Porch for a private house. How to do it yourself? 175+ Photos of real Projects for implementation


The owners underestimate the porch of the house, and in vain, it can be significantly changed with their own hands, as in the photo. The porch is an important element of the facade of a country house, which is the face of the owners. The main entrance emphasizes the architecture, the view of the country house. You won't surprise anyone with the same type of buildings, so everyone wants to single out their structure. There are ideas that will make it beautiful, cozy for relaxing in the fresh air. We will talk about interesting design ideas - forms, finishes, materials used, design ideas.


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    The choice of size, shape depends on:

    • architectural features;
    • the size of the house itself;
    • personal tastes of the owner.

    Designers believe that the canopy, the railing should be performed in the same style reading with a roof, a balcony at home.

    Project porch

    Let's give an example: a house with a gable roof requires a similar porch overhang, but if there are grilles on the windows, the railing should have a similar forged pattern. No exception and the type of columns, arches, and other decorating parts.

    We note several main types of projects, design:

    • Discoveries is a popular type; most often has a visor, railing; decorated with decorations that are transferred to the house in winter.
    • Closed - has transparent or translucent walls made of materials: glass, polycarbonate, mosquito net. Such peaks make out the entrance, hallway, provide a place of rest in any weather.
    • Suspended - this type is built in case there is a basement in the house, and also if the area near the house requires such a need; the structure resembles a balcony.
    • The terrace is an extended porch used as a seating area.

    Another version of the project

    In addition, it is worth noting the possible types of projections - rounded or rectangular.

    Closed porch has a high level of heat and sound insulation. Glazing is recommended using a composite.

    To create a project, you must first measure the area in front of the house. Of course, in the presence of a large space, it is better to make a porch-veranda, which will be an excellent protector from rain, snow, and also will play the role of a family recreation place. If the place is not so much as we would like, a great option - a semicircular veranda. If you do not overload the interior decor, monochrome structure visually expand the space.

    To create a project, you must first measure the area in front of the house.

    Important points:

    • Exposure of one stylistics.
    • Proper selection of sizes, designs, materials.
    • Guaranteed safety of movement on stairs or stairs.
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    For a wooden house

    Wooden house is characterized by comfort, complete safety for the human body. The most used materials for the construction of the porch to the wooden house are timber, boards.

    BoardIf you want to warm it, additionally need siding. To make the building look cozy, you can use clapboard.

    It is impossible to ignore the presence of the railing, if the entrance has several steps. This element is not only practical, but also perfectly decorates the finish. Our advice - spend a little time to decorate the railing carvings.

    Wooden house is characterized by comfort, complete safety for the human body

    Wood is an inexpensive but whimsical material. Be sure to cover it with paint or varnish to avoid rotting, deformation. It is also recommended to cover the material with a special compound from different bugs. With the observance of such technology, the structure will last more than one decade.

    Using logs is a creative process. Here we must adhere to the basic rule - we compact the site before construction. The rest is in the hands of the owner.

    The porch and the house are one ensemble, but you should not limit your imagination during the design. Want to make it exquisite? Add a few lanterns, hanging flower pots, paintings.

    Using logs is a creative process

    If you like luxury, aristocracy, then your option is an artistic forging, sculptures near the entrance, a small fountain. It will look great artificial fireplace, giving warmth, coziness to family rest in the fresh air.

    You need to choose a wooden table, chairs. Chandeliers, sconces should be made in the style of minimalism. Excess modernity is of no use here. In addition, additional decor is possible in the form of colored cushions on chairs, tablecloths, curtains to match.

    On this option, you can place, for example, garden furniture

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    Varieties of porch

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    Porch: awnings

    Each porch requires a canopy, because it not only protects against precipitation, but also protects against injury in the winter. If the canopy is built only for protection, then the usual design with a simple, expensive design will do.

    The main principle in this case is accuracy, cleanliness. Materials suitable for this:

    • polycarbonate;
    • metallic profile;
    • metal tiles;
    • soft tiles;
    • sheeting;
    • slate.

    If the canopy is built only for protection, then the usual design will do.

    It should adhere to a single style of house and canopy.

    Some prefer more original canopies, for example:

    • in Russian;
    • classic;
    • modern styles.

    In this case, the selection of appropriate materials for the frame, flooring. For example, a house of timber requires a wooden structure, an opaque roof.

    Looks great canopy type. Unfortunately, there is little own strength here, you will need to order the product in special workshops. Such a canopy not only performs the function of protection, but is already a significant part of the design. Finishing corresponds to a single design of the railing, platform, stairs. Refinement visor can be added with the help of lanterns, mounted pot.

