Balcony decoration in Khrushchev: 225+ (Photo) - Ideas for Making beautiful designs


The first thing to begin with the transformation of the loggia - a survey of the balcony plate. Without analyzing the condition of the floor, it can be dangerous to load the old slab. The presence of a large number of cracks in the plate indicates defects, so you need to take measures to strengthen the plate. Glazing and perimeter fence area will increase the load on the plate, and the design may not withstand the load. Use additional reinforcing mesh and tie.

With direct repair, plaster is first removed, the site is cleaned, the old metal structures are replaced with new ones and strengthened. Using the welding of metal parts can increase the area of ​​the territory.

The use of the unglazed balcony in Russia is limited. Therefore, the next item - glazing and insulation of the site. Choose a two-chamber glass unit with a thickness of at least 32 mm. The option with the removal of frames for the perimeter of the plate will allow you to play a small area. Frames of your choice - plastic - a modern common and inexpensive option and wooden. Wood is a more eco-friendly material, at the same time, high-quality wooden frames are more than 2 times more expensive than plastic counterparts.

Effective use of the balcony

Along the perimeter of the site is insulated with sandwich panels. Warm the same floor and ceiling.

BoardYou should not save at this stage. The most significant heat loss occurs through the loggia. The choice of floor and finishing coatings depends on the budget: ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, laminate flooring, parquet board. Back to menu

Key Features

Khrushchev houses, built between 1959 and 1985, have very small balconies. There is no single standard size, the width is 0.8-1.5 m, the minimum length is 2.6 m. The houses were designed for 25 years, but people still live in them. In this regard, it is better not to carry out interior trim with ceramic granite, ceramic tile or facing stone.

Old fencing cannot be used as a basis for installing frames without reinforcement. It is better to replace fences with new ones.

Making a small balcony

Close space dictates certain design techniques.

  • In finishing use materials of light shades, visually this technique will expand the space.
  • In the flooring, choose a wooden floor or a light laminate.
  • For lighting, use spotlights or a compact chandelier on the ceiling. Bulky lamps break the geometry of space, distorting it.
  • Choose compact pieces of furniture from lightweight materials on legs, folding tables and hanging metal shelves.
  • Turn the balcony space into a greenhouse. In the summer, flower boxes can be placed outside the playground.
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Use space with benefits

We have a loggia constrained in dimensions, and I want to expand it a little bit. The easiest method is to move the glazing.. Additional space from below will not appear, but there will be no constraint from above. Another interesting method is the French balcony.

In the decoration use materials of light shades.

High-quality repair and interior decoration will help to make the space cozy and functional. Drastically change the functionality of the room and be content with the useful use of space.

Pantry. In any apartment there are things that get only in the season or on certain holidays. A storeroom will help preserve the external order in the house, hiding irrelevant things behind their doors. This is the easiest way to transform a territory. You do not need large cash infusions, it is enough to build shelves for storing cans.Lounge or study. Repair at the site will require effort, time and cash injections. Requires high-quality insulation and glazing.Combining the balcony and the adjacent room. This method will help to increase the useful space of the apartment, but it is the most costly way. If you are thinking about selling an apartment through a bank mortgage, then merging requires approval of the redevelopment project. The most advantageous to combine with the kitchen, as the kitchen in Khrushchev have a very small area.

Choose compact pieces of furniture

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Interior finish

In view of the design features, it is better to refuse finishing with heavy finishing materials. To avoid distortion of the frame, choose lightweight finishing materials. for example:

  • PVC or MDF.
  • Lining.
  • Foam blocks.
  • Cork coating.

The advantage of these materials is a simple installation that can be done in the home..

PVC panels withstand exposure to ultraviolet rays and have a long service life. Moreover, when contaminated PVC plastic panels are easily cleaned. Lining has the most pleasant appearance. One of the advantages of the material is the possibility of mounting on a rough finish of the wall.

MDF has high decorative qualities, but does not tolerate moisture. Before laying MDF need to lay a waterproofing. The texture of the material is diverse: imitation of natural stone, wood. The most expensive material is cork. But its advantages are impressive, it is completely natural, it is the most environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic coating, besides it has antibacterial properties.

For flooring, you can consider the following options:

  • linoleum;
  • laminate;
  • carpet;
  • parquet;
  • ceramic tile.
Ceramic tile has a lot of weight, so you need to use it on the stove with caution. It may break under excessive load.

From the point of view of design, the style is chosen by the customer. Usually, the finishing of the loggia fits into the style of the apartment, but can be decorated in a different style, for example:

  • Mediterranean;
  • rustic;
  • East style;
  • nautical theme.

