Lilac Color in the interior - 210+ (Photo) Large variety and combination of colors


Lilac color is especially loved by creative people. For many, he is a source of inspiration. For some color harmony and comfort. How can he be? How does it affect? What is combined? Answers to all questions in this article.

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  • The combination of lilac
  • We select shades correctly
  • Light lilac shade
  • Beige and lilac color
  • The combination of lilac in different rooms
  • In the kitchen - how to beat him?
  • Shades in the bedroom
  • For living room
  • In the children's room
  • In the bathroom
  • Lilac curtains in different rooms
  • findings
  • VIDEO: Choosing the lilac color for the interior
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 210 photos)
  • The combination of lilac
  • The combination of lilac in different rooms
  • Lilac curtains in different rooms
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 210 photos)
  • The combination of lilac

    The main difficulty of people who want to decorate their home in lilac color, is the correct selection of the desired shade. Violet - multi-tone, which consists of a cold blue and warm red. And because he can both make the interior unique, and completely spoil it.

    Create a unique interior

    Let's look at what colors lilac goes best with. If you take his pale varieties, they will make the room more airy, visually spacious. Especially well this tone is applicable as the main color - for example, for finishing wallpaper.

    Dark tones in the room will look too aggressive. Therefore, it is better to use purple in such rooms not as the main tone, but for details - small furniture, paintings, flowers, and sofa cushions.

    The main thing is not to overdo it with color saturation.

    For lilac tones need a color "companion".

    According to the interior designers, the complexity of violet is such that it necessarily needs an auxiliary tint.

    BoardIf you choose neutral colors as a companion, then purple will open up in full. And on the background of bright colors, he, on the contrary, will be lost.

    It is important to match colors correctly.

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    We select shades correctly

    BoardDo not be afraid to experiment with lilac - sometimes you get chic options. With a combination of purple and chocolate, royal colors are obtained, which are suitable for rich living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

    The naturalness of mauve makes it ideal in combination with the same natural shades - for example, pastel green, blue, or sand. Lively colors give the room a special color.

    Combines with many colors.

    If you choose burgundy or red as companions, then purple will become saturated, serious. However, such combinations will not be appropriate everywhere, so use them only in offices or in living rooms.It's amazing how interesting the effect is on lilac gray - it makes violet more touching, fragile, and soulful. However, the interior may seem too "empty", if you do not add to it yellow or green. It may be small items in the form of pillows, vases, lamps, paintings.

    Looks great in company with green

    BoardIf you want to make the interior more fresh - use the calm colors of purple and yellow. Then the room will bloom with all the colors of the summer field, the spring garden. The freshness and airiness of the room gives turquoise. Return to the menu ↑

    Light lilac shade

    Designers decorating an apartment or a house choose not dark, but, on the contrary, light shades of lilac. Such light shades are perfectly combined with gold, bronze and silver hues, so you can put a mirror in a precious frame or any other accessories indoors.

    Light lilac shades are perfectly combined with other neutral colors - for example, milk or cream. You can use light green or light blue.

    Light lilac shade in the nursery

    Such combinations give a feeling of comfort in the room, and in addition, they will help you to relax after a hard day’s work. It is believed that the light lilac shade treats vision and develops intuition. And dark shades, on the contrary, can cause fatigue and irritation.

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    Beige and lilac color

    Lilac color is combined with beige, white and milky shades. Use a combination of these colors in the interior, and you will get the airiness and freshness of the room.

    Designers believe that lilac is the color that requires a combination with other colors. And it is precisely beige, like no other, that gives lilac to reveal fully.

    Beige perfectly complements purple

    BoardIf you want to repair a small visit, then use a combination of lilac and beige. It will help to visually enlarge the room. Return to the menu ↑ Return to the menu

    The combination of lilac in different rooms

    Lilac is a complex, difficult-to-match tone, but it is well suited for any room, be it a nursery or a living room. Because of this versatility, lilac can be put on a par with many other traditional neutral colors - for example, white or beige. This allows it to be used in almost every room.

