materials:

    • plasticine - pink or white, which then will be painted out in pink color;
    • salty dough - flour and salt in equal quantities mixed with water to a mass of dough;
    • clay - for handicrafts take ready-made mixtures or a special powder, in which it is enough to add water according to the instructions and knead the composition.

    Funny pigs do it yourself

    To sculpt a pig can only be in accordance with their fantasies. If it is not possible to form a pig's face, we recommend a ready-made production scheme.

    The finished toy is painted with acrylic paints so that it retains its original appearance longer.

    We cover with acrylic paints so that the toy will keep its original appearance for a long time.

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    From pasta

    You can make a pig out of pasta - from scrap material that children can work with.. For manufacturing, follow the sequence of actions:

    • Choose the type of crafts and cook pasta suitable form.
    • If necessary, pasta is painted in the desired color with food dyes.
    • For volumetric crafts is required to purchase a pink balloon. It is inflated in accordance with the desired size of the pig and pasted prepared pasta.
    • Next, form the craft to the final form, using other materials and auxiliary elements.

    We take out stocks of pasta and begin to glue

    BoardIn the presented format, you can make simple cards that you present to your loved ones during the holiday. It is enough to choose the right form to create images.

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    From improvised means

    You can use the tools at hand and do crafts for several hours before midnight. Check out the following options:

    • Eggshell Pig. Previously from the raw egg gently remove the yolk and protein. Next, use pink plasticine to make ears, penny, legs and tail. By sticking the shell blanks and rejoice crafts.

    Handicraft of eggs for mini composition

    • Crafts of lost socks. Often socks are lost in the family, leaving only one copy of the pair for use. The needlewomen will use the pots for making various handicrafts. Including for the manufacture of pigs, a master class which is presented in the video. //
    • Pig from a can. The craft is only suitable for those who know how to crochet. For the manufacture of such a pig will need an empty plastic or tin can. For crafts knit two halves of the mumps - the front and rear. To the front of the impose ears and a penny, additionally sew legs. In the manufacture of both parts put on the jar and sew together. You can make a "case" one, if the skill allows.

    Use the jar for crafts

    • Handicraft in the form of a pompon. For the manufacture of crafts, which can be presented in the form of a trinket or toys on the Christmas tree, you must use wool or acrylic yarn. The pom-pom is made standardly, after which additional parts of the pig are sewn onto it - ears, penny and eyes.

    We use a certain kind of yarn

    These are simple options for making a pig for the New Year, which everyone can handle.

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    Pigs for the New Year can take on various forms and variations - it can be a key chain, a Christmas tree toy, a garland of small figures and much more. Needlewomen can use their talent to translate a useful thing or just to please their child with a new toy with which they will play for a long time. It is recommended to attract children to their production in order to have a good time with family long before the holiday.

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    VIDEO: The process of making bulk pig