The choice of style is limited only by fantasy. For each style the corresponding elements are selected. For Mediterranean style you need wicker furniture, forged products.

Rustic style involves the use of natural materials:

  • wood;
  • jute;
  • cotton;
  • flax.

Corner to rest

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Exterior finish

The balcony should please you not only from the inside, but also from the outside. It should fit perfectly into the facade of the house, and not be a dull gray spot on the facade. The most widely used in the exterior decoration found 3 materials.

Decking. The inexpensive material having long service life will not fade under the influence of ultraviolet rays. It has a wide selection of colors.

Siding. The most popular material, created specifically for the exterior. It is used when facing facades, socles inhabited home. There is wooden, steel, vinyl, aluminum siding.

Vinyl wall paneling. Not afraid of ultraviolet rays and exposure to adverse weather conditions. It does not require special care, the price is available for most budgets. The color range is wide.

In summer colors

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Ideas for an open balcony

If at the repair stage you made the decision not to glaze the site, then you need to think about what will be there and its functionality in the warm season.

BoardIf the dimensions of the loggia allow, then build a soft comfortable sofa. Usually, the lack of space makes you put chairs instead of chairs.

Another important aesthetic factor is the finishing of the facade wall. It is not necessary to invest in finishing a lot of effort, just a small cosmetic repair.

Furniture on the open balcony must withstand rain, sun rays, snow. Forged furniture is the best fit. They are not afraid of moisture and do not lose appearance for a long time. Dimmed lighting and rugs will complete the overall picture.

BoardInstall a grid or stand along the wall to place a flowerpot with flowers. In summer, on the loggia, you can grow plants in boxes or pots. Petunias, nightly beauty, daisies, marigolds will delight you with their bright and fragrant flowers all season. If the balcony is very small, place them on the outside of the loggia, securing the railing.

Flower growers like to carry indoor plants to the loggia for the summer. You need to be careful, especially if you live on the first floor. Houseplants are prone to diseases that are transmitted with street dust. For open space suitable annual flowers. Also, when choosing plants taken into account the direction of light.

The risk of burns on leaves and buds on the south side is higher than on the north side. The amount of sun depends on which plant species to plant. Shade-loving ferns, ivy grow from the North, succulents and cacti in the South. The most auspicious light on the East window, coffee, rubber plants, Dieffenbachia grow here. West prefer sinter, monstera or tsiperus.

Carefully fasten pots and boxes with flowers; if they fall, they are capable of harming the health of passersby or spoiling someone’s property. When watering, make sure that the water does not flow into the street. Use pallets or pots for this.

Accessories will help to add coziness to the loggia. Their selection in the stores is huge. Use vases, ashtrays, toys from the apartment. New life can make a hanging chair on the chains. It is fixed with anchor bolts in the slab, so you should not worry about its reliability.

Turn the balcony, not only in a place of rest, but also thematic photo shoots.

Many are concerned about the preservation of personal property in an open area. The only solution would be gratings. They are durable and reliable, according to your sketches can make any patterns. Color paints for the metal of your choice.

However, in the conditions of the city it is better not to store valuables in the open area. It is enough to install a sturdy door that is equipped with pins extending into the walls. This door can not be broken or cut from the hinges. Another option for preserving the apartment is to install an alarm system on the windows and doors of the loggia.

Accessories will help to add comfort to the loggias.

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Balcony glazing is an action that needs to be coordinated and permission to redevelop. If you want to do everything according to the law, then you need to take care of the documentation before carrying out repairs.

Glazing the loggia, you need to choose the frame material. The choice of wood, plastic or aluminum depends on the technical condition of the plate, the planned budget and functionality.

Wood is a beautiful and expensive material. Temperature drop is inevitable and therefore over time there will be difficulties with opening and closing frames. In addition, cold air will blow out the cracks.

Plastic is the most available, the production will easily make the frame of the desired size and shape. Plastic does not fade from ultraviolet radiation and does not crack from temperature changes. However, cheap plastic over time releases harmful substances into the air, plastic is not the most environmentally friendly material. Another disadvantage of such a frame is weight, install a plastic frame, if you are sure of the reliability of the plate.

Option design outside

The aluminum profile has a large margin of safety and light weight. Pleasant and aesthetically beautiful material.

There are two glazing methods: cold and warm.

The first method is cheaper, but the design is not able to retain heat for a long time. The temperature even in the equipped area will differ from the temperature on the street by 8-10 degrees. Cold glazing is suitable for those who do not combine the loggia with the adjacent room and use the territory only in the warm season.