    Beautiful wrought option

    BoardForged canopy perfectly combined with polycarbonate. Transparency makes it possible to appreciate the luxury of the wrought product.

    Speaking about the material, it is better to choose the metal, as it is characterized by:

    • High strength - metal supports are able to withstand any weight of the roof.
    • Possibility to build a structure of any area.
    • Resistance to fire.
    • Availability, a wide range of materials in stores.
    • Easy installation.
    • Wide modeling capabilities.
    • Easy to maintain.

    The metal version is highly durable

    The tree is slightly inferior to the above material with respect to technical characteristics. But it is suitable for a canopy of a small porch, and at the same time it will please you with a low price, aesthetic look.

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    A porch that is completely made of polycarbonate is a rarity. Most often, it is only a canopy. In the case of polycarbonate, the visor has several advantages:

    • Originality, completeness of appearance.
    • Protection of entrance doors from sunlight, heavy rain.
    • Practicality, originality, low price material.
    • It is characterized by excellent flexibility, stability, reliability.

    This model gives originality and completeness of appearance.

    It is not recommended to make the entire terrace of polycarbonate, as it is not quite beautiful. It is better to combine it with wood, natural stones. It looks quite stylish, extraordinary.

    A small suburban area, modest houses look good with a conventional polycarbonate visor. Refinement will add wood in combination with polycarbonate. Mansions fit frame made of steel - original, solid. The maximum style will give dark shades.

    This material can look pretty stylish.

    Want more bright colors? Then the flowerpots with cute flowers, placed on the frame - this is an excellent design element, giving comfort. Chairs, sofas can be decorated with bright cushions to match the main color.

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    A closed porch is an extension that is protected on each side. In fact, this is a separate room. Type of construction must meet the general form of the house. Is the aesthetic aspect important to you? Then combine these two elements with something common, for example:

    • One roofing material.
    • The same shape of the windows.
    • The color of the facade.

    An extension that is protected on each side.

    For lovers of bold decisions, like the combination of a wooden extension and a brick / stone facade - suitable if the house has any wooden element - shutters, a balcony.

    Often there are extensions to private homes with glazing, polycarbonate frames.

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    The peak is an architectural and facade design that performs decorative, protective functions. It can be performed in the following forms:

    • Modular - consists of prefabricated parts; easy to install.
    • Monolithic - solid element with walls; most durable, durable.

    The peak is an architectural and front design

    The choice of material depends on your taste, but still pay attention to the harmony of the overall style. This also applies to form, if there is a fantasy, it can even be unusual bends.

    Visors are divided by fastening method:

    • Suspended - small size, made from lightweight materials, for the installation of suspension used.
    • Supports - supports are used.

    The choice of material depends on your taste.

    The visor is able to give the structure a unique look, which is why we pay maximum attention to this issue. We will suggest several design solutions:

    • The beams holding the structure can be made in the form of columns of antique style - this gives a refined, luxurious look.
    • Wooden supports can be styled antique, and the classic double-sided visor will add fabulousness to the building; Do not forget about other decorating aspects in the landscape to complete the picture.
    • Love conciseness? Then your option - a monolithic visor with the style of finishing the whole house - strictly, but solid.
    • Applying the same details of the architecture, you will definitely benefit, for example, it may be a veranda or a roof slope.
    • The arched visor has a special effect, it softens the shape of the facade, makes the house visually more comfortable.

    The beams supporting the structure can be made in the form of columns.

    The level of protection, visual effect depends on the size of the canopy. For small houses fit small peaks. Large - this is most likely the necessary protection of solid buildings.

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    An important part is the choice of lighting. If the canopy has a strict shape, it is better to choose built-in lights, they will not break the overall composition. The same lighting is ideal for highlighting the active decor, drawing attention to the necessary accents.

    Lighting is an important part when planning a porch

    For classic extensions, it is better to choose a pendant chandelier of a small size. Universal idea - wall sconces. Neon lights and figurines with artificial light look unusual.

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    Stylistics, textures

    The decoration of the veranda should correspond to the general style of all elements of the territory:

    • facade;
    • fencing;
    • to the gate.

    It is possible to distinguish such basic styles, design solutions will be induced below. But it looks interesting combination of different textures.

    For example, a path smoothly turning into a brick railing with wooden balusters. Try to smooth the sharp roof with smoothly shaped paths, and with a sidewalk to link a round balcony and rectangular steps.

    The decoration of the veranda should correspond to the general style of all elements of the territory.