    Combine with white color

    Lilac is used in bedrooms and for many it is already a “classic of the genre”.

    Because of the relaxing energy, it is good for both couples and singles. Add beige or white to lilac - then he will play with new colors. Moreover, purple can be used both as a primary and as an additional color.

    Light option is used for walls, as the main textile composition. But do not forget to add a little beige, so that the lilac one does not act so strongly on the psyche. But if purple acts as an additional color, then no beige is no longer needed. You can make lilac lamps, frames, pillows, curtains - any accessories.

    Add a little beige

    BoardChoose lilac for the living room, and she will get a stylish, lively look. To make the color look more profitable, use additional colors such as brown, gold, sand. As materials, it is desirable to choose suede, brocade or velvet - heavy fabrics. And additional colors should not be too much.
    Want to get a unique interior? Use not only lilac, but also dark shades of purple, different versions of lilac.

    Use different shades

    With the help of color you can recreate the perfect bedroom for a girl. You can make the interior romantic, soulful, as harmonious as possible. To maintain the style of the princess, you can add colors such as pearl, white.

    Lilac - the perfect color for the Provence style kitchen. And if you consider that this room is not too large, then you need to choose the lightest light purple tones. And the lighter the color, the easier the room will look. And to make it look brighter, you should add yellow, black white or even some shades of green to the interior.

    Provence style kitchen

    BoardDesigners claim that the purple in the kitchen will be appropriate not only as the main color, but also in the form of parts - from kitchen utensils to paper or cloth napkins. If you use this method, you can achieve color diversity. Return to the menu

    In the kitchen - how to beat him?

    There is an erroneous opinion that people who are in a room where lilac prevails will feel uncomfortable. But if you use gentle, light shades, you can overcome fatigue, stress, and even relieve tension. It suppresses appetite, but because it will look perfect in the kitchen of those people who are struggling with excess weight.

    Lavender tones for a cozy atmosphere

    But in order to make the interior look interesting, it needs to be diluted with other colors.

    To make the interior look good in the kitchen or dining area, the following rules should not be neglected:
    • To make the kitchen not look too "heavy", it is better to avoid several combinations of lilac.
    • Add white or gray shades that blend in with the base color.
    • If you use the style of "high-tech", it is desirable to add metallic to the interior.
    • To make the dining area look comfortable and cozy, use a combination of lilac-pistachio and lilac-beige.
    • To achieve freshness, you can add light blue.
    • Do you want more glamor? Add pink with black.
    • If the kitchen is large and pleases the eye with its square meters, then you can use brighter tones of lilac.

    Bright lilac for a large kitchen

    Violet can easily overload the interior, but lightness can be added due to suitable furniture chosen in the form of strict geometric shapes.
    If in purple colors you have furniture, then the floor, ceiling and wall covering should be in the following colors:
    • white;
    • gold;
    • chocolate;
    • beige.

    Combined with furniture and walls

    If the room under the kitchen is small, do not use too dark shades of lilac - they make the room visually even smaller, and also have a negative effect on the psycho-emotional state of the person.

    We will analyze the option with kitchen set. If the kitchen is made in lilac tones, then the tabletop should be, on the contrary, in a contrasting color. As for the apron, it should be combined with the color of the kitchen or the set itself. We advise you to pick up a purple apron in the kitchen and a silver or gray worktop.

    Tabletop is better to do in another color

    If the tabletop is also made in purple shades, then you can choose a black and white apron. It will give the kitchen a highlight and highlight the lower and upper headset modules.

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    Shades in the bedroom

    You do not know what shade of purple to choose for the bedroom? Pay attention to the lighting of the room.

    If your room does not need additional light, you can choose colder and brighter shades. You will get lightness and airiness, and on the other - visual freshness and coolness.

