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Artificial flowers for home interior: Beauty for many years (bouquets, compositions, ekibany)


Artificial flowers are suitable for decorating any room. They will make it more bright and cozy, will help not to worry about constant care.


Everyone wants to make a variety of everyday life, but how best to do it? You can make the atmosphere of any room brighter and more comfortable with the help of figurines, crafts, souvenirs and other knick-knacks. However, the easiest way to decorate the house or workplace with flowers. They will easily fit into any interior style, make the room more alive and fill it with colors.

Artificial flowers are suitable for decorating any room.

How do you feel about using artificial flowers? We are sure that it is cautious and even with a bit of skepticism. In vain! We assure you that it is they who provide much more opportunities to make the original decor.

In addition, modern artificial counterparts are not inferior in appearance to living plants, they are unpretentious in care and will please the owners for a long time. Artificial plants are the basis for many creative original compositions - bouquets, panels, ekiban, collages and garlands. The popularity of this decor came to us from Europe and is growing every year.

Easily fit into any interior style

Advantages and disadvantages of using artificial flowers

Aesthetic benefits for indoor use of flowers and plants are obvious.. They improve the interior design and bring pleasure. But too often, psychological benefits are ignored or simply forgotten.

There are many studies that document that having flowers and plants in an office environment reduces stress, increases job satisfaction and improves employee morale, and creativity and productivity. The use of artificial analogues has a number of pros and cons. We suggest you to get acquainted with them.

Aesthetic benefits are obvious


  • they do not need to replant, water, feed the soil;
  • they do not require natural lighting, that is, they can be placed in the hallway, bathroom and other dark corners;
  • no land - the main source of dirt; children or a pet cannot overturn a pot, empty the contents onto the carpet;
  • the plant does not get sick, does not dry, there are no fallen dry leaves around it;
  • a child or a pet does not risk poisoning or injecting with the plant you like;
  • people with pollen allergies can enjoy a beautiful counterpart;
  • you will not worry about who will water the flowers during your departure;
  • artificial plants - a great opportunity for creative individuals. You can express yourself and decorate the house with beautiful flower arrangements;
  • if you need to move from one place to another, you will have no problems.

No need to replant, water, feed the soil


  • even artificial plants require regular care - leaves and buds will have to be cleaned of dust, washed;
  • You can forget about the subtle floral fragrance that spreads throughout the house;
  • if they stand on a windowsill or balcony, they soon risk fading and losing the aesthetic appearance;
  • cheap counterparts can emit an unpleasant smell, sometimes even cause allergies.
BoardTo artificial bouquet gave a delicate flavor, there is a simple way out. You can resort to essential oils. A few drops on the cloth flowers - and sweet incense will flood the room.

Do not require natural lighting

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Artificial plants in the interior of various rooms

Artificial flower compositions can be placed in any room, but it is important to understand the most harmonious combinations and correctly determine the place for them. At registration consider the general stylistics of a room. For example, the baroque style fit gladioli or roses, and the Provencal style - bright sunflowers.

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Entrance hall

An entrance hall is often the darkest place in a house where natural light does not get well, and the electric light is turned on extremely rarely. Living flora, placed in the hallway, will quickly wither and die. Therefore, this room is considered ideal for decorating plants from fabric, plastic, polymer clay.

In the interior of the hallway

The entrance hall is what your guests see first, so pay as much attention to it as the living room. She deserves a little effort from us and creative ideas. As a rule, this room is close enough, because it will favorably emphasize the vine, which will gently hang from the side wall of the cabinet with outerwear. If there is more room in your hallway, it will be appropriate to place a high floor vase with herbs.

BoardIf in your hallway there is an old repair, a mess and it just looks neglected, do not place flowers there. This will further emphasize her not well-groomed and worsen the impression. It is better to quickly begin to repair and restore order!

No land - the main source of dirt

A small coffee table, shelf or top of the bedside table can also be decorated with a modest composition. On the front door, hang a wreath. The mirror will unusually stand out if it is decorated with small glass test tubes with flowers.

If the hallway gets very little light from nearby rooms, do not use green plants. Add colors - we advise you to look at the materials of orange, yellow, blue, red and lilac. Return to the menu


The kitchen is another room in which you rarely see natural bouquets. The reason for this is the constant evaporation from cooking and the whole dry air. In this room, the family spends a lot of time. Cooking, dining and talking is an important daily ritual, because interesting details in the interior will help to create a homely feeling.