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    Characteristic features - strict, restrained, moderate style.. The extension is equipped with a gable roof, can be supplemented with beautiful columns, railings with rounded balusters. Facing materials suitable classicism - natural stones, ceramics, painted wood.

    Strict, seasoned, moderate style

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    Russian style

    The entrance has long been distinguished by sophistication. The extension is decorated:

    • carved elements;
    • chiseled balusters;
    • the columns made in a difficult form;
    • various ornate patterns.

    Now Russian style is especially popular. It involves the use of natural materials, handmade decor.

    In Russian style

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    Middle Ages

    Enough actual style. This veranda is similar to the ancient fortresses, which are decorated with natural stone. You can decorate the main entrance with lamps, torches, wrought-iron grilles, uncooked logs.

    This type will attract the attention of others with its luxury.

    This veranda has similarities with ancient fortresses.

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    Country music

    Wooden structure with carved pillars, railings. For decoration it is worth using the maximum number of colors in various readings:

    • Suspended vases.
    • Containers with letniki.
    • Decoupage flowers.
    • The composition of dried flowers.

    Country style

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    Distinctive features - the presence of correct forms, restrained lines. The extension has the appearance of a small low-key construction, for the facing of which natural stones and ceramic tiles are used. For decoration used figurines, flower pots.

    Discreet design

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    It has two readings:

    Combines Greek, Roman culture. A characteristic feature is the stone courtyard, complemented by multi-tiered steps. Sandstone is used for decoration, metal elements for decoration. A combination of Italian, Spanish, French style. The difference - the maximum irregularities, relief. Exterior - open terrace, located in several tiers. The territory of the floor is covered with paving stone, sometimes - clinker. The flooring near the house is made of deck boards. Canopy arranged on columns. Concrete balusters are placed throughout the veranda. Fountains, flower tubs, sculptures are used as decoration.

    Mediterranean style

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    One of the varieties of European style, with charm. The highlight is the presence of a glass door with a lattice in openwork design. The design should be decorated with curly elements, beautiful wicker furniture, a lot of flowers (pots on the floor, hanging vases).

    French style

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    Fortress House

    Massive veranda trimmed with natural stones. Relevant details - the presence of forged gratings, lamps, torches. Lattices can be decorated with flower pots.

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    Combines metal grilles, decorative brick elements. Covered with a gable roof. The decor is the plants that curl. IzreWood parts are used that are painted in natural shades.

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    Beautiful patio

    A patio is an open terrace adjoining the house. On it are placed a table, benches. On such a territory you can happily receive guests in the summer. The only difference is the absence of a visor or roof. Most often, the patio combines a porch and a garden gazebo according to its functionality.

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    Construction material

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    Of metal

    Most often, metal elements are:

    • roof;
    • steps;
    • railing.

    But you can find completely metal buildings. The main advantages of such visors are high strength, durability.

    This design requires additional expenses for painting, coating with a special compound to avoid the appearance of corrosion and rust. Metal floor is a very courageous decision, because it is cold. Terraces extraThey are carpeted with wooden beams, concrete.

    Metal construction - high strength

    The design of this veranda is strict but stylish. To dilute cold shades, we advise you to add interesting decor, bright colors, install more light sources.

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    Out of concrete

    Concrete construction is considered the cheapest, versatile, but at the same time reliable material. The main advantage is a long service life, since the monolithic structure is resistant to various factors. We note a simple repair, finish. In addition, using concrete, you can create any form, and it does not increase the price, construction time.

    Concrete construction - the cheapest and versatile option

    For finishing it is good to use clinker tiles, natural stones and paint look good. If you are a supporter of modern style, then leave the siding facade without finishing - this will emphasize the texture of the walls.

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    Of brick

    Reliable, unpretentious variation. A veranda of such material is slightly more expensive than the induced ones, but an attractive enough solution. Although the construction takes a lot of time, requires a lot of effort, in the future the owners will be happy with ease of maintenance. Immediately, we note that the floor, steps should be further covered with concrete.

    Reliable and unpretentious variation

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    From natural stone

    Natural stones are a strong, durable, beautiful material. This design has several variations. Excellent design solution - the use of two types of stones, one of which is for the base (more expensive, more reliable), the second for the decor. This extension is resistant to bad weather, does not require special care.

    Natural stones - durable material

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    Now consider the options steps:

    • Concrete stairs should be lined with ceramics, natural or artificial stones, the latter option will save. Great for concrete, brick buildings. It is recommended to finish the tiles with a rough type (without relief, pattern).
    • Wooden steps can be made out of completely different methods. Of course, I do not want to hide the natural texture of wood, so you can cover them with oil or varnish.