    Pay attention to the lighting of the room

    It is quite another thing when the room is poorly lit.. Then softer and neutral shades will be useful. In a shaded room you will get an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

    Experts advise to arrange the bedroom in a quieter shades than other rooms, because the situation should primarily contribute to sound sleep and relaxation, distract from heavy thoughts.

    Give importance to color accents

    It is recommended to combine purple with:
    • beige;
    • white;
    • bed colors blue;
    • lemon;
    • mint.

    As for the more saturated tones of lilac, they are used in detail - for example, for bedspreads, bed linen, covers for upholstered furniture, and so on.

    Purple in detail

    Lilac shades are well suited not only for adults, but also for children's bedrooms, and they will fit not only for girls, but also for boys. The smaller the child, the brighter the shade of purple should be. As for the older generation of children, they will appreciate the combination of lilac and gray, pearl or white. Others will like the mix of black.

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    For living room

    The living room is good because it can use both rich and warmer tones.. It all depends on what style you want to get in the end. Therefore, before repairing, look at the possible options in the photo and draw up an action plan for yourself with the maximum number of accessory parts.

    Make the living room of your dreams - bright, beautiful and stylish

    For wall decoration, it is better to choose calm, pastel colors, but brighter shades are better left for furniture and point shades. For example, juicy, bright purple color can be used for vases, picture frames, rugs, divan beds and so on.

    You can add a golden color, which is especially welcome in a classic style.
    Of course, the entire living room can be built on shades of purple, but then you will also need contrasting colors for point accents. One of the options for this purpose is all shades of green, juicy blue, crimson, orange, and lemon.

    Lilac in the living room is perfectly combined with the tree, which many designers successfully use. The wooden surface can be either a deep dark color or a red tint.

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    In the children's room

    If the pink in the interior design is tired and you want a variety, you can choose to decorate the children's room lilac color. Especially well this option is suitable for a girl's room. And if in the evening he helps to relax and fall asleep, then during the day, on the contrary, he will stimulate creativity, since this color contributes to the development of imagination and creativity.

    Promotes creative thinking

    It is also good in that it is suitable both as a primary color (for example, a wall covering) and as properly placed accents (for example, rugs, curtains, bedside tables, etc.).

    Lilac color will perfectly fit into both modern and classic interiors, so it can be used both in the baby’s room and in a teenage child.

    Suitable for a child of any age

    If the parent chose this color to decorate the room, then he needs to know its features.

    It is known that an excess of this color can overwork a child and even make him depressed. In addition, lilac is an ideal color for creative development, but alas, it is not suitable for creative sciences.

    But not everything is so bad with this color, and any of its shortcomings can be neutralized with the help of accompanying colors, the choice of hue and the amount of lilac in the interior. For this you need to know some rules.

    Perfect color for creative development.

    Dilution lilac in the nursery

    If lilac is used as a background color, then it needs dilution at least in a 2: 1 ratio. If the color is used for decorating walls, ceilings and floors, then accessories of other colors will be needed.

    BoardIn the nursery, lilac is best diluted with such shades as creamy or white. However, other neutral colors can be used — for example, beige or gray in light shades.

    Dilute with other shades

    The walls can be painted in a light purple color, and furniture can be purchased in white.

    Successful combination of lilac with other flowers in the nursery

    If you do not want to dwell on the shades of milk, and decided to add bright colors to the nursery - pay attention to the bright colors. Such as yellow and green. These colors are so optimistic and cheerful that neutralize the sadness of lilac color.

    In the design of the children's room, these shades can coexist on children's furniture, bedding, pillows, curtains and other accessories.

    Yellow neutralizes lilac sadness

    DEtsky rooms in lilac color by age

    If we talk about the infant baby, then it is desirable to arrange in pastel colors. It is especially important that lilac perfectly soothes and adjusts to a healthy sleep, so it is suitable for a newborn's room.

    The main color in the room for the baby should be muted and light. It can be light lilac or light lilac.

    It looks interesting in the room of the newborn

    But as a supplement you can already use:
    • sky blue;
    • pastel pink;
    • pale green;
    • lactic;
    • white;
    • gray tones.

