Eaves for curtains: need or luxury? Which is better and more convenient? (265+ Photos)


The market of decorative and functional structures that are used in the design of premises is overcrowded. A special place in this diversity is occupied by curtain rods. These are individual elements that carry a stylistic burden and that can affect the overall perception of the room. Therefore, their choice is difficult and important.


At first glance it may seem that it is enough to visually evaluate the model to understand how well it will look in the interior. However, it is not.

Eaves for curtains in an interior

Curtain rails are the detail that gives a room a finished style. All designs can be divided according to three features:

1Place of installation

Wall mounted - familiar to all designs. Most often they are attached with brackets. However, they can sag under the weight of the fabric and eventually break off. They leave a space between the top of the fabric and the ceiling.Ceiling - A popular option. There are several types of designs - these are hidden and not. The first option is calculated at the planning stage of repair. Most often for their installation form a niche. They have no decorations and decorative elements - this is a regular groove rack. The second is a ceiling, the front of which can be decorated with a decorative element: patterns, glued with a film of a different color.

Curtain rails are the detail that gives a room a finished style.

2 Construction features

Here there are three types:

  • strings - simple construction. Feature - instead of rails used strung strings along which curtains move. They have disadvantages and advantages. The strings are light and inconspicuous, however, when used, they can sag, burst and restore such products is difficult. They can be both ceiling and wall;
  • tubular - the most popular group. Curtains move through the tube. Their connection with the fabric is due to the rings, which are fastened to it. In recent years, people have begun to abandon them due to the rapid accumulation of dust and failure;
  • profile or baguette. Models cover the elements on which the curtains move. They can be made of different types and shapes. Framing used when the room is decorated in a classic style. can not be used if the ceiling is low or the fabric drawing starts on top.

Wall - familiar to all designs

3Material of which they are made

  • plastic models made of lightweight material. It is used in the manufacture of hidden ceiling contractions and wall tubular models. They are easy to use, but easily deformed. For window space, ceiling models are often used that are covered with decorative slats - baguettes or a drywall box;
  • metal models - the most diverse group. They can be made of various metals: nickel, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. These designs are durable and reliable, you can buy them in different colors. The only drawback can be considered a big weight. They need to be mounted thoroughly so that the structure does not come off the wall or ceiling;
  • wood band - popular and diverse. More recently, it was considered a relic of the past, but as you know, fashion always returns. Manufacturers of wooden models make them of different shapes, decorated with carved elements, stickers with drawings. They are suitable for large rooms.

Metal model

It is chosen depending on the style of the room, the matter that was used when sewing curtains, the method of installation. Some models can withstand heavy fabrics, have several elements to create multi-layered curtains.

The room should be all harmonious, including curtains, cornice.

In classic style

Ceiling models can be hidden by using a suspended ceiling or PVC film. These models can have several lanes, so they can be installed in all rooms.

Visual space correction

In apartment buildings, the ceilings are low, so you need to choose it with this feature. In order to visually increase the height of the ceiling, it is necessary to apply the ceiling structure. She should not have a baguette bar. It is not recommended to use pelmets and other decorative elements on fabric cloths.

If the room has a small area you can not use massive models. The design should be light and slightly noticeable. String models or thin circular models will do. To increase the width of the window, the design must be longer than it by more than 1 meter. Then, in the open state, they will cover the wall, increasing visually the window space. If you need to reduce the space, then the guide is taken 10 centimeters longer than the window.

Wooden option

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Make the window beautiful

Consider in detail the cornices for different types of curtains. All the nuances and features of work with each design.

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Eaves for curtains on the grommet

Eyelets are small diameter rings that can be painted in different colors. They are attached with rings sewn into the fabric. They can have different diameters, be painted in tone with fabric or cornice. There are several types of such structures:

  • on a dense fabric special rings of small diameter are installed. They are located a few centimeters below the edge of the curtains;
  • on the main curtain stitches are sewn, which can have different lengths and widths.

For woven cloths you need to choose a special cornice. It can be single-row if, in addition to a dense woven cloth, nothing will be placed. The double-row design allows you to hang tulle and thick core fabric.