    Beautiful version of the steps

    You can paint the stairs. An elegant, fun version - alternating shades. But it is better to choose dark tones.

    Looks good wood trim by firing.

    Metal steps are most often trimmed with wood, but ladders made of tin sheets are found. Although it looks aesthetically, elegantly, but not the best option, as wetted or icy material can lead to injury.

    Completed steps will give the original railing, which can become a highlight. For decoration are used balusters of vertical type, horizontal girders, the main thing - an interesting shape, suitable for the style.

    Solid porcelain stoneware steps


    • For metal - the use of openwork forging.
    • Wood - through carving.

    For handrails, you should use wood (chopped, cobbled, framed stairs) or plastic (concrete, brick). The parapet of the steps can be laid out with a beautiful facing brick of a suitable shade.

    It is recommended to install heated stairs. The harsh winter climate turns the porch into an icy area. If concrete was chosen as the base, a cable for heating can be laid under it. For wooden buildings, a special anti-icing system is provided.

    Wooden steps can be made using completely different methods.

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    Country ideas

    Here are some interesting ideas regarding the design of the villa terrace:

    • For a cosiness, comfort of dialogue with guests in the fresh air - installation of a wooden bench.
    • Winter is a time of miracles, so why not decorate the extension with garlands, lanterns, and other bright details.
    • The main part of the design are beautiful flowerpots with flowers.

    An interesting option for the villa terrace

    • Lots of space? Then add a small table, a few stools with pillows.
    • Place flower pots on the steps, walls.
    • Rug woven or knitted type will give heat.
    • Climbing plants are a natural decoration for the veranda.
    • On the walls, you can hang compositions of dried fruits, plants, flowers.
    • An unusual idea for the fall is the use of an old watering can, rubber boots for planting flowers.

    The main part of the design are beautiful flowerpots with flowers

    • Home furnishings provided with carpet, wicker table, small rocking chairs.
    • You can make a small rug of shells with your own hands.
    • Dim curtains of light shade will save on a hot day.
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    Registration, improvement of a verandah demands the correct selection of furniture. Garden furniture is suitable for this:

    Simple, but at the same time, a stylish set of furniture for the terrace

    • Wicker rattan (can be artificial, natural).
    • Forged with additional glass inserts.
    • Foldable with a metal frame with a wooden surface, pre-impregnated with a composition that repels moisture.

    Popular wooden furniture, which can be made personally:

    • Wicker rattan (can be artificial, natural).
    • Forged with additional glass inserts.
    • Foldable with a metal frame with a wooden surface, pre-impregnated with a composition that repels moisture.

    If you show a little imagination and take some time, the terrace will turn into a wonderful place. Such elements add color, originality, each owner can be proud of them.

    Wicker rattan

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    The small veranda, of course, does not let the fantasy roam. But a large terrace allows you to make a real zone for the rest of the whole family. Comfortable rest is possible with:

    • pillows;
    • blankets;
    • capes;
    • rugs.

    In addition to such details, you need to take care of the presence of curtains, blinds, protecting from the sun's rays, bad weather, strong wind.

    Use more colorful pillows

    The fabric should be resistant to moisture, ultraviolet rays. But the design must meet the overall concept of decoration. Easy option - polyester, durable - canvas. An alternative is a decorative grille.

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    Flowers, decor

    Flowers, plants are a win-win idea for country sites. We note the following options for competent design:

    • Tub with perennial.
    • Creeping, curly pot.
    • Flowerbed with flowers.

    We mark garden figures, figurines - they will add originality.

    Plants are a win-win idea for country plots.

    The handicrafts look spectacular, so show a little imagination, show skills.

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    Build your own hands

    Everyone wants to save money, so he prefers building with his own hands.

    • Training. First you need to mark the site, clear the place for convenient work. We buy the necessary building materials, cement, rebar, sand, tools.
    • Foundation. In order for the construction to enjoy the quality, you need to adhere to the rules. We make the foundation pit (the depth must meet the foundation). This allows you to link two designs into one, thereby reducing the risk of destruction. After that we prepare the base. A split type brick is pregnant, we are adjusting the reinforcement network - it strengthens the foundation, the bundle of foundations. The final point - blocking vertical reinforcement pins, pouring concrete.
    • We settle the base with a brick. Be sure to consider waterproofing, as when exposed to moisture, the brick quickly collapses. The basis of the design is covered with double roofing material. In no case do not save at this stage.
    • We put down steps. Preparing a brick, laid