    It is better to refuse bright colors in a newborn baby, since they can distract a child from sleep and overexcite him.

    It is better to refuse strongly bright paints

    Slightly older, when the baby begins to explore the world, you can add bright and colorful colors to the baby’s room. For example, turquoise will be well combined with lilac, brighter shades of blue, green and yellow. All these colors together with purple will arouse the interest of the kid in creativity.

    In the kid's bedroom, bright but not flashy colors are applicable. Too catchy shades if they can be used, then only in small quantities. And only with a neutral background.

    Well combined bright colors

    In the children's teenager, several options are possible. The bedroom can be feminine, almost adult, and, on the contrary, bold and non-standard - the same as its owner.

    In both cases, lilac is perfect as a base. To create the desired combination, you can use additional colors.

    If the bedroom of a teenage girl is romantic and feminine, then fit:
    • beige;
    • dairy;
    • whites;
    • gray shades.

    Beautiful and delicate bedroom for a girl

    If you want more boldness, you can add black and white, silver and gold, but only as accents.

    Remember the accents

    If the room is already small and with windows to the north, then it is better to choose light shades of lilac for walls, floors and streams - so the room will not look too gloomy and visually acquire a few extra square meters. Conversely, if the room is large and light, then you can focus on darker shades, but remember that too dark purple negatively affects the psyche of the child.

    Choose shades of lilac, depending on the illumination of the room

    Pay attention to which side the windows of the house are directed. If the nursery faces north, it is better to choose lilac closer to pink. If, on the contrary, to the south, then purple shades are ideally suited to cool tones closer to blue.

    Choose different accents - from light colors to deeper and darker lilac colors. The nursery can be emphasized with such bright details as paintings on the wall, pillows on the beds, upholstery on the chair, and so on.

    Choosing lilac furniture

    Lilac in the nursery textile

    To add lilac tones to a children's room, it is not necessary to glue purple wallpapers on the wall. It will be much more interesting to use them in textiles or decor.

    Especially beautiful purple is revealed on the pillows and bedspreads, upholstery of beds and chairs, on bedside rugs and curtains. And when the child is bored with such an environment, you can change it to something new.

    Color is well revealed on various accessories.

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    In the bathroom

    In the bathroom, lilac is best combined with colors such as black, metallic gray or white. And also green or blue. If you are a fan of everything unusual, you can even get plumbing in purple shades. But so that the room does not become too fanciful, it is advisable to choose the colors of the finish and the combination of lilac.

    Lilac and all its shades - light-loving color. Therefore, consider the correct lighting, otherwise the bathroom will turn into a dark and dark.

    We select the shades that will be combined

    The color palette for the combination will be as follows:
    • all variants of neutral classic colors - white, beige, milky and so on;
    • it also goes well with yellow shades, carrot, peach;
    • violet tones are perfectly combined with mint and turquoise hues;
    • both chocolate and brown tones will do, but only warm ones;
    • the same lilac can be combined with blue hues, but only warm;
    • applicable and combinations with fuchsia or grape color.

    Bathroom with colored accents

    If there is a deeper illumination, several light sources, lamps, you can dwell on more saturated shades of lilac and choose bolder combinations:

    • dark lilac goes well with pistachio and dark shades of green;
    • the combination of denim and light blue will also be successful;
    • You should not choose too bright, sunny, rich shades of yellow, but pastel yellow or lemon will work well;
    • in priority white, pearl and metallic.

    Feel free to choose bright combinations

    Do not forget about the sense of proportion, otherwise the bathroom in violet colors may not only please, but also disappoint.

    Plumbing, furniture and accessories

    Shops offer different plumbing options - including lilac. But it would be better to look ordinary steel. Against the background of lilac finish, it will be nice to stand out and attract attention to itself, as well as dilute the too gloomy lilac color.

    You can do the opposite and on the background of light walls put purple bedside tables or plumbing. Such point accents will make the room more elegant and sophisticated.

