Modern design and interior filling wardrobes in the hallway. Ideas for interior renovation + 95 PHOTOS


Creating the interior of their homes, each owner will definitely think through how to properly organize the space in the hallway. It’s not for nothing that they say that the theater begins with a hanger.

Properly organized space

The first impression of an apartment or house is created by the design of the corridor.

Poor lighting, the lack of such necessary shelves, hangers, wardrobe, causes irritation and disappointment not only among guests, but also among the owners themselves.

Use the lighting in the closet

It is important to carefully consider the design of the hallway and cabinet.

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For a small corridor

In many apartments, corridors are small. Install a large wardrobe in this area is unrealistic.

Consider the size of the room where the cabinet will be

The design of cabinets largely depends on the size of the room, which should be considered when choosing a piece of furniture.

White color will visually expand any space.

If the dimensions are large, you can purchase one or more and place them in a convenient place.

Lots of space - a large closet

The best option in this case is to purchase a narrow model, equipped with a mirror, which will visually increase the space.

Sometimes design options can be completely open.

Also on sale there are designs with the deaf closed doors. They have shelves and hangers for storing outerwear and shoes.

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Internal filling of the wardrobe

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Important nuances when choosing

For convenient placement, you should take into account every useful centimeter of available space and listen to the designers' opinion:

It is not recommended to buy furniture made in dark colors. The best way - color of light oak, walnut, pine, beech.

It is not recommended to buy furniture in dark shades.

Design the facades with mirror surfaces that visually expand the space.

In addition, this solution causes certain conveniences for the owners - before leaving the house, there is always the opportunity to look at yourself in the mirror and evaluate your image.

For a small room should not choose bulky pieces of furniture, in the form of cabinets, wardrobes. They must be compact, which allows products to fit into space.

Closed cabinet

In small hallways it is better to use the technique of minimalism. Do not load space with a large number of small items.

When space allows the use of built-in wardrobes

A wardrobe with translucent facades is a good solution for a small room. Cabinet design is a combination of different criteria. Consider them in more detail.

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The wardrobe is a necessary piece of furniture. The usual model is not very convenient, as the doors in it are of swing type. They block the space by blocking the passage.

Classic version

Designers and designers of furniture created unique design - wardrobes, which make it possible to efficiently place objects in them shoes, clothes, accessories.

Their feature is the sliding doors, which allows use space economically and efficiently.


The wardrobe fits well even into a narrow corridor.

The functionality of the cabinets is limitless.

Functionality. Even the small cabinet has enough space inside to accommodate the necessary things due to the presence of shelves, nets, hangers. In a large hallway, a closet can be used as an element of room zoning.

Many products offered by manufacturers provide an opportunity to choose what corresponds to the interior of the hall according to different criteria.

Large closet for a large family

Thanks to these advantages, wardrobes are very popular.

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Depending on the design, such species are distinguished.

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Such structures are installed in a niche, if it is available indoors.

Built-in cabinet type fits into a niche

Since such a cabinet is made to order, you should carefully consider its design and carefully calculate the dimensions. Many corridors have storage rooms that are suitable for arranging this type.

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This species is considered the most common. In appearance, this is the usual cabinet, but unlike it, the doors in it are installed on special rails.

The combination of walls with furniture is very important for a beautiful interior.

They are easily disassembled and assembled, so there will be no problems when moving.

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Semi built

This design includes the features of embedded and housing products. It lacks the upper crossbar, the lower base and one side wall.

The combination of furniture directly depends on tastes and financial possibilities.

Due to this, the cost of the model is reduced, but the installation is more complex. The choice depends on your own preferences, tastes, financial capabilities, size and configuration of the room.

In addition, you yourself can create various combinations of parts and elements, if ordered by size.

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Varieties of models

Modern cabinets for the hallway are represented on the market by a variety of models.

The complete set can will be added both the open regiments, and closed

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They are great for a small room, as they fill the corner, leaving the rest of the space free.

According to roominess, the wardrobe is completed with open and closed shelves, mezzanines, hangers, baskets.

He might be case and built-in. The second option in some cases requires redevelopment of the premises for the organization of a niche. Doors can be hinged or sliding type.

Standard cabinet option in the hallway

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Straight lines

 This is an installation option close to one of the walls of the corridor. In a large hallway, he may well replace the dressing room.

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Include several items. They can be combined into one song or set separately. Usually such a set consists of bedside cabinets, narrow wardrobe, mirrors and hangers.

Interesting and convenient design solution

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Such models are mainly manufactured to order. Their difference is the curved front part. Side walls can also be configured in this way.

It looks very extraordinary, attracting attention, emphasizing the refined taste of the owners.

Minimalism as always flawless

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These models are suitable for spacious hallways. They are versatile, roomy and suitable for people who dream of having a dressing room.

Any of the presented models can be equipped with a place for a seat in the form of a small sofa or a folding chair.

Such a solution creates a comfortable environment during pereobuvaniya. Facades are open and closed.

The only thing you should not forget - with open facades is necessary keep an eye on order.

Tip! Choosing a closet for your hallway, you must choose which particular model fits into the room better. After that, it is necessary to choose its place, taking into account the direction in which the door located next to it opens. If desired, it is always possible to shift it by replacing the hinges. Return to menu ↑ return to menu


Wardrobe under the order is valued much more, since this solution allows property owners to independently choose the content.

