Modern design wallpaper for the kitchen. Which to choose + Catalog of Ideas and 240 PHOTOS


Modern wallpaper for the kitchen is a practical and durable interior design. Special conditions in the kitchen make high demands on the wallpaper. High humidity is often present in this room and temperature fluctuations are frequent. Therefore, any wallpaper will not work. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • What should be the wallpaper in the kitchen
  • Lightfastness
  • Density
  • Vapor permeability
  • Moisture resistance
  • Types of wallpaper. TOP 4 most suitable options
  • Vinyl
  • Flizelinovye
  • Silk screen printing
  • Fiberglass
  • Kitchen areas: we share the space harmoniously
  • Color selection
  • Warm or cold shades: which is better
  • Bright accents: to be or not to be
  • Which drawing is better: large or small?
  • Strips are a good choice.
  • Selection of wallpaper design
  • Modern style
  • Classic interior
  • Provence and Country
  • What wallpaper should not be used in the kitchen
  • Top 8 Optional Tips
  • VIDEO: sticking new wallpaper in the kitchen
  • PHOTO GALLERY (More than 240 photos)
  • What should be the wallpaper in the kitchen
  • Types of wallpaper. TOP 4 most suitable options
  • Kitchen areas: we share the space harmoniously
  • Color selection
  • Selection of wallpaper design
  • What wallpaper should not be used in the kitchen
  • Top 8 Optional Tips
  • PHOTO GALLERY (More than 240 photos)
  • What should be the wallpaper in the kitchen

    When choosing a wallpaper, it is important to consider the following points:

    • possibility of wet cleaning;
    • moisture resistance;
    • resistance to fading;
    • vapor permeability;
    • material density.

    It is important when choosing to follow certain rules.

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    Often the kitchen room has large windows that let in a lot of light. In this case, the resistance of the fabric to fading will not be superfluous. This property of the material allows, if necessary, rearrange the furniture without fear that there will be ugly faded markings on the walls.

    Large windows - lots of light

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    The density of the material determines how durable the wallpaper will be in use. The higher this index the better.

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    Vapor permeability

    This ability allows the web to dry for a short time. High vapor permeability prevents the development of fungus on the walls and maintains a healthy microclimate.

    Wallpapers have several advantages over other finishes.

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    Moisture resistance

    High humidity in the kitchen is not uncommon. The ability to design walls to withstand adverse conditions is an important part of the requirements. After all, in this room, wallpaper is contaminated more often than in others, and requires wet cleaning with a sponge using household chemicals.

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    Types of wallpaper. TOP 4 most suitable options

    Many of the effects created by the wallpaper, due to their texture. Consider the most popular types and find out how they are acceptable for the kitchen.

    Paper wallpaper - the most popular option

    Immediately, we note the possibility of applying simple paper wallpapers to kitchens. Their low performance will not withstand the harsh conditions of the kitchen. Therefore, despite the environmental friendliness and low price, we do not purchase paper wallpaper for the kitchen.

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    This option is one of the most popular for the kitchen. It combines moisture resistance, density and affordable price. This finishing material can serve for many years without losing a presentable appearance.

    Vinyl wallpapers do not lose their appearance over time.

    Vinyl wallpapers are very diverse, they can imitate interesting textures - wild stone, textured plaster, mat, etc. The care of such walls will be simple. Vinyl "can endure" even painting.

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    The basis of their manufacture is the method of pressing cellulose fibers. The material thus obtained is “breathing”, it is durable, and it is easy to glue on the wall. Non-woven wallpaper can be washable or not, for the kitchen is better - the first option. What is their minus? In the price.

    Non-woven wallpaper easy to glue on the wall

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    Silk screen printing

    This is one of the varieties of vinyl wallpaper. The basis is the same, but the decoration is carried out with silk threads, allowing to make a very beautiful canvas. This creates a completely smooth surface, the wallpaper looks very good even without complicated care.