Perfectly fit into the kitchen interior

Decorative elements should emphasize the atmosphere of comfort and correspond to the total area. Kitchen shelves recommend that you decorate with small vases and baskets that will perfectly complement the jars of cereals and spices. An interesting option - pots.

The dining table will look more elegant if you put a vase next to a fruit platter. To make the interior of the kitchen more original, replace the standard pots with an old kettle, glasses or fancy-shaped salad bowls. It is in this room will be the most appropriate composition of dried flowers, herbs and even twigs with dried berries or fruits.

Dining table will look more elegant

BoardPut imitations of violets on the windowsill, decorate the upper tier of cabinets or shelves with authentic clay pots with wild flowers. Put a jug with variegated plants on the dinner table. Return to the menu

Living room

The living room is the coziest room, a gathering place for the whole family. It has the largest area. Because of this, the living room is considered the best place for floristic experiments. The classic "professorial" interior can be supplemented with a large palm tree with a pot in the corner of the room and tall vases with gladioli or roses.

The plant does not get sick, does not dry, there are no fallen dry leaves around it

Scandinavian design involves a lot of flowering plants, so put a few transparent vases with artificial orchids, begonias, and fancy shaped ceramic pots.

BoardIf your living room does not have a pronounced style, arrange the flowers by intuition - on the tables, book shelves, free parts of the room. If it has a real or artificial fireplace, put a beautiful vase of medium size on it. Bulky bouquet will be beneficial to emphasize the elegance of the room.

Book shelves and shelves add small bouquets that are perfectly combined with figurines or decorative candles. You can use artificial snags, put natural stones next to them. Decorate a coffee table in the living room with a vase or an openwork salad bowl with pears and apples, as well as an artificial apple tree branch in bloom.

Unusual, eco-friendly interior

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Flowers in the bedroom should be pleasing to the eye and adjust to rest. We do not recommend piling it with a large number of non-natural floral compositions, as they collect a lot of dust. Make a choice in favor of delicate shades of floral arrangements - light pink, peach, white and blue. Ceramic vases should also be made in color.

BoardDecorate it with small transparent vases with petals. Look for modest bouquets of dried flowers, delicate aroma of spices will only contribute to a restful sleep.

On the bedside tables set small vases, decorate the wall behind the bed with delicate garland or climbing plants.

In the interior of the bedroom

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In the bathroom, because of the high humidity, it makes no sense to keep natural bouquets, while products made of polymer clay or plastic will not deteriorate and add comfort. Consider the overall design of the bathroom and decorate it accordingly. You can put a large glass vase next to the cabinet with cosmetics or decorate a mirror.

BoardUse floral decoration not only for permanent decoration of your home. Pick up songs for certain holidays or seasons. For example, on the eve of Christmas, you can decorate the front door with a wreath of mistletoe, and for Easter will prepare a composition of buttercups.

In the interior of the bathroom

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Flower arrangements: varieties

Flower arrangements are perfect for room decor. They are unpretentious and easy to clean. Carefully thought out artificial decor will last for many years. He will revive the living room, will help create a positive attitude. What types of compositions exist?

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Flowers in pots

Replicas of real plants are very popular in decorating homes, offices, beauty salons and restaurants. They look good and successfully mask the flaws of the room. This applies to fork in communications or uncovered pipes. Climbing plants, or rather their imitation, well distract attention from the pipes.

Large vases with non-natural palm trees or ficuses also cope with the task of hiding the flaws in the layout. Mostly artificial plants in pots make green with an unusual form of leaves, only rarely use flowering species.

BoardYou can enhance the effect of naturalness with the help of green twigs, they will not differ from the real ones. As a basis, you can use a floral sponge or foam.

Exact copy of real plants

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Flowers in glass vases

Surely you can find a pair of three empty glass vases, which you received as a gift for one of the holidays. There is nothing for them to do, use them for original compositions and decorate your house. Make a beautiful intricate bouquet is not difficult, most importantly consider the size and shape of your vase.

The tall and narrow version is well suited for artificial roses or tulips, whereas in a small wide vase, safely place a neat bunch with cropped stems.

BoardAdd similarities with live plants and pour water into a vase for naturalness. Small flowers in a glass or glass will harmoniously look in the kitchen, and a tall glass vase will decorate the dining table.

Beautiful composition

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German art style in the design of bouquets suitable for both artificial and real flowers. Large flower heads on short stalks gather in a round bouquet. Identical elements (plants, decor) are arranged in circles.

