The symbiosis of the present and the past! Primordially Russian stoves in the interiors of houses


Ten years ago, fireplaces began to be mass-produced - these are beautiful fireboxes of various sizes, made with various decorative finishes. Due to the variety of types of portals, such fireplaces began to be installed in almost all private homes. Their beauty and high security (the firebox is closed under glass) attracted many. For several years, they successfully replaced the old Russian stoves. Till today…


Some history and facts.

The furnace is part of Russian folklore! There is no exact information when the prototypes of these constructions first appeared. However, at first they had a completely different look, a little resembling the Russians we were used to. And only recently, people began to build them in their design and mind similar to their counterparts. Today, such structures are part of the houses in the Russian villages, where there is only stove heating and not a gas. They are the people who heat the house, cook, warm food and bake.

The furnace is part of Russian folklore.

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What does a traditional Russian stove with a sunbed consist of?

The Russian stove is quite massive, its weight reaches several hundred kilograms, so it needs a foundation. In the old days, its role was performed by old stones and logs, which were laid at the base. Today it is reinforced concrete or brick masonry.

It is better to plan construction at the stage of creating a project for a house. If the structure is already there, the foundation still needs to be made durable!

Main elements:

  • The lower part is the base. It has a niche for storing fuel or kitchen utensils. With this base, the combustion chamber is lifted to the desired height.
  • Top cuts covers vault-trough. A layer of sand or clay is poured on it. Such technology will be applied to keep heat.
  • The bottom of the firebox (under) is made with a slight bias towards the rear wall. This is done so that the fuel burns evenly in the chamber.
  • The furnace stove consists of two parts: the cooking chamber and the firebox. The cooking chamber is clean without logs and ash, since the fuel is put into the distant chamber - the firebox.
  • Above the firebox there is a vault - this is the overlap that separates the firebox and the lower part of the sunbed.
  • Sunbed can be built along the entire length of the firebox. When the fire is burning there, the heat spreads to the lounger.
  • The chimney is installed above the first chamber, where food is prepared. At its turn, the valve is installed and the viewing window. By means of the flap, the intensity of combustion in the furnace is regulated.

Russian oven is quite massive

Depending on the design features may have steps leading to the lounger. Also, often along the chimney, small shelves are made in order to install the decor there.

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Modern Russian stoves: what are they?

May be different in size and functionality. Traditional variants have dimensions: length - 2.5 meters, width - 1.5 meters. Products can be of different sizes:

  • small (178 * 124 cm);
  • medium (213 * 147 cm);
  • (231 * 160 cm).

In rare cases, furnaces can be built to non-standard sizes.

But the old few people arranged - an unattractive look, the possibility of cooking only inside the hearth, limited possibilities. Thanks to the work of the masters and the change of designs, Russian stoves regained their popularity. They have everything you need for home heating, cooking and more.

Modern option

So, the latest additions:

  • equipped with cooking flooring. Such designs are multifunctional and can replace any cooking surfaces and stoves;
  • with fireplace. This option is a new trend. Its peculiarity is that the back wall of the firebox construction is led out to another room through the wall. Thus, it turns out that in one design two are combined: a fireplace with a flame effect and all the magnificent sounds of crackling firewood, as well as a classic Russian stove that heats the house, has a firebox for cooking and a stove for cooking;
  • with a bench. In the classic versions, it was very large. On the lounger could fit three people. Analog has a lounger, but only reduced. It is enough for a comfortable arrangement of one person. However, this disadvantage can be easily compensated by an additional trestle bed.
According to fire safety rules, all furniture and appliances should be at a distance of 1 meter from the firebox!

Such designs are multifunctional.

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Pros and cons of designs

In addition to beauty and warmth, they have some advantages:

  • uniform return of heat and its accumulation;
  • high level of efficiency;
  • lower heating Classic options have been deprived of this. Only after some time, the builders modified the furnace, making them more practical to use. This feature makes it possible to heat the room as a whole;
  • high security. Since all the structures are laid out of brick, the walls of the furnace do not heat to such a temperature as to cause a fire or burn;
  • built-in stove. It gives housewives the opportunity to prepare food in a manner that is familiar to them;
  • long service life. Properly made construction is able to serve more than 30 years.


  • will have to procure solid fuel for the winter;
  • firewood will have to be dried, since wet stacking in the furnace can not be;
  • When the house is heated by a Russian stove, excessive fuel debris arises.