    Original washbasin for the bathroom

    You can play with accessories. These are purple hangers, cup holders, terry towels or bathrobes, decorative waterproof stickers, textile elements or even dry or live flowers in vases.

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    Lilac curtains in different rooms

    Psychologists say that lilac curtains are chosen by sophisticated people with creative inclinations. This color is a symbol of everything philosophical and unearthly.

    When selecting fabrics for small rooms, nylon or organza will suit the room. It is better to have light, airy fabrics.

    Choosing light and airy fabrics

    However, before making the window in purple, listen to the following design tips:
    • the larger the room that needs decoration, the brighter and richer its tone;
    • Violet is not combined with all the tones, and its overabundance leads to a depressive state;
    • indoors purple should not be too much.
    If you choose the right combination and shades, the purple curtains will perform the following functions:
    • create a friendly atmosphere in the room;
    • set up a person in a friendly way and lift your spirits;
    • the room will get visually more;
    • which is typical for curtains - they will be able to correctly and gently disperse the light.

    Accurately focus attention

    When choosing this color curtains will contribute to meditation and good rest.

    Competent combinations in the curtains

    When choosing purple curtains, you need to be able to correctly select the color combinations:

    • If you have chosen the classic style of your room, rely on the shade of pale lilac and select the right combinations for it - for example, ivory, milky, beige and so on. As materials it is better to use neutral materials - for example, cotton or flax. But if you choose silk curtains, which will be placed large purple flowers, you can achieve a sense of luxury in the room.
    • When choosing an art deco style, dark lilac blends perfectly with chocolate. You can play with lilac and add a touch of gold to it. And silver will approach the lavender one.
    • For minimalism, the ideal combination would be a bright shade of lilac with green or blue.

    Bright accessories for your room

    BoardThere are such colors that are completely incompatible with lilac - for example, brick, burgundy, green in a marsh shade and all tones of red.
    Purple can additionally be combined with the following colors:
    • all shades of pink;
    • bright tones of yellow;
    • combination of black and white;
    • gray and pearl.

    This version of the curtains is very refreshing interior

    From the choice of color combination will depend on the mood in the room where you hang the curtains.

    In different curtains lilac curtains will look different. So, for example, if you choose bright curtains to the floor, then they will be perfectly combined with a white set.

    However, other design options can be used in the kitchen:
    • You can choose the curtains in the style of coffee - on these models will look great purple flowers on white curtains;
    • purple roman models are perfectly combined with white window frames;
    • a light curtain in the form of a veil to the middle of the window will also work;
    • You can also pick up a dairy Austrian curtain in combination with lilac decorative bows and pelmets.

    Purple curtains for the kitchen

    If the forge curtains are selected in purple, then all other interior details must be pastel shades.

    If in the bedroom all the furniture is milky or white, then the lilac curtains will fit here as well as possible. It can be both sliding portieres, and tulle of lilac color.
    The bedroom should take into account the following factors affecting color perception:
    • if we are talking about a small room, then you can pick up light-purple wallpaper for the walls, and not for curtains;
    • violet-colored curtains are ideal for a romantic girl;
    • It looks interesting on the curtains of a combination of lemon and lilac.

    Lilac curtains from expensive fabrics

    Unusual look lilac and blue or pink stripes on the curtains. If we talk about the living room, in this room trying to hang lilac curtains of expensive fabrics.

    You can combine lilac drapes with white and get a feminine design option.

    And you can use several tones of lilac - for example, purple and lilac. This option will also look very interesting.

    BoardThe texture of the curtains must match the textiles of the room.

    Interestingly look golden curtains with purple pelmets. For children, lilac can be safely used in different colors and variations. Particularly interesting here are smooth fabrics. However, a combination of lilac and green is appropriate. Return to menu ↑ return to menu


    If you make a child's little princess, then it would be appropriate to mix lilac with pink. And teens, on the contrary, will like the combination of bright purple and gray more.

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    VIDEO: Choosing the lilac color for the interior