Eyelets are small diameter rings that can be painted in different colors.

They can have different decorations: forged tips, carved brackets. Most often used for such curtains are metal models.

They have many advantages:

  • metal structures are suitable for modern home decoration;
  • tips can have the different form, are decorated with various elements. Beautifully forged tips, made in the color of bronze, gold, silver;
  • Models are inlaid with stone, glass, and sometimes precious stones.

Such designs are used for installation in the kitchen, in living rooms in a modern style, children's rooms. Sometimes they can be mounted on summer terraces, on window openings of non-standard sizes.

Fastened with rings sewn into fabric.

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Under the Roman blinds

Roman curtains have one main advantage - they cope with complex tasks in the design of non-standard window openings, when ordinary fabric cloths do not cope. Roman curtains fit any interior. They have a simple design, but to hang them, you need to use a special curtain rod.

Curtain rod for roman blinds:

  • the only solution when designing custom windows. Most often, such openings are made in country houses. They can have different shapes: trapezoid, square, arched;
  • fabrics for such curtains can be used a variety of;
  • for Roman curtains, models are mechanically or electronically controlled.

Roman curtains fit any interior

Structural features of the eaves and curtains are quite simple. Roman curtain is a curtain fabric, on which rigid rods are attached. At their help uniform folding and simultaneous raising of a curtain is carried out.

To raise the fabric can use a mechanical mechanism - you need to pull the chain and the curtain rises, and it also goes down. The electronic has a special control panel that can be mounted on a wall or have a remote action. The eaves represent a metal profile, a plumb for fabric, a lifting electric or mechanical mechanism, fasteners.

Roman curtains are suitable for any interiors, because the cornices are almost invisible, they are covered with a layer of fabric.

They look beautiful in a modern, classic style. Therefore, they can be placed both in the kitchen and in the living room, dining area.

Roman blind is a curtain fabric on which rigid rods are attached.

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Under stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are installed both in apartments, houses and offices. They are practical, reliable and have a beautiful look. However, not all models are suitable for them, so we will figure out how to choose them depending on the method of installing suspended ceilings.

Installation technology

The complexity of this installation is that you need to correctly calculate the distance and make measurements so that the curtains do not move freely along the eaves. At the same time between him and the ceiling should not be a lot of space. Mounting methods:

  • hidden - the eaves are hidden and not visible, it seems that the curtains are flowing from the ceiling;
  • open - the structure is visible, it is attached to the stretch ceiling.

Stretch ceilings are installed in apartments, houses and offices.

Both technologies have pros and cons. Making a hidden installation of the eaves, you can make mistakes in miscalculations, but the appearance of the curtains without a visible eaves is very beautiful. An open method involves the installation of a special strip between the base of the ceiling and the tension film. On it installation is made. At the same time it is visible.

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Open installation

For this method of installation only ceiling eaves made of metal are used. They can match the color with PVC film or be a bright accent on the ceiling space. Installation Method:

  • before installation of PVC film is determined by the place for the ceiling eaves;
  • it is marked with a marker and the profile for the stretch ceiling is mounted;
  • fixed timber in accordance with the marked measurements. To do this, holes are drilled in the ceiling and dowels are inserted, a wooden bar is screwed;
  • film installation is carried out;
  • in the place where there is a wooden bar between the ceiling and the film, a cornice is installed. It attaches to it.

It seems that the curtains are flowing from the ceiling

Ceiling cornice can be used from any material, but the most reliable is made of metal.

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Hidden eaves

Hidden eaves mounted not only when installing PVC ceiling. It can also be used when installing a gypsum suspended ceiling. For concealed installation, only ceiling metal or plastic models are used.

The method of installation of the hidden eaves with PVC canvas:

  • on the basis the necessary distance for installation is measured, the marking is done;
  • made installation of the hidden type. After installation, you can see the width of the hidden niche;
  • installation is carried out using dowels;
  • preparing the surface for mounting the film. The installation of a PVC film frame is being carried out, a small indent is made in the niche place for the free running of the curtains. Mounted film label.