Warm and cozy sleeping place

It is impossible to call the Russian furnace an ideal device - it has positive sides and non-delivery. For example, to learn how to cook in it, the hostess will have to go through a long stage of training. Ignition will require firewood, which will have to be harvested. These are, of course, not electric or gas boilers that everyone is used to. But, the Russian stove has a lot of positive aspects:

  • have the opportunity to cook great dishes. They are very tasty and different from those cooked on the stove;
  • Depending on the design features, the Russian stove can be equipped with a lounger, giving you the opportunity to rest comfortably during the cold season. She can also have shelves;
  • and finally the flame effect, the sound of the crackling of the logs and the flickering fire - no device can replace this.
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Russian stoves in the interior

Despite the development of technology and the appearance on the market of fashionable cast-iron fireboxes, which are framed in various decorative portals, the Russian stove still remains popular. Of course, it has changed not only externally, but also structurally. It has become more practical, convenient and safe, in addition, when it is designed, construction technologies and materials are used that can increase the efficiency and aesthetic component.

It has advantages and disadvantages

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Wooden houses - the basis of the architecture of ancient Russia. And, despite the development of technology and the emergence of building materials from which buildings are being built, the tree still holds a special place. Such houses are filled with comfort, and the Russian stove only complements the extraordinary spiritual atmosphere. The installation of a Russian stove in a wooden house must be carried out in compliance with the safety requirements established by our legislation.

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Brick is a classic. Previously, such structures were erected from homemade clay bricks, which were roasted on a fire. Products are large due to the presence of a hob, baking compartment, and a lounger for relaxing.

Brick version is a classic


  • Brick lasts longer than all other materials. The stove erected from it will give out longer heat after the attenuation of the fire. As a result, the rooms will stay warm for a long time.
  • A large construction can heat even a large house of several floors. This is possible if it is installed in the middle of the house, and the chimney is displayed upwards inside the walls that divide the rooms on the second floor. Today, the chimney is no longer made of ordinary brickwork. It is made of galvanized or stainless pipes that run in the middle of the compartment located inside the walls. And if in the course of the chimney to make ventilation grilles in the compartments, then the heat emitted from the pipe will spread throughout the premises.
  • The brick does not heat up to a temperature capable of creating a fire. This building material is quite durable and practical. It can be used as a basis for applying decorative plaster, pasting tiles and other finishing materials. Moreover, he is able to serve without restoration for 30 years.
  • The cost of this design is not high compared to the acquisition of a cast-iron firebox and a marble portal. It is worth noting that most of the cost is given to the creation of a quality foundation.

Modern and stylish

Unfortunately, like the others, brick ones are not without flaws. To the main one can be attributed to the fact that it is necessary to build a strong foundation for a brick construction. It can be a monolithic or reinforced concrete structure. If you install a brick without a foundation, the floor under its mass can sag.

Precautionary measures

Russian brick stove can not be installed in all parts of the house. The location directly depends on the structural features of the building. Better when the idea of ​​construction appears at the design stage of the house. Then it is possible to correctly calculate the location, as well as make the appropriate foundation.

If the house is already built, then you will need to disassemble the floor in the place where the hearth will be installed to the ground and do the scaffolding.

Russian fairy tale in your home

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Other options

Among the variety of options for installation in wooden houses of heating systems, it is necessary to distinguish two main ones:

Fireplace stoves - iron firebox with a large viewing window. They may have a hob and are not framed. Minus - the walls of the structure are very hot and can cause a burn or a fire.Cast iron firebox - beautiful fireplaces that can heat large rooms. Many manufacturers make fireboxes of various sizes, having lifting mechanisms for opening the firebox, the protective glass can be oval, prismatic or straight. The fireboxes are equipped with a gate valve, a mechanism to adjust the intensity of combustion. Minus - the high cost of furnaces and portals.

Beautiful tiling

Recently, these options are less likely to be used for installation in private homes. Despite their attractiveness, they are in many ways inferior to traditional Russian stoves.

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Decorative trim

Building materials provide an opportunity to finish the furnace in a variety of styles. In addition, they have a beneficial effect on the stability of the brick, as well as the solutions used in its laying to various negative influences.

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Truly Russian style: wattle and daub

In the old days, traditionally one material was used - it was smear (plaster made on the basis of clay). Then she was covered with ordinary whitewash. This method of finishing is not durable, as during the kindling, the smoke settles on the surface, making the whitewash gray. Although you need to highlight the beauty of the painting of such furnaces, attractiveness and truly Russian style. Currently, rarely anyone uses this method of decoration, as they increasingly prefer practicality.

Stone trim

The most common classic option is the decor with the help of ceramic elements made in the form of boxes. The main advantage of this material is attractiveness, as well as practicality. Tiles are able to maintain their original appearance for a long time. The main disadvantage is the high price.


