Design modern curtains with lambrequin in the kitchen. Fashion trends and TOP-6 tips + 145 PHOTOS


Lambrequin - an effective element of the design of the window opening, able to create a unique beauty design. Finding the right one that fits well with the interior can be a difficult task. In order to successfully cope with it, consider the peculiarities of the compositions and recommendations from the designers.

Content of this article:

  • What is a lambrequin
  • Soft - popular and easy to clean.
  • Hard - Concise
  • Combined - original
  • What parts does it consist of?
  • Constituent elements
  • Material selection rules
  • Pelmets and curtains: choosing the best combination
  • Roman curtains
  • Classic
  • Rolshtora
  • Colored curtains
  • Tulle and lace
  • Blinds cafe
  • Jalousie
  • Top 6 tips on how to choose the right pelmet
  • Is the lambrequin noticeable in the kitchen?
  • Colors and shades
  • To decorate or not to decorate
  • How not to overdo the size
  • Which form is better
  • The style of the interior determines the design of the windows.
  • Fashion trends
  • VIDEO: Lambrequins to buy
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The brightest designs of curtains with lambrequins
  • What is a lambrequin
  • What parts does it consist of?
  • Material selection rules
  • Pelmets and curtains: choosing the best combination
  • Top 6 tips on how to choose the right pelmet
  • Fashion trends
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The brightest designs of curtains with lambrequins
  • What is a lambrequin

    The word "pelmet", meaning the drapery of the upper part of the window opening, is of French origin.

    Drapery top of the window opening

    Traditionally, he performs a decorative and practical role:

    • masking fasteners curtains;
    • masking cornice;
    • decor that creates an attractive view of the room.

    The decor creates an attractive view of the room.

    Quality allows you to use it as an element of design.

    Design Element

    Complex designs look interesting, enliven the interior and highlight the window opening with attractive framing.

    Lambrequins are:

    1symmetric; 2asymmetric.

    Theme pelmet to create comfort

    Which option to choose based on the parameters of the kitchen itself? Your kitchen has the correct shape of a square or rectangle, the window is located in the middle of the wall and the furnishings do not require adjustment by special techniques?

    In this case, it is exactly symmetrical that will fit into the interior, emphasizing the harmony of the space.

    Symmetrical pelmet in your kitchen

    Asymmetry is a larger number of decorative frills and other elements on one side of the window. This approach to the design will help smooth out the features of the layout or placement of furniture.

    Asymmetry for space adjustment

    Depending on the rigidity of the structure, there are three types:

    1 soft; 2 combined; 3 hard.

    Choose your type

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    Soft - popular and easy to clean.

    For the kitchen, preference is most often given to a soft lambrequin. It is practical and adds lightness to the interior. At the base - beautifully stitched folds of the cloth, which allow you to expose this decor to cleaning.

    Soft preference

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    Hard - Concise

    This design is considered practical. At its core, it is tough, so it is used less frequently in the kitchen because of the complexity of care. It is made from the same material as the main curtain, but with a solid (hard) base.

    Practical pelmet in a modern kitchen

    Stiffness makes it possible to mask the fastening system well, and in some cases, the eaves itself. Selected composition will visually expand the window, and additional accessories in the form of cords will add elegance.

    Masking fixing system

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    Combined - original

    The combination of stiffness and softness will help create a more attractive interior. This option is suitable for a large kitchen that combines spaciousness with high ceilings.

    The combined lambrequin for big kitchen

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    What parts does it consist of?

    Lambrequin is considered a complex structure. It may consist of one or more parts. The peculiarity of the composition is determined by the design requirements.

    Design requirements - design complexity

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    Constituent elements

    Swag A horizontally spaced part, which may not necessarily be symmetrical.

    Bright lambrequin with asymmetric swag in the kitchen

    Jabot An element that is placed on the side and has a vertical directivity. The length depends on the height of the window and the intended design.

    Frill element in the kitchen

    Tie This is the part that combines with the jabot.