BoardMake a bouquet from different plants as well as from the same flowers of different shades (for example, white and purple roses). Arrange each decorative element very tightly, add spikelets or beads as desired. In the Biedermeier style composition, the leaves or the stems themselves should not be seen, only the buds and inflorescences themselves. Such luxury will ideally fit into the interior of the living room and bedroom. However, you need to pay attention to the colors. For the second option, choose products of delicate and pastel colors.

Conduct a thorough preparation, pre-purchase materials of the desired colors and other decorative items. It is important to make at least four circles, so you have to prepare a lot of artificial buds.

Child or pet does not risk poisoning or injections

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Artificial floral compositions are often made in the panel. Massive elements have long been made with the help of a wire panel at the base, as well as moss. Later, with the development of the industry, they were replaced by special sponges, which are sold in flower shops.

The composition is visible in artificial flowers, greens and fruits are densely placed on this sponge so that there is no space left at all. They come in different sizes.

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Hanging basket

Decoration with flowers, which is easy to hang on the wall, can also serve as a lamp. We recommend using baskets only in spacious rooms. In small narrow rooms they will not look profitable and steal space.

BoardPlace both a classic luxurious bouquet and a climbing plant in the basket. Ivy will help to hide the defects of the repair, suitable for various options for wall decoration.

In the interior of the living room

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Basic materials and care

Amazing floristic products that do not require frequent maintenance, are made of various materials.

The most popular are:

  • plastic;
  • polymer clay;
  • the cloth;
  • paper;
  • beads;
  • threads;
  • atlas.

Beautiful artificial bouquets need constant care. Maintain a clean and neat appearance in the following ways:

  • use a feather whisk;
  • Compositions with a smooth surface (for example, either plastic or polymer clay) are best wiped with a damp cloth;
  • as a spray liquid, water and apple vinegar should be mixed in equal proportions;
  • tissue elements can be dry cleaned.

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The hands: a master class on making beauty

Creating compositions for your home can turn into a hobby. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the master class, as a result of which you will be able to recreate amazing ranunculi. Delicate buds decorate the bedroom or living room!

Easy to clean

To create a composition you will need:

  • polymer clay;
  • wire;
  • scissors (it is desirable to find a model with curved ends);
  • glue;
  • mold;
  • stack;
  • tape.
BoardTo recreate the natural veins of the flower, use mold. Unfortunately, finding a mold that mimics ranunculus will be difficult. Therefore, feel free to purchase a variant with streaked roses.

Great opportunity for creative people.

Getting Started:

  • Read the instructions on the packaging of polymer clay. Some manufacturers recommend leaving it for a while before modeling, so that she breathes. With clay from other suppliers, you can immediately start working.
  • Let's start with the manufacture of yellow shade ranunculus. Prepare three types of clay - yellow, green, unpainted. The first is needed for most of the petals, the second for the middle.
  • Roll two colored balls. In one green and one yellow add a little unpainted material to make them somewhat paler.
  • Pinch off a small piece of green color, roll it into a ball with your hands. Prepare a piece of wiring and pre-bend its upper part to make a loop. Dip it into the glue and pass the small ball.

You can do it yourself

  • To get the center of the flower, use scissors. Make a few cuts, moving from the top to the center. Bottom must remain intact.
  • Now proceed to the manufacture of petals. Separate another piece of green clay. Roll it out, giving the shape of an oval. Use the stack and make it so that a flat piece of clay arches at its sides. So make four more petals.
  • Use glue and attach them to the base of the flower. Each petal should slightly find each other.
  • Now use clay light green color. Make the petals in the same way and stick them to the bud in a circle. Need to recreate several rows.
  • From light yellow clay we glue two more rows of delicate petals.
  • The last rows of bright yellow color should be done no longer smooth, but with characteristic veins. To do this, you will need a mold.
  • Take off five pieces of bright green clay and roll out a cup for a flower. Glue it to the base.

That's it, the flower is made. To get a full composition, make at least six such beautiful inflorescences.Combine shades!

Original decorate the dining table for the arrival of guests, you can use the colors of napkins.


  • multi-layered napkins;
  • threads;
  • toothpicks;
  • glue;
  • scissors.
BoardChoose bright napkins saturated colors. To create a bud, choose four napkins of the same color, and one of the other. They must be in harmony with each other. For example, use four red and one white napkins.

Stylish flower pot

  • Unfold the red napkins and place them one on top of the other.
  • Trim the edges of the white napkin and lay it on top.
  • Gently fold the layers in an accordion, tie it exactly in the middle of the thread.
  • Round off the edges and smooth out the bud.
  • Insert a toothpick into its base and stick it with tape.
  • To hide the tape, use tape.

Such artificial products will resemble the form of these carnations!