  • facing is laid from bottom to top;
  • special grouting compound is used for grouting;
  • A variety of tile patterns are on the market. It can be both smooth tiles, and relief with a different pattern.
Using tiles, for decoration, it is possible to choose the desired color, pattern, relief so that it fits the overall style of the room. This is the best material for finishing stoves in the Russian style.

Cladding fits upwards

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Modern materials

A variety of materials makes it possible to decorate a Russian stove in any style. All this allows it to harmoniously fit into absolutely any interior. Among the most common are:

  • facing brick;
  • ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles;
  • artificial stone of various types;
  • natural wood can be used for decoration;
  • a natural stone;
  • plaster and paint.

These materials are very practical and reliable. To give them a new look, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth. However, they are not without flaws. Some, for example, like ceramic tiles or granite cannot harmoniously fit into any style.

You can cook a lot of delicious dishes in it.

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Plaster and paint

Plaster and paint looks very beautiful. This way of finishing for interiors in minimalist style. In this case, the choice of colors and textures is limited only by the flight of fancy and the general style of the room. With the help of paint and plaster it is possible to visually reduce the size of the furnace or, on the contrary, increase it. Plaster and paint is often used to create a decor in the Russian style. It allows you to make various drawings and patterns on its surface.

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Return of traditions

It cannot be said that the Russian stove in the house is a museum piece that unexpectedly returned from the past. In fact, it did not disappear anywhere, moreover, it is part of some Russian depths that are unfamiliar with the main gas.

The mass return of the Russian wet-nurse to houses spoiled by civilization is not a tribute to fashion. Most likely, the desire of people to feel comfortable and cozy in the house plays a role here, to fill it with the pleasant aroma of baking and to meet with the family in front of the open fire hearth for a tasty dinner cooked in a real Russian oven. After all, no miracle of technology will not give those sensations and emotions that people experience at the sight of the flame.

It will help you to feel at home comfortable and cozy.

Russian stove, finished with quality material, does not look like a stranger in the house. Today it has become more compact, practical and durable. The wood-burning stove, depending on its design features, is placed not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room, the dining room. Masters for the convenience of hostesses integrate everything they need into them, right up to the hoods.

A Russian stove without built-in hobs can easily occupy a central place in the library, bedroom. A lounger can easily replace even the coziest chair or even a sofa.

To choose the most suitable project for the house, you need to consider in detail several options. They differ in size, functionality, and of course cost.

Arrangement of the Russian stove in a country house is a job only for professionals. Regardless of skills in construction, the construction of such a structure requires not only skills, but also knowledge of features, as well as technology.

Interesting design solution

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"Ala-rus" - designer hit

This model has a fairly compact size. It does not have additional equipment, such as a hob, a large sunbed or the ability to observe the flame effect. This option is suitable for a small kitchen. Such a furnace is decorated with decorative elements that are associated with Russia. She looks light and charming in a wooden house. Features:

  • despite the primary simplicity of the decor, this oven should not be overloaded with accessories. Enough will be a few ornaments;
  • it can be installed not only under the wall. Due to its compactness, it will look good and the center of the kitchen, if space permits.

This option is budget. And if you want a Russian stove in the house, but the funds do not allow luxury, you can stay on this option.

Suitable for country houses

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Russian izba - classic style

This design is better suited for houses in a rustic style. These can be buildings from a log house, wood, or have an appropriate interior. The classic style is a brick-made kiln, decorated with decorative elements.

A great option would be to use tiles. They are able to decorate the stove and give it the original Russian flavor. These ovens are functional - there is a hob, a large and comfortable lounger. You can install it in such a way that the functional part is in the kitchen, and the decorative firebox is in the living room.This will give the opportunity to enjoy the effect of an open flame and a slight crackle of firewood.

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Terem - wealth and luxury

A large Russian stove, resembling an illustration from old Russian fairy tales. The design, made in this style - a bright accent in any room. It will look beautiful in both classic and modern interiors.

Country style


  • allowed decoration with a huge number of tiles. They only give fabulous design;
  • the design is quite large, so it is suitable only for large rooms;
  • can use many other decorative ornaments they will not overload the design.

This model can be equipped with a hob, a large lounger, which can be decorated with light fabrics. Often, designers offer to install it near the wall and the heating part to make in the next room. This will give the opportunity to get at the same time a multifunctional Russian stove in the kitchen and a beautiful fireplace in the living room.

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Where to install the Russian stove?

Today it is difficult to surprise someone with the presence of a fireplace or cast-iron firebox. Almost all country houses are built with these designs. But here the Russian stove will cause not only surprise, but also admiration.