    Silk-screen wallpapers

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    Increased strength of fiberglass - excellent quality for the design of the kitchen. At its core, it is a cloth fabric that has a special impregnation. In comparison with vinyl coating, glass wall paper is preferable.

    The covering will allow to mask well the irregularities of the walls, it is hypoallergenic and blocks the development of fungi. The service life is large, at least 10 years, which justifies the very high price of the material.

    Helps to mask irregularities on the wall

    Fiberglass wallpaper can be used for multiple painting.

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    Kitchen areas: we share the space harmoniously

    In the kitchen interior it is customary to single out several zones:

    1 lunch; 2 washing; 3 cooking.

    We divide into zones

    If the dimensions of the kitchen allow you to select these zones in full size, consider yourself lucky. Another possible option is to move the dining area outside the kitchen to the dining room or living room. In a small kitchen, you will have to combine materials and show imagination in order to organize the space as efficiently as possible.

    We organize space in a small kitchen

    The washing area and cooking zone, especially near the stove, are prone to splashing from water and fat when cooking. In such a place, any wallpaper will not last very long. The solution will be the organization of a kitchen apron made of durable and waterproof materials (tempered glass, tiles, etc.).

    In the dining area, you can use waterproof materials, such as moisture-resistant wallpaper. If space allows, this zone can be distinguished by photo wallpapers.

    Use the wallpaper in the dining area

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    Color selection

    Currently, design trends are so diverse that it is easy to choose the most appropriate style and color scheme. It is advisable to give preference to light calm shades that create a cozy atmosphere.

    The choice of colors is very important at the planning stage.

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    Warm or cold shades: which is better

    Facing the choice of which color, warm or cold, should be preferred, it is better to start from the orientation of the windows to the directions of the world. If the room is dark, facing north, it is recommended to stop your choice on the warm colors of light shades. In sunny kitchens, you can glue wallpaper in cool shades, for example, soft blue.

    Kitchen in soft blue colors

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    Bright accents: to be or not to be

    The presence of bright, rich colors, enlivens the room and refreshes the interior. The monotony of the situation is not interesting, but excessive brightness acts annoyingly. As a bright accent created with the help of wallpaper, a combination of several wallpapers of different colors or photo wall-paper design of a free wall can be used.

    Free wall can be decorated with photo wallpaper

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    Which drawing is better: large or small?

    Large drawing visually reduces space. Therefore, it should be used carefully - on fragments of walls or in cases where the kitchen has a large square and high ceilings. Small pattern, especially on a light background, on the contrary, "adds" space.

    Large drawing increases space

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    Strips are a good choice.

    Horizontally located strips visually expand a small kitchen space, but at the same time create the impression of low ceilings. Vertically located - make the room visually higher. But if you paste over the whole kitchen with such panels, you will get the impression of a small room resembling a well.

    Striped wallpaper in the kitchen

    If the stripes on the wallpaper or patterns are arranged diagonally, then the dynamics of the kitchen are added to the appearance of the kitchen, the room comes to life.

    Expanding kitchen space with stripes

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    Selection of wallpaper design

    Stands with wallpapers in salons are full of diversity, new collections are constantly produced, current trends in kitchen design are tracked. What is the preferred pattern?

    Current trends in the interior

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    Modern style

    This design direction of the room does not have strict requirements for the appearance of the wallpaper. Almost any print may be appropriate here - from abstraction to floral. You can even use wallpaper that imitates stonework, wood cuts or plaster.

    Floral print wallpaper

    What to pay attention to? On quality. For a modern-style kitchen, the selection of patterns for wallpaper should be based on its conformity to the furniture design, on creating a certain atmosphere and, of course, rely on the budget allocated for repairs.

    Design a small budget kitchen

    For the kitchen in which you are not a lot of time, you can choose a simple design option. Highlight one of the walls with an unusual print. A bright accent will create a special mood.