The operational stock of a warm balcony is 30 years. The window profile is made of polyvinyl chloride and provides heat in space. Performing insulation required.

When glazing a loggia there is another nuance. If you live on the last floor, you need to additionally equip the visor. There are 2 types of roofs: dependent and independent.

Plastic is the most available

  • The dependent is used in the case of glazing with aluminum frames. The advantages of the system: easy installation, light and reliable design. But it needs to be covered with a galvanized gofrolist.
  • Independent can be covered with any roofing material and installed on a balcony of any shape and size. Such a roof is mounted with brackets.
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Glazing legality

Many people do not delve into the legal subtleties of redevelopment in the apartment and the glazing of the balcony. Since 2006, the Housing Code has been in place in Russia, in which there are answers to glazing questions, and the procedure for obtaining permission is described.

The code clearly states that the glazing is considered a redevelopment, and therefore must be coordinated with the supervisory authorities. However, there is no mention of a ban or approval of the removal of the structure beyond the perimeter of the slab. In the collection of building codes and regulations specified limit loads for slabs.

Sill as a bar counter

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French balcony

French balconies look stylish in Khrushchev. Parapets are missing, and glass is installed from the top to the bottom. If this review confuses you, put special glasses in the bottom row or glue it with tinted film.

The disadvantage of such glazing: the inability to install the window sill without the skills of repair, attract the masters, they will cope with this task. Of the benefits:

  • With such a glazing, the frames are carried beyond the surface of the slab, which gives a small saving of space;
  • it is possible not to use the frame, the room will become brighter. Instead of frames, a special design is established, the main element of which is durable and thick glass.

The original solution from the swing

French glazing requires the arrangement of a separate roof with a small removal. In general, the French balcony is a beautiful and cozy version of glazing, it gives a lot of light and visually expands the space of a small loggia. Return to the menu ↑

Combination with adjacent rooms

Apartments of Khrushchev's construction are characterized by small footage. Of course, I want the usable space to be at least a little more. In this situation will help the combination of the loggia and the adjacent premises.

When redevelopment is often the problem of the floor level difference in the loggia and in the room. This nuance is solved by pouring a cement screed, for this the slab must have a safety margin. Even with little doubt, use wood flooring or high-strength foam. It can install pipes for underfloor heating.

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The main question is whether or not to combine premises. On the one hand, this is an additional usable area. In addition, even a small additional area can improve the geometry of space and implement unusual design ideas. When legalizing redevelopment, the living area of ​​the apartment will increase, which will increase its value when sold.

Combined with the living room

By combining with the balcony in the living room, it is possible to add new zones to the space. For example, to equip a bright place to relax and read books. If there are many cabinets in the hall, then a part can be brought to the loggia territory. For those who work from home at the computer is especially important workplace.

Combining the rooms will allow more natural sunlight to be admitted to the hall, which in the longer term will save on artificial light.


What is your balcony now? Waste junk? Get rid of old things that take up useful space. The room is now free to move. Place there a folding sofa for guests.

But the union has not only positive aspects. The main question is money. Are you ready to spend a significant amount for this? Repair in itself is costly, sometimes the cost of repairing an apartment is equal to or exceeds its market price. Approval of redevelopment takes from 3 months to a year, plus the cost of legalization, materials, payment for materials and labor of workers.

Additional useful area

And of course the scenario of using the loggia will change. If before there was kept a bicycle, ski or snowboard, now you need to look for alternative storage. Often loggia is used as a place for drying clothes, so after redevelopment you need a new corner for drying things.

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The bedroom in the Khrushchev is small. One solution is to combine a bedroom and a balcony.. The window-door unit is dismantled, and you get more space. In this situation, there are some nuances. If you do not want to receive fines and a court order to return the structure, permission for redevelopment is required before repairs. Issued a technical opinion on the possibility of redevelopment.

The bedroom in Khrushchev is small

Before submitting the documents you need to know that:

  • The bearing walls cannot be touched.
  • Removal of heating radiators is not allowed. The battery is hung on the next wall.
  • When dismantling the plate reinforce the design. In the conclusion will be given the technical conditions necessary for redevelopment.
  • Warming the balcony when combined necessarily.And on the loggia, you can only use electric floor heating. The use of hot water and heating is prohibited.

It will be interesting to you:

Adaptations for drying clothes on the balcony do it yourself: Hanger, Lianas, Ropes. Which option to choose?