    Lambrequin in the kitchen tone

    Perekida Cloth material that is thrown through the eaves. The ends of peroxides can hang freely, adding decorativeness to the design.PuffsForming lush folds. This element adds volume to the design of the window, contributes to the perception of the room as brighter.

    Puffs add volume to window decoration

    Ruffles and other optional items.Optional decor. Their appearance and availability - depending on the requirements of the style.

    Appearance depends on style requirements

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    Material selection rules

    The use of fabric in the interior is always associated with a combination of functionality and attractiveness. The choice of material plays an important role not only in terms of the interior, but also in terms of the specifics of the kitchen.

    Combine material with overall interior design

    The fabric should have such important properties as the ability to tolerate repeated washing and cleaning.

    The kitchen often has high humidity due to cooking, there are particles of fat and gas in the air, so the ability of the material to be washed frequently is very important. If the fabric is spectacular and expensive, but it requires complex care - this is not an option for the kitchen.

    Choose a quality fabric

    For curtains with lambrequins, which are located near the stove or sink, it is advisable to look at the fabric with a special treatment - fire and water-repellent.

    Choose a practical fabric with special treatment.

    In many interiors, designers, when selecting fabric for kitchen curtains, prefer eco-friendly materials:

    • linen;
    • cotton;
    • viscose.

    Synthetic formulations are used less often, dense - almost never. Also heavy solid fabrics (velvet, brocade, etc.) are not suitable for the kitchen.

    They are too solemn, too elegant and heavy. In addition, they absorb odors, which makes them undesirable for the kitchen.

    "Ceremonial" fabrics for room design

    It is very beautiful when the curtains in the kitchen are light, letting in enough light and not weighting the perception of space.

    Use lightweight fabrics for a good light pass.

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    Pelmets and curtains: choosing the best combination

    Good compatibility is an important requirement, compliance with which allows these interior elements to look organic, complementing each other.

    The best combination - pelmet with curtains

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    Roman curtains

    This kind of curtains can be combined not only with lambrequins, but also with curtains. The laconism of the Roman curtains is especially in demand in small kitchens, since they do not protrude beyond the window level and look very neat.

    The conciseness of the Roman curtains is especially in demand in small kitchens

    In this embodiment, it should be the same concise and discreet. With roman blinds, very small hard lambrequins in the same color as the curtains themselves are completed very well.

    Laconic and discreet

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    The classic interior allows using both soft and hard lambrequins in a duet with fabric curtains. In this simple form, it favorably emphasizes the beautiful assembly on the curtains and their unobtrusive aesthetics.

    Elegant aesthetics in the assembly of curtains

    Soft varieties make it possible to revitalize the look of the curtains, adding to them an easy romance.

    Perfect curtain design for bright kitchen

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    This option is in demand on the first floors of houses and in those rooms that require shading from the bright sun. In combination with rolshtory they perform an aesthetic function, softening the neutral look of curtains.

    The option is in demand on the first floors of houses

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    Colored curtains

    The curtains on the windows can coincide with the colors of furniture, textiles and wall decorations or look an order of magnitude brighter. In this case, should be in the same colors as the main curtain. Here it will look beautiful with a rigid base or with a combined model, especially with a large window size.

    The curtains on the windows can match the colors of the furniture.

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    Tulle and lace

    Tulle in the kitchen can be draped easily due to its weightlessness. Balancing the upper part of the window with the interior will help the lambrequin, combining the whole composition into one whole.

    Balanced composition on the kitchen window

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    Blinds cafe

    Covering only the lower half of the window, they go well with soft and rigid structures. This appearance of windows is suitable for country-style interior.

    Country directions in the interior

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    The practicality of blinds allows to apply them not only in living rooms, but also in the kitchen. They create good protection from the sun, which makes them indispensable helpers on the south windows. Arched lambrequins in this case will make the perfect combination with blinds.

    Blinds in tone of a lambrequin

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    Top 6 tips on how to choose the right pelmet

    From the interior of the kitchen depends on what the window design to be. Everything matters: the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, kitchen furniture, the colors of the furniture.

    Choosing a pelmet correctly

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    Is the lambrequin noticeable in the kitchen?