Filling cabinets depends on your preferences.

Most often, models are equipped with such elements:

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Under them is preferable select 2 branches. In one of them is stored long outerwear: a coat, raincoats, fur coats, sheepskin coats. In the other section - short wardrobe items: jackets, parks, sweatshirts. Bars are retractable, which creates certain amenities.

Approximate version of the layout of space inside the cabinet

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Bottom shoe cabinets

They can be made of LDSP or metal - mesh. The second option is more acceptable. The shoes are well viewed, easy to install, on the shelves of this type does not accumulate dirt and dust.

The number of curbstones and shelves is due to square meters

The rest of the space is filled with shelves, drawers, metal baskets. They are intended for storage hats, gloves, umbrellas, bags.

A wardrobe can put in itself not only things, but everything you need to hide

If the cabinet is large, you can select special compartments in it. for vacuum cleaner and ironing board. These are the things that are usually hard to find a place in an apartment.

Fill with all necessary is not always possible. Therefore, you must, first of all, choose what is more important for all family members. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

Popular styles

Manufacturers make cabinets in the hallway in different styles. Most common today are the following styles:

Such cabinets look modern and beautiful.

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It is characterized by simple lines, unobtrusive decor, non-standard textures and modern materials.

The surface can be matte or glossy, a combination of bright colors and different textures is welcome.

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Cabinets have a simple design, preference is given to light shades, monotonous, simple without unnecessary details to the facades. It looks good color cabinet, selected in the same shades as the walls of the hallway.

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For the manufacture of cabinets in this style is mainly used natural wood.

Acceptable use of modern materials that mimic the tree. Color facades - pastel colors. Smooth bends are characteristic of lines and corners.

Convenient and always practical

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The design is simple but textured. This style has elements of romanticism, aging effect, flower patterns, drawings, vintage carved details.

For the manufacture of the most commonly used wood, painted in light shades.

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Popular among creative people style. It is characterized by a large amount of light, a lot of space. Therefore, the hallway has rather big dimensions. This allows you to install a large cabinet.

The main requirement for it is functionality and simplicity. Mirror facades, metal elements are welcome.

Manufacturers are guided by simple wooden designs of muted shades.

Main functionality and simplicity

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Country music

It is often called the rustic style, which is characterized by the use of natural wood in warm colors of the color palette. Patina, carving, scuffs, forged parts, decoupage are suitable as decoration.

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High tech

The main thing - the lack of decor, functionality. A combination of black and white with elements made of wood and glass is welcomed.

White furniture looks harmoniously in the hallway

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The wardrobe in this style can be made even of well-processed plywood. Features - smooth lines, floral decor, simple shapes, smooth surfaces, chrome-plated metal elements.

Popular models with mirrors

There are other styles used by manufacturers to create models. This allows consumers to choose the one that is more suited to their needs.

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Color is important

Creating an individual design, or selecting a ready-made model, it is recommended to choose the decor lines that are in the interior. This will help create a harmonious indoor environment.

The main thing is that the furniture harmoniously looked throughout the interior.

When selected, the value has a color. It depends on him, whether the main piece of furniture will be an addition to the existing interior or will take on the main accent.

In each person's life color is of paramount importance.

Sometimes there is little space, and the cabinet can be represented in a minimal amount.

It affects the psychological state, character, mood. The famous German poet Goethe used this skillfully and wore glasses with glasses painted in different colors when writing his creations.

Therefore, when choosing furniture, you must be very careful.

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Trendy color shades

Natural wood
This color always looks advantageous and fits almost any architectural style.

Beautiful and very roomy version

Imitation walnut, wenge, oak
Also have the right to exist. If necessary, the master can always supplement the facades with elements in the form of inserts made of various color shades of glass, plastic, metal.
He is always in trend. The surface can be matte or glossy - it depends mainly on your tastes. Looks furniture item solemnly, elegantly.

The problem with shoes is solved

Pastel shades
Beige, brown, dairy, peach, sand shades and champagne color are also very relevant.

Standard wardrobe in the hall

Bright colours
Fans of rich bright tones pay attention to the lilac, burgundy, purple color. It should be borne in mind - in the decor of the room there is no place for colorful details.
Photo printing
It must be approached carefully, since not all styles are combined with it. The best photo printing looks in the hallway, made in the urban style. In this case, the color load should be evenly distributed.

Even this variety fits nicely and can be useful.

If you do not choose the color, designers are advised to choose with mirror facades.

For people who prefer dark color furniture, you need to properly organize high-quality lighting. Since most often there is no natural light in the hallway, it is advisable to install several lamps, some of them may be located in the cabinet itself.

Layout of the coupe

Show some imagination, creativity, choose the appropriate material, content, style, color and you will definitely buy or order the closet of your dreams!

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TOP-5 modern trends in cabinet design

1Wood texture. At the peak of popularity matte finish.

Cabinet with wooden texture elements

2Eco-leather. The elite way of covering for wardrobes is now in trend.

Sliding wardrobe with leather inserts

3Glass. Clear glass should be combined with a bright and original back wall.

Transparent wardrobe

4Fully silent opening. Updated designs allow you to open and close the cabinet silently and easily.

Cabinet with maximum silent doors

5Built-in beds. The best solution for small premises. The bed can be removed or decomposed when needed.

Wardrobe with folding bed

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