Hidden option

Single-strip or two-strip or three-strip curtain tires may be used. The most commonly used metal or wood, at least - plastic. Such designs are suitable for rooms with non-standard window openings, with low ceilings. With the help of hidden eaves, you can visually increase the height of the room, give it originality.

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Plasterboard niche

A cozy atmosphere in the living room is created only when each element is in its place, and the style is harmoniously combined with all the objects in the room. For example, curtains, cornice, ceiling, decorative decoration of curtains, pieces of furniture. However, it happens that the fabric is selected, but not suitable.

There is a way out - to create a drywall niche. Such design allows to hide the plastic tire. It can be made in several ways, however, despite this, each of them involves the manufacture of boxes. It is set to deviate from the wall 10-20 centiments. Return to the menu ↑

Types of ceiling niches

A drywall niche is the space in which the structure hides allowing the curtains to be held. It is built separately from the main ceiling, it can be wide or narrow.

Plasterboard niche

Design features:

  • The box is made only along the wall with window space.
  • The box is built around the perimeter of the entire premises.

It can simultaneously perform several functions: to hide the curtain rail for curtains, to serve as a basis for the installation of spotlights. The box into which the fixtures are built has a width of 30 centimeters to half a meter. Narrow boxes are built if there is a ceiling decoration with a ceiling plinth. They can have a width of 5 sentiments.

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Framing or eaves

You can pay attention to products with baguettes, made under the tree, which have a decoration.

What is a baguette? Baguette - a strap that closes the attachment of curtains, making it invisible.

This plank is made from a variety of materials:

  • expensive wood species;
  • MDF, which is decorated as a tree;
  • plastic.

Designs can choose different color and design solutions - with drawings, carved decoration, even without decor. They can be painted in any color that is better suited to create a single style in the interior..

For a classic interior fit massive designs with gold trim. At registration of the room in laconic style simple designs in which the decor is practically absent are applied. They may have a different color. In the eastern interior, use those that have a pattern or floral ornament on the outside.. Due to the flat surface, the presence of the pattern, it is possible to use products for windows with non-standard sizes, because when composing them, the joint is not visible. The width of the strap hides all fasteners.

Designs can choose different color and design solutions.

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Curtains in the bedroom

Curtains - an important part of any interior. They make the rooms beautiful, cozy. With their help, completing the style is created. However, many people underestimate their importance in the interior and make a number of mistakes, as a result of which the room gets an ugly appearance. It is especially important to pay attention to the choice of curtains in the bedroom. They should not be made of bright fabrics that will be evident. Such matter is not suitable for this room.

However, it is not enough to choose the right color, texture and length. It is necessary to choose a cornice, because the beauty of the fabric canvases, as well as their method of placement, the reliability of fastening, and the convenience of use depend on it.

Ceiling-type structures made of metal can be used. They withstand the load, so you can hang heavy curtains in the bedroom, which in the daytime will create twilight in the room.

Curtains - an important part of any interior.

What curtains are used to decorate the window space?

For the bedroom, it is better to use dense fabrics that do not let light in.. They can have any color and shade:

  • white;
  • brown;
  • green.

It is selected according to the interior. Also applied matter, hanging on special loops, when the matter is evenly distributed over the entire width. To be suspended on a ceiling or suspended structure made of different materials. Its choice is also important, since it determines not only the method of location of matter, ease of use.

Choice of cornice depending on the style:

  • For classic interiors suitable wooden or ceiling, made of metal, painted in the desired color. They can be decorated with decorative elements, depending on the model: ceiling colored overlays, wooden - with carved decor.
  • Oriental style complement brass products. Such models have beautiful tips, made in different styles. It can be arrows, beautiful curls or stones, framed. They emphasize the beauty of the brocade curtains. Designs for Roman curtains will also be combined with Oriental style.
  • Modern style is very diverse. For a bedroom made in this style, suitable hidden plastic or metal structures. They maintain a significant weight of curtains, convenient to use.

Given all these features and you need to choose eaves.