    If you think that the window design will remain invisible to, for example, guests, then you are mistaken. Having come to your kitchen, you can ignore the color of the tabletop and the appearance of the stove, but will definitely take a look at the window with the lambrequin. Hence the conclusion - it is impossible to neglect the design of the window opening.

    Make it visible to guests.

    In the kitchen, as in any room, everything should be harmonious. In the presence of a large headset with spectacular surfaces, the design of the window should be consistent - modesty will be simply inappropriate.

    And, conversely, an overly fanciful lambrequin can become a discordant with the modesty of the interior.

    Budget for rich cuisine

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    Colors and shades

    The color of the lambrequin is determined by the overall color scheme of the interior. Depending on whether the window should play the role of an accent, a suitable shade is selected.

    Color depends on the range of interior

    It can affect the visual perception of the entire kitchen and the window in particular. Depending on the incarnation, the window may appear larger or smaller, taller or wider.

    Window rendering depends on it

    Bright shades are perceived as more expressive, they can stand out by contrast against the background of neutral colors of walls and furniture.

    When using light neutral shades for lambrequins and curtains, which distinguish the rest of the interior, you can get the effect of “blurred borders” that has been relevant in recent years.

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    To decorate or not to decorate

    Among the decorations are the following accessories:

    • ruches;
    • fringe;
    • brushes;
    • cords;
    • beads;
    • artificial flowers, etc.

    Pick any accessory

    Some models are so self-sufficient that they do not require additional decor - quite enough beautiful folds. Return to the menu

    How not to overdo the size

    What size should be? Big width or length is not always a plus. The optimum width of the cloth is not more than a quarter the height of the curtain. The length in the finished form - the size of the eaves.

    Perfect size for a kitchen window

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    Which form is better

    What form is preferable for the kitchen? For a small kitchen, of course, simple. Since here textiles are erased much more often than in other rooms, the use of too serious constructions will be associated with difficulties in caring for them.

    Simple lambrequin - simple care

    Hard can be recommended for large kitchens and those that are combined with the dining room or living room. In this case, the presence of a good exhaust becomes almost a requirement.

    Hard for a big kitchen

    The style of the room determines what the lambrequin will look like. Only corresponding to the stylistic direction, it will become a fashionable accent, which will emphasize the thoughtfulness of the interior.

    Therefore, we proceed to the next stage - the selection for a particular style.

    Selection of lambrequin for a certain style

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    The style of the interior determines the design of windows.

    For the kitchen can be used almost any style. But it must be combined with the design of the rest of the premises, correspond to the financial possibilities, the internal needs of the family, be comfortable and beautiful.

    Short pelmet over the sink

    Most often for the kitchen choose one of three areas:

    1kantri; 2modern; 3traditional.

    Country style kitchen window

    Kitchen style can be with bright accents or completely in black and white. Traditional furniture is combined with warm shades of classic colors of curtains and pelmets. As the colors chosen cell, strip or monophonic material.

    White kitchen with black accents

    Country styles make it possible to embody a simple style of window decorations. These areas of interior design are natural, absorbing the best from the ethnics of America or Europe.

    Country styles make it possible to embody a simple style of window decorations

    Lambrequin in the spirit of Slavic traditions can be decorated with embroidery in folk style or merezhka. Bright light natural fabrics will be very harmonious in the design of such a kitchen.

    Styling for Provence allows for the design to choose solid fabrics of natural colors or with unobtrusive prints - small flowers.

    Lambrequin in the spirit of the Slavic traditions

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    Fashion trends

    Trends in trendy decor allow the use of various lambrequins in the kitchen. One of the current trends is floristic unobtrusive patterns of curtains, echoing a hue with a monochromatic lambrequin. This creates a win-win combination that adds style to the interior.

    Floral design in the interior of the kitchen

    The fashion still preserves the desire for a more environmentally friendly environment, which is emphasized in the design using natural or blended fabrics.

    Choose colors in soothing shades, or even pastel. If there are shiny fabrics, they are recommended to be combined with matte.

    Striving for a more environmentally friendly environment

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