    Bright accent for mood

    Do you love your kitchen and are often in it? If this room is intended not only for cooking, but also for unhurried tea drinking and reading books, pick up a neutral tone of wallpaper. Calm colors with a dim small print will not only decorate the room, but also create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

    Calm and cozy atmosphere

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    Classic interior

    Classic does not like clean and boring walls. Screaming bright prints are not the best choice either. All colors on the walls should be only noble shades characteristic of the traditional direction in the design. Paints should be muted, in light or dark scale.

    Unchanging classics in the interior

    For a classic-style kitchen, you can choose colors from these:

    • strip;
    • medallion pattern;
    • heraldic themes;
    • monograms;
    • floral ornament with weaves;
    • imitation plaster.

    Brick wall imitation

    Wall mural in the dining area will also be valid. Their plot must match the style:

    • image of ancient frescoes;
    • reproductions of art paintings;
    • image of architectural monuments.
    Classic style is universal, it does not go out of fashion. The kitchen decorated in this direction will not lose its relevance for many years.

    Using photo wallpapers with pictures

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    Provence and Country

    For romantics who appreciate the simplicity of life and proximity to nature, Provence and Country - the best option for home decoration. The kitchen is no exception. As prints on the wallpaper, you can see images of small flowers, weaves of twigs, leaves or vines.

    The ease and simplicity of country music

    Everything connected with life in nature will be appropriate in such a kitchen interior. Among the shades chosen for decoration, preference should be given to pleasing to the eye and calm natural tones.

    Relaxed Provence in the kitchen

    If you do not like floral motifs, you can use wallpaper with the image of fruits or vegetables, vineyards, decorate the surface with checkered colors in bright colors. Rustic themes can be highlighted with wallpaper imitating matting, stonework or wood.

    "Brick" wall in the interior

    Simple styles have their own nuances in the design. In order to create a harmonious interior using wallpaper, these features should be taken into account. For example, in a provence there should not be glossy surfaces and gloss. This restriction applies not only to furniture and accessories, but also to the choice of wallpaper, which must necessarily have a matte surface.

    If you want to add to the interior of the wallpaper, you can pick up images of nature, for example, lavender fields, which is famous for the French south.

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    What wallpaper should not be used in the kitchen

    Permissible use of wallpaper with fruit

    In order not to be mistaken with the choice, and not to go about the interesting design of certain types of wallpaper, it is better to get acquainted with those options that are strictly contraindicated in the kitchen:

    PaperAbout them has already been said. They are short-lived and absorb odors and moisture.Any natural (reed, hemp, textile, etc.)Environmentally friendly composition is very good, but not in the difficult conditions of the kitchen. For them, exposure to moisture is too difficult a test.AcrylicThey look like vinyl but lose in quality. Such embossed cloth badly tolerate cleaning.

    Floral print looks beautiful even in the kitchen

    Practicality and durability of these varieties of wallpaper is not familiar, especially under difficult operating conditions. Exotic composition, leading to the high cost of the material, also does not guarantee durability.

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    Top 8 Optional Tips

    Creating a harmonious interior in the kitchen using wallpaper can be easy if you follow the advice of professionals:

    We combine wallpaper to match the furniture

    1The kitchen space should not be overloaded with bright colors. The emphasis should be made either on furniture or on the decoration of the walls. 2 The design of furniture facades should be combined with the design of the walls. With a bright or complex design with carvings, an abundance of shiny fittings, bright shades of the wall is better to make neutral. For example, it is more vivid to highlight the panel part of the wall, and to hold the upper one in soothing colors. Or vice versa. Selecting wallpaper, furniture and curtains, it is important to ensure that they belong to the same range - either warm or cold. 5. The choice of wallpaper should take into account the natural illumination of the kitchen. which include rolls of the same color and rolls with prints in the same color range. 7 Which color is better to choose curtains, if you use two types of wallpaper in the design? Curtains can be chosen either in one or another tone. The main condition is general harmony. Try not to combine motley curtains and variegated wall covering in one interior.

    Curtains to match the kitchen

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    VIDEO: sticking new wallpaper in the kitchen