240+ Photos of options for finishing the balcony inside: Beautiful interior with their own hands

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How to effectively use the extra space?


If you leave the windows glazing, you get a nook for work. If the window opening is removed, zone the space with thick curtains. To save space, use a window sill as a table.

Make a woman's corner


To store your belongings, build a storage system, add shelves for storing suitcases, shoes. Hang a mirror and a full wardrobe is ready!


Free space will appear on the warmed balcony. What girl does not dream of having a dressing table? Make a separate table for your cosmetics, natural light will help you take care of yourself.


Do you knit, sew, draw? Equip a creative zone for you or your children. Put a sewing machine or an easel. Maybe you like to play a musical instrument.


5Sports room

An additional option of space arrangement is a sports room. Several compact simulators, horizontal bar and jump rope will allow you to stay in shape at any time.


Amateur flower growers can houseplant on racks. Plants clean the air, and some emit substances that fight viruses.

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Small kitchen - a real problem Khrushchev. What designers just do not come up with in order to carve out some space and make the owners feel themselves in a spacious room: they take out the refrigerator in the corridor, assemble the side tables, make the most of the space above the ceiling.

BoardUse the kitchen balcony as a food pantry, making convenient shelves and carrying the refrigerator outside the dining area.

Small kitchen - a real problem Khrushchev

After glazing and insulation of the territory, demolition of the window opening, the room will become larger and lighter. Use the new territory for the removal of the dining area and the expansion of the working area. Now the kitchen has enough space for household appliances. Proper selection of furniture will make the territory as convenient as possible. Use chairs that will completely "go" under the table.

Another option for a kitchen balcony is a bar counter. For this role is suitable sill. If you do not have small children, then the bar counter will perfectly fit into the updated interior. Take out the bar stools and decor, thus you free up space to expand the cooking zone and placement of equipment.

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Ideas for design

In this section we will try to figure out how to arrange and what to turn into the space of the loggia. In the appointment of a loggia must be repelled, above all, from the needs. Maybe you need additional storage or nowhere to store pickles and winter preparations.

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Turn repaired in a greenhouse. Install the wide window sill in advance when glazing. Make mortgages out of a bar, so that in the future there will be an opportunity to hang pots.

Suitable for recreation company

Take care of roller blinds or blinds to protect your plants from sunburn. It is not necessary to grow only indoor plants.

In the spring grow up a seedling of vegetable cultures for a garden and a kitchen garden. The rest of the year indoor flowers.

BoardFor decoration, use modern wall panels made of wood or plastic. Modern plastic copes well with the imitation of stone, brick, without weighing down the structure. Part of the wall of the house decorate in accordance with the design of the loggia. When finishing the wall you can not worry about the weight of the structure and use tile or decorative stone.

To make the space not look too small, do not clutter it with furniture. Prefer light metal constructions and a pair (or one) of the seats. For relaxation and contemplation of the sunset this furniture is enough.

Use fresh flowers

When designing a new balcony, think about insolation. Do not force space with a large number of appliances, furniture and flowers. Do not block access to the apartment to natural light.

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Rest zone

The main problem of selecting furniture for a loggia is the selection of furniture. Finished furniture has large dimensions, and it is almost impossible to select options from the catalog. The only way to make furniture according to individual sizes. Contact a carpentry shop or do your own furniture.

Custom-made furniture has many advantages. For example, you can make hidden or hidden shelves for storing small items, choose materials and mechanisms according to your budget. The transforming chair will be a sleeping place at your request. At the seats, consider a flip cover for storing useful items. Oriental-style lovers can think over the flooring and throw pillows on the floor.

Great place to stay

No matter the two of you live in an apartment or with children, you can always relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or knit. For a comfortable stay on the balcony, place wicker furniture made of rattan or wicker. It is light and quite mobile. And under the order you will receive furniture according to your dimensions.

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Mini cabinet

An excellent idea would be to place a workplace on the loggia. The territory will turn into a secluded study of modest size. From the pros: a lot of natural lighting. At the stage of repair, you can make sockets in the right places and fixtures. It remains to place a table and shelves for storing the necessary papers and trifles. If the cabinet is no longer needed, transfer shelves to the loggia for storing records. On the balcony there will still be a place for arranging a relax corner.

Comfortable, small office with a place to rest

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Creative workshop

Warm loggia opens up new uses for households. One use is to create a creative workshop. A place where you can "lay off your soul" and give vent to your creative impulse.

Place an easel and paint or prepare a special table with additional lighting for cutting and sewing. Even a small balcony can accommodate a cutting table and sewing machine.

Place to care for linen