An interesting option for product design

At that moment, when the question arises of installing it in a country house, nuances immediately arise, which no one had previously thought of.

It is better when the issue of installing a Russian stove is decided at the planning stage of a country house, since there are nuances that it’s better to decide right away.

In the living room

A living room is a business card of any kind of accommodation and a private house is no exception. In this room, it will be a bright accent that attracts the eye. Therefore, it is not necessary to look for too modest design options. The size of it should be chosen depending on the area of ​​this room.

All pieces of furniture must be kept away from the design.

In the interior of the living room

Depending on the interior and the size of the room, the oven can be of different designs with the presence of a cooking surface and without it. Ovens can be installed in the living room:

  • If it is large and has a fairly bright design, for example, decorated with tiles, all the rest of the furniture in the living room should be muted tones. You should not use a bright decor, saturated colors. Then they will not distract attention from the main element in this room. The bed can be decorated with handmade blankets, beautiful and bright pillows. Light is better to use muffled. They have additional shelves and a large stove bench. No cooking surface and baking compartments - only one compartment for cooking.
  • Russian stove in the interior should look more modest. For finishing, you can use artificial stone, porcelain, tile. The strict stove design is in harmony with expensive furniture. Such designs should not have a cooking surface and compartments for baking. But the presence of a large bed compulsory.
  • The main part of the stove is in the kitchen, and the heating part is brought into the living room. The furnace can be framed in marble, if the interior of the living room corresponds to or to make it similar to a fireplace. In addition to it, you can install special sets for the fireplace: drovnitsa, besom, knockoff, poker. In the immediate vicinity of it on the floor, you can put a beautiful carpet or install a soft and cozy sofa. However, do not forget about the rules of fire safety. If the firebox is open, you need to install a protective mesh or glass.

Strict stove design in harmony with expensive furniture

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Installation in the kitchen

The choice of the Russian stove for the kitchen depends on the size of the room. If it is large, you can install a large oven that will be multi-functional:

  • baking compartment;
  • cooking surface of several stoves;
  • compartment for dishes;
  • a large bed for several people.

If you choose a design for a wooden house, it is better to give preference to a truly Russian style. The decor can be made in several ways: using building materials (plaster and paint) or traditional mortars. Such designs will harmoniously look and fill the kitchen with coziness and comfort.

The kitchen is the perfect place for this product.

Features and nuances:

  • Do not install household appliances in the immediate vicinity of the stove. This may cause a fire.
  • Lunch should be in the removal. Otherwise it will be very hot to be at the table.
  • The kitchen should be bright and spacious. Therefore, with its insufficient dimensions, it is better to leave the idea of ​​construction.
  • Russian stove in the kitchen should not be overloaded with excessive decorative elements. She herself will be a bright accent.
  • If this room is spacious enough, you can use bright decor on the stove. These can be decorations in the Russian style or tiles with beautiful drawings.
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A Russian stove in a country house is an opportunity to fill it with warmth and comfort. However, before its construction you need to carefully plan everything, especially if the construction will be carried out already in a residential building.

Brings not only color, but also many possibilities.

Pitfalls that can be encountered during construction:

  • This design will look harmonious only in rooms with a large area. Otherwise, there is a chance to turn the kitchen or living room into a room of aesthetic shame.
  • You should not indulge in the hope that such a structure you can build yourself without skills in construction. Here are some examples of how one wrong step can ruin an entire creation. The chimney should be at a certain distance from the ridge, and depending on this, have a certain length. Otherwise, all the smoke and fumes will not be in the pipe, but in your room. The foundation must be calculated to the smallest detail, otherwise you risk the integrity of your gender.
  • Because of this, construction should be trusted only to professionals. You can only choose the design of the furnace, the presence of certain functionality.

Harmoniously looks in rooms with a large area.

Russian stove in the house brings not only color, but also a lot of possibilities, but only if it is built by professionals. The advantages of the Russian stove in the house:

  • The food cooked in the furnace can not be compared in taste with any other. No restaurant in Russia will cook you so delicious pastries or other dish.
  • If the stove is properly built, it is able to heat not only the first floor of your house, but also the second, third. But only along the chimney. However, the first floor, even in severe frost will be warm.
  • A Russian stove will heat the room much faster than fireplaces, gas heating or any other.

If you think about the arrangement of the furnace in your home, carefully plan everything, think it over. Only the correct approach to the construction of the Russian stove will give the expected result. The work must be entrusted to professionals who have experience in construction and know all about the construction and installation of such structures.

The construction of a brick furnace requires the correct choice of material, mortar for masonry. If it is lined, you need to choose the right lining material and the solution that will hold